APUA explains what caused water problem from Buckleys through Wallings


In a statement APUA said:

A broken 12″ transmission mainline on Jonas Road prevented the Water Distribution team from servicing communities of Buckleys through Wallings initially planned for today Sunday 22 May 2022.


Our team is currently repairing this mainline with anticipation to service these areas tomorrow.


We deeply regret any inconvenience and ask for understanding of this unplanned situation.


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    • I certainly agree, communication is the key. However, the APUA’s water dept needs to step up to the plate….. They are not sticking to their schedule thus causing the govt to get all the blame when they don’t deserve it. One thing though, unlike UPP, the govt are making their promises and the promises are been fulfilled, it is just not in the allotted time…… UPP make their promises & then make us look like fools

      • You are right Bluddy Bloke. You think you saying that will change minds.

        People are determined more than ever to get the rid of these liars and promise breakers, like the 500 in 500, you think we forget. Like water in 14 days, you think we forget?

        Where in this Antigua are promises fulfilled by the ABLP? You are really living in la la land.

        Bluddy Joke and USEFUL IDIOT.

  1. APUA,you are a useless Organization. You should be picked up and be thrown on Cooks Dump with the rest of the other garbage in Antigua.

  2. To be fair to APUA, they are obviously being pressured by the ABLP government to complete the water 💧💧 system by the 30th of September 2022.

    However, the task of implementing this new system in 131 days when the ABLP had eight years to do so beforehand, just seems like a step too far for the APUA management and team.

    Prime minister, Antiguans haven’t forgotten your ELECTION promise of island-wide water by the above date.


    • So why didn’t UPP who you so hold near and dear to your heart didn’t fix it hmmmm or are you still going to pretended they were not in power for ten long years?

      • You are absolutely correct about the UPP tenure, however I don’t recall them making any promises about creating a island wide functioning water supply system in and around 4 months.

        Even you have to admit (if you can, that is) that what Gaston Browne promised last month was pure electioneering.

        If he achieves it within the allotted time frame, I’ll hold my hands up and say I was wrong …

      • You are right, UPP was the only government in power since adult sufferage.

        ABLP was never in power for 28 years prior to UPP in 10. You are such a USEFUL IDIOT, putting the horse before the cart. YOU GUYS JUST SING FOR YOUR SUPPER.

        Give yourself a round of applause.

  3. What’s the big fuss about? Any and every government of every country MUST provide its citizens with THREE BASIC NECESSITIES: WATER, GOOD ROADS AND LIGHT.
    In this modern era, we need water to bathe and to flush our toilets.

  4. The amount of money spent with one lousy contractor to fix our infrastructure/ roads no financial spin off . The Bajan owned company do not hire anyone. As for the water situation we only hear about the water problem when the shit hits the fan. If a little rain fall now and we get a little surface water everything comes to a halt.

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