VIDEO: APUA Employees Narrowly Escape Serious Injury in Crash along Sir George Walter Highway



Two employees of the Antigua Public Utilities Authority are lucky to have escaped serious injury or worse when a Toyota Vitz slammed into the back of a parked bus they were working from.

The incident happened early Tuesday afternoon along Sir George Walter Highway.

Surveillance video shows when the speeding Vitz slammed into the bus, moments after the two men had scurried to safety.

The driver of the Vitz was rushed to hospital with what appeared to be serious injuries, while the APUA workers appeared largely unscathed.

They will however receive a thorough medical check-up.

This was one of four traffic crashes within a three-hour period on Tuesday.

In another incident, a police constable was rushed to hospital after being hit from his motorcycle along Independence Avenue.

The extent of his injuries is not clear at this point.

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  1. What the hell is wrong with these Vitz drivers? They seem to go crazy when driving these dinky toy vehicles. That person should have their driver’s license suspended and charged for dangerous driving and endangering someone’s live

  2. Today was indeed a dark day in this country with so many near death crashes. And yet we still choose to drive like idiots?

    • Nonsense you got ppl with vitz out there an not driving like Dem mental….wen he banned the vitz all those person driving vitz is he going to buy them new cars chupz big f***chupz

      • The idea of banning a type of vehicle is done in many countries mainly for safety and environmental and other reasons. Therefore the idea of banning a type of vehicle in Antigua for safety reasons is not weird or stupid or crazy, maybe only to the uninformed.

        Real car guys know that many countries around the globe ban certain types of cars for all kinda reasons. Some of us need to read and get educated on a subject before blabbing.

        Cars have defects and have recalls and have known safety issues so banning something that statistically is causing more collisions and deaths is kinda a common sense thing to do. Wether it be car truck or bike. They are looking out for your own good.

        For those crying about their current Vitz, simple, it really about not encouraging any new sales or importation, not running behind current owners. Do you even know what the numbers on your tire means ?

  3. If everytime a vitz crash you curse all vitz drivers what about when other cars crash? Come on let we vitz drivers be. What this video is showing is a driving accident by a driver who made a bad choice, not no vitz drivers shit!

  4. It’s a matter of numbers really. If 100 people of 200 in a city own a vitz, then if there are 20 accidents, then chances are 12-13 might involve a vitz. If 20 people are really fat, then chances are 10 of them will have “sugar” by age 56-60.
    And as the year closes, our thoughts are with those who are battling illness or infirmity and those who care for them.
    One Love My People!!

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