APUA promises more water in 2022


Cabinet Notes:

The APUA Water Manager also indicated that 7 million gallons of reverse osmosis water is produced daily.

That compares to 4.5 million gallons produced in June 2014, showing a significant increase of more than 75% in water production over 7 years.

Three additional R/O plants are scheduled to begin operation in 2022, taking water production past 11 million gallons daily.

The APUA has begun to replace broken cast iron pipes that cause significant water losses.

Although the City of St. John’s has many of the older pipes that cause delivery of water to be challenging on some days, the massive disruptions to commerce and traffic that will occur when those pipes are being replaced, have caused the APUA to plan a very strategic approach to repairing the roads simultaneously with planting the new polyurethane replacements, sewerage pipes, and underground electricity cables all at the same time.

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  1. Now let’s get to meat of the matter. What is your daily consumption rate? Are you producing more water than your customers demand? It is a positive that you have the capability to produce 75% more water than in 2014 but the amount that is wasted as you say is due to broken and old cast iron piping. knowing that. Shouldn’t you have addressed the supply side of water delivery before enhancing production? What good is producing 7million gallons a day when it is not reaching the consumer efficiently?

    Utilities such as water are crucial to a community. They are needed to maintain sanitation, livestock, farms and one’s health.

    Time to stop all the talking and produce. Time to deliver. This talk of fixing pipes, putting electrical cables under ground and repairing roadways have been a constant talking point. Some progress have been made but not enough. It’s getting ready to be 2022 and we still can’t rely on APUA to deliver.

  2. The problem is not the water production; it’s the water distribution. ALP, ABLP and UPP. We’ve heard it all before.

    • Last year plenty rain early on – Dem say water problem finish, finished for ever . Now what – iz best me get me own desal plant an some buckets of nice , clean ( ????) SEEwater. Tanks guys, me know dat u all doin’ Yu best, blessings 2 all ‘PUA hard workers.

  3. For cistern, minimum order is 2,000 gallons of APUA water from Water Delivery Company
    and it costs $400.

  4. All this and me till no have no water!!! At this stage all this explanation makes no sense. I still dont have any water after 10 years of promises.

  5. That headline above. I have seen it before. The only change is the year involved. APUA,what an all around waste.

  6. Election is around the corner. Politicians……no creativity….every election time dem mek promises when anna wata, ah road or low cost land….the irony of it is a lot of people fall for their CRAP and after election things go back to normal.

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