APUA gives woman 45K quote to bring electricity to her home

APUA Headquaters

APUA sent my husband an estimate for bringing electricity to a property we have.

We have been waiting for the same electricity for over a year, after submitting 3 applications.

We were still finishing the home so no big fuss.

Now that the structure is basically 90% complete we thought to follow up to see what the status of our application was.

We received numerous excuses from not having enough staff to shortage of materials.

Then after a few calls to the head office this estimate shows up for over $45k.

According to the Barbuda APUA branch, it’s going to take that much to bring electricity to our house.

We inquired as to how it could be possible for us to have to pay that much for connection. Mind you the nearest lamppost is not even 2 minutes away from us.

Now how do they expect the average person to pay even a fraction of that to be connected?

Then expect me to pay a monthly bill thereafter? And when other people move nearby, they’re going to put those people on the same posts and wires that we paid over $45k for?

When we asked about it: we were told well if we don’t want to wait then that’s what we need to pay.


If we wait, they cannot say if we can expect to get connection this year or even next year.


And on top of that the estimate includes cost of labour, supervision and transportation.


So we should pay you to do the job that APUA already paying you for?

Sounds like extortion.


Somebody please make this make sense.

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  1. You would not have been the first. Many on the mainland have incurred those costs due to the lamppost or electricity not being within proximity of the property. When new homes are being constructed after you have made the way for accessibility, you can seek reimbursement from them. Sorry, that’s what we were told many years ago.

    • @ Dave Ray: They never reimburse you for the monies paid to get that service.However,they would utilized those same poles to connect others.I speak from a position of FACT.

    • You can’t be that dumb, NO WAY! Many years ago? Like 1817? That shit is the responsibility of the utility company make no damm sense. Bad policy horrible management.

  2. closest pole is 2 minutes away. in 2 minutes i drive for over a mile so what does 2 minutes mean. if you want your statement to be of merit how far in terms of actual distance are you from the nearest pole?

  3. Dear God!!! What I think should happen is to do an estimate to each potential property on the area that those posts would feed and have you pay a percentage of it… As others build their homes… You bill them their percentage according to the inflation of the day… My thoughts…

    • Not really but everyone doesn’t have 45k like you just sitting around so please don’t go being like that because as I’m sure you’re aware…ANTIGUANS are crying out also

    • Move ya bitter cunt
      This is not about Freebs nor entitlement

      It’s about the government trying to extort the citizens

      Keep your head out you anus
      It’s affecting you too 🙊 💩

      • This is the reality of buying land- you buy were there is existing infrastructure- the land developer is responsible for installing infrastructure or pay to have it done then sell you the land.
        Apua can’t just go in the bushes because a house is built in the bushes- if you can’t wait on Apua seeing the feasibility of expending $45000 for a single customer.

    • People like you always want to paint a bad picture of Barbudans! You are totally clueless and need to be cultured.

  4. Simple…

    Do a cost analysis, to install solar.
    Exterior lights have their own power packs, and last for years!
    Interior lights can also be powered by solar.
    Security cameras can be installed with their own solar power as well.

    Some will claim, that APUA will lose revenue if residents can afford to go mostly green, as in wind and solar. However, what APUA, and the government should be doing, is encouraging the use of wind and solar power by ALL RESIDENTS. They can then offer to sell, install abs maintain the equipment.
    Don’t talk about reducing #Carbon_Footprint if you’re not gonna play your part.
    Isn’t this the path which the #new Barbuda is on?



  6. You could build one of de ALP refugee house for dat. 3K for “supervision”? Half the time we don’t have no current. APUA is not fit for purpose.

  7. People are saying invest in solar power like these people didn’t just build a damn house, or like you know what is in their bank account to be able to invest. 45k is ridiculous especially when the entire country should have power as land is being sold all over the country.

    They won’t be able to charge new comers to the area any money to even get a fraction of this back.

    Hopefully they get through so they can enjoy their home

  8. I paid 30K and my neighbor didn’t want to share the cost. He waited the 3 years that APUA says is the time it takes for my right to go away to charge anyone to hook up. He hooked up and I had no right to compensation, legally. Regrettably they have you “over a barrel”.

  9. This is EXTORTION. This is a public service and an ESSENTIAL SERVICE. APUA/GOVERNMENT is responsible for ALL cost to connect ALL communities. APUA have a lot of DUMB processes that also allow other to hook up electricity in a Landlords name without permission and when the tenant don’t pay they EXTORT the landlord while the tenant escape without paying rent or the utilities. SO if you want to rent to someone else you have to pay the old tenants bills. This operation is shabby and Long time the General Manager and others needs to go. Still operating like it’s 1817. APUA is Antigua’s biggest failure

  10. This is when Policy writers have no Bills. Changes can’t be made cause there is no political will. Take them to court. They have a DUTY to put an essential service where there is development planned IN ADVANCE. APUA’s Action is ILLEGAL

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