APUA Investigating Blackout Lastnight


APUA says it is investigating what caused an electricity blackout in several parts of the island last night.


Just before 11 p.m. on Sunday, APUA country experienced an unplanned electricity outage.


Public Relations Coordinator Sharifa Georges says early investigations show a trip in four substations in primary locations across the island.


“Last night at about 10:52 pm four of our substations tripped, so they were taken offline, and those substations include the Friars Hill, Belmont, Five Islands, and Swetes substations.”


According to Georges, a team was mobilised and dispatched to the affected areas which led to the restoration of electricity just after 2 a.m. on Monday morning.


“Immediately, a crew was mobilised to do a full sweep of the network that was affected including the feeders and 59 lines, once that was concluded at around 2 am. All those substations were re-energised and persons in those affected areas received power once again.”



Before the end of the day, according to the Public Relations Coordinator, a full report will be made available for the general public.



Meanwhile, the power has been restored to the entire island while measures are being taken to ensure there is not another blackout anytime soon.

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  1. Cut the BS. Everyone knows when Mr.”H” has payment issues with the Government he flexes his muscles by ordering Island wide blackout.That’s his Modus operandi.George’s,please show some respect for our intelligence.four switches at four distant locations going out at the same time is highly improbable. Stop the embarrassment.

  2. @Overseer,what the hell ever.At least its wayyyyyy better than Pre 2014. Back then it was a normal happening. SHUT UP.

  3. Things are functioning so much better in APUA since government change,thanks to Gaston Browne and his cabinet.But i have one problem,please get rid of (1)The GM(2) Water manager(3) Electricity Manager.They have no foresight all they have is bad attitudes. Not much better than the Upp clan.

    • I don’t know which part of the planet you’re living on. In Antigua under both government starting from the Lester Bird era, there were constant unscheduled power outages. Only accurate statistics data can convinced me otherwise.

      • Hmmm,, Want me to repeat? Me say APUA A FUNCTION BETTER SINCE THIS GOVERNMENT TEK OVER. This is almost month 5 of 2019,first major outage.Under the UPP it was daily rationing,not just Water ,Electricity to..Just back off and na tell me nutten bout no both government you are just a bias donkey,you,re barking up the wrong tree.

        • Does it matter whether things were worst under UPP? If this government can’t fix the problems with electricity and water how can they run a university. And think about the roads they have been repairing for over two years. Antiguans just want the problems fixed.

          • @Jackie-Do you have an electricity problem in your area? When& how often is your Electricity off? What you people need to digest is the fact that you cant change the truth.. Political rantings and plain out lies will not change the fact that the UPP in a decade almost totally ruined this country- The luxury train we were supposed to be in,ran of track.The Train has been now placed back on the track and we’re recovering-,so please remove the cobwebs of Ignorance and hypocrisy from your Eye’s and face the truth-because you will never be able to change it..

  4. apua is the worst governing body in the world, I have never seen so much incompetence … this people who should provide an important service is just people put on the road to waste time and money , even in the poorest countries i’v Never seen something like that , they are so incompetent … learn to work before going to do damage around, if u don’t know how to work go in another country to learn , stop doing bullshit incompetent ignorant

    • Conor , my thoughts exactly on point with “ if u don’t know how to work then go somewhere and learn” APUA Water division higher ups lack knowledge, creativity, good people skills , direction, hope, and future. It’s a shame…Not good at all because there is $$$ there Antigua can do better than this.

  5. Simply stated, I’d think a lot more of APUA Water division just if they compensated their workers with more reasonable wages because many remain at poverty levels. Put the greed aside at the top and share more with the workers. Come on it’s time, you’re way behind the time. Thought this would be a fair and reputable company it’s a government job???? Hmmm

  6. Wow!! Some of these comments are so dumb….. you’ll dont seem to realise that most of these businesses that youll aer complaining about they are political. Nothing really runs right that is bbn political, even if management changes it still isnt gonna make much difference because its political and although someone may have a vision to make changes it would be hard for them to implement just because of the politics and corruption that comes with it. Alot more has to be change other than just the management, personally apua has improved alot, but the politics surrounding it, is the major problem.

  7. Where is the report promised by the end of the day? Sharifa needs to be a woman of her word. Hope she doesn’t become a puppet of “Nebuchadnezzar” himself.

  8. @Have Mercy-If Nebuchadnezzar is the Dark skinned one,she’s already his Puppet.. There lies all the woes of APUA-The sooner the PM open his eyes (and stop allowing Sir RY to have his way)-and put Nebuchadnezzar out to Pasture,i can assure you there will be more improvement..

  9. Apua can do nothing good for the island and for the various issues that we have … they can just waste our money and time . The solution is very simple , send everybody to work the land and keep just the good workers (5 % of the entire corporation is a good worker ) call a company from oversea to reorganize the whole system and teach how to do everything to the good people who is interested to learn something.
    Most important thing is change every supervisor and manager cuz they are the worst and they’r not Honest . We pay so much money in electricity cuz Antigua is one of the most expensive country for the cost of the electricity
    So we suppose to get one of the best assistance from real expert worker . Stop with those joke and waste

    • Are you an Antiguan? Get your facts straight.. APUA has some of the best technicians in the region, APUA’ problem isn’t the Employees but the Employer-Apua has a management problem.. Please do not insult the hard working Men& Women in the company,without some of the Supervisor’s which BTW does the bulk of the work ,but gets no recognition -APUA would be way worse than it is. Supervisor’s do not control the purse so what are they not honest about? Get the facts please..

      • @JHA. People like you are either a bunch of fools or think the rest of us are. The ABLP has been in control of the government for all but 15 years and are responsible for all the ills that plague this country. Talk to the people in Sutherland’s and other parts of the island who do not have public water for weeks on end. Meanwhile we hear the PM bragging about his beach side mansion and his ministers buying hotels and building hill side mansions some with as many as 9 bedrooms. Tell me how has this government developed Antigua to benefit the average citizen? The guy in booby alley is still burning chalk coal to live.

        • What the hell is your argument?? Seriously- What does someone burning coals have to do with the government? Is it the same Booby alley that the government is trying to improve and you’ll encouraging them not to accept the help? So why are you even speaking about Booby Alley… Maybe if you were to read and try to comprehend you would understand my comments about APUA,rather than just filling your eyes and mind with Ignorance of the truth.. The present Government has invested $$$$ in the Millions to alleviate the water situation by means of RO plants,they(the government) do not run the day to day affairs of APUA ,A management team is been paid to do so- so whatever is going on,why we are still not seeing enough water flowing through our pipes,should be blamed on the Management team and not the government.Unlike the UPP,the government is playing their part to solve the problem,which they (upp) created..

          • You seem to like to cuss a lot. I think that you are either cussing for for your dinner or your belly is so full that you have to burp off. Blame UPP for a water problem that has been around before I was born. Where is all the water from the RO plants going? I guess back in the sea. Did you ever consider that your government should replace all the rusted and leaking pipes so that when the pipes are turned on Antiguans don’t have to endure all the rusted stinking water coming out of them? This is called progress and development. I know there is no money to benefit the people. Noticed the PM frolicking with his son on a yacht/boat when people don’t have water to flush their toilets. Let the people eat cake.

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