APUA employee says he will lose his job before taking COVID-19 vaccine


Antigua Public Utilities Authority Stan Richards says he will lose his job before he take the COVID-19 vaccine.

A new government mandate as of September 20, will require unvaccinated employees of statutory corporations like Richards to stay home unless they have show proof of at least a first dose of the vaccine.

In this video, Richards who went live on facebook sends a strong message to his employers:

He offers further justification for his decision.

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  1. Great! Easier for the vaccinated to get their salary. I’m sure he has no specialized skill so he’ll be no major loss. Gwaan tap home. We nah miss you. Antiguan people properly dunce.

    • IKR I’m glad you said that but you’re talking about yourself🤣🤣😂. bet ya dunce muddaskunt dont even know what’s in the vaccine but was dunce enough to put it in your body and YOU CAN TIL CATCH UM. Antigua fulla dunce for real yu nah lie with that part thats why yall love the dunce rass government and his oppressive system. But when kool time longer the rope. KEEP IT CLEANNNNNNNNNNNN NO VACCINEEEEEEEEEEEE TPC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💯

        • I dont want it and I’m not gonna take it and why would I want Mrna technology in my body? Yall so retarded and so far gone I’m embarrassed for you

        • I dont want or need the vaccine because it has no purpose so I dont need to know what’s in it because it’s not in my body or going in I was asking you vaccinated individuals what’s in it. And I ain’t comfortable with Mena technology going into my body but good luck with that

      • I know how my vaccine was developed and I trust the experts. The same way people do when they wind up at hospitals and get drips and don’t know what’s in it but trust it will work. You all have processed foods and don’t know what’s in it. I’m not a scientist nor do I have the tools to conduct peer- reviewed research to verify what’s in the vaccines but I have seen the benefits of vaccines. You uneducated, no certificate holding, no degree holding people can stay home. We can bring in more non- nationals who are educated like Telemaque and Boddu to take up positions.

        • Lmaoooo you clearly don’t know shit other than what they want you to believe. Yes i know what I’m eating and most its God given natural foods that I consume fyi😎 just like I use God given natural ingredient to fight covid but you can go ahead and blindly trust man. Nothing wrong with staying home cause when vaccinated people are the ones in the workplace and people still drop down dead and get hospitalized and cases sky rocket it will be because of you TOOLS THAT CHOOSE TO BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU SEE. I do where you getting your research from but THERE IS NO BENEFITS OF TAKING THE VACCINE. YOU CAN STILL GET IT, SPREAD IT, GET HOSPITALIZED, AND DIE! Now because you guys turn into super spreaders with the SPIKE PROTEINS , this endless cycle of covid will continue.

        • “I know how my vaccine was developed and i trust the experts ” little do you know the “expert” is planning to kill you off. Good luck tho. Trust in God, not in any man. KEEP IT CLEAN NO VACCINE!!!?

        • Well that’s you average dunces. I always ask before anything. Just say that you dont😂 you haven’t seen no benefits of the vaccine cause there is none. If you are completely okay then chances are you got the placebo and by still don’t know how the boosters will react in your body but yeah good luck with trusting your experts lmaoooo. KEEP IT CLEAN NO VACCINE!!!!!😘😙😋😋

      • When you did get the std you knew what was in the injection? But you wanna know what’s in the vaccine when the ingredients is all over the Internet. Damass. Stay home and suffer the consequences of your choice.

        • Std? I’m guessing you had one and still made the stupid choice then of putting something in your body without knowing what’s in there lollllll fooking retards. The FALSE ingredients may be on the internet not even in the box has the ingredients. Not even the person injectinggggg you knows what’s truly in it so just shut the fuck up. Yes i will stay home cause I won’t lose my soul to gain this world full of uneducated idiots like yourself. You gonna still catch covid and spread it and you can still get hospitalized and die. Simple. So no point of this vaccine at all.

    • Joke you ah mek man??? You don’t know the fella if you saying he has no skill 😂 you can’t come from Antigua. Ask anybody bout Megatron?? Differently y’all need to stop the shit being so BUTT-HURT over people and THEIR PERSONAL CHOICE. FU HE BODY FU HE DECISION. ITS THAT SIMPLE

    • @ Chups, Since when sharing your opinion is dunce? Its either you agree or disagree. If you know better no need to call others dunce dunce😝
      Be kind, we’re all in this together vaxed or novaxed.

      • @I real fed up – you opinion can be one that is asinine. It’s like saying that a match stick can stop a hiccup. If that’s your opinion, you dunce.

      • You have a right to your own opinion… not your own facts. Stan uses sites that aren’t reputable to push the idea of a “plandemic.” He’s so concerned about his health yet he’s overweight and so are his family members who he has posted online. Obviously, he isn’t that picky about what he puts into his body. And the person saying this man has skill or whatever clearly has no standards. He can easily be replaced. He’s not sharp and lacking in discernment using articles with no author to support his unsubstantiated claims while spitting in the face of health authorities who have a proven track record and whose credentials we can read about online. Stan is a fool.

    • I love it, your so funny….. real to real….. when all the unvaccinated ones stay home AND HAVE LOST THEIR JOB during the hurricane season your in…..and boom there goes lights and water and everything else…… his unpaid, unskilled selve will be home just like your skilled and paid self will be. That goes for EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. there will come a time when everyone will need all hands on deck….. but what 🤷‍♀️ do I know, fire us all and kill us all…… this is definitely what God was saying when he said love thy neighbor…..right? Or only when its beneficial? Maybe GOD forgot to add the beneficial part.
      Maybe I’m just the of SHADRACK, MESHACH, and ABEDNEGO of today’s time….. BUT you call it dunce….
      I can accept that you dont have my knowledge and I don’t have yours. I can accept that the decisions you make in life leads your path and my decisions lead my journey….
      Dunce? Sure… if that’s what your vocabulary told you.
      Some people see short term, ex. kids and some see long term, real adults…. the picture is not always the same when you zoom in vs looking at it from the sky….
      What angle you choose, is what YOU chose… doesn’t mean your seeing everything, doesn’t mean that your not seeing everything. But EVERYONE has a choice and EVERYONE choice has a consequence….good or bad….
      The things we used to see on TV’S back in the day start to happen and you believe people wont start to question thoroughly? You had your time to figure out if to get vaccinated or not, let people have their time….everyone looking for the facts, everyone looking for the full picture, everyone is trying to make an informed decision.
      Men say they dont lie or cheat women say they not crazy and dont over think. The truth you believe are not always the facts or the experience that everyone else has….. point blank do you and dont kill anyone else for doing them….. your life cannot depend on me choosing my life…. how does that work? If I jump off a bridge, do you die? If I drink poison do you end up in the hospital?

      If you follow every single protocol, your going to blame me for you getting sick? How is that really working for you or has that worked for you?

      I guess your the type that would blame the pot for burning down the house….. not on the fact that YOU had left the stove on and forgot about it.

      Baby….. if your vaccine is protecting you from going to the hospital or dying then why if I get the vaccine or dont get the vaccine should you be worried? According to your protection and what you heard, you should not be ending up in the hospital or dying? Right? So in my logical thinking, you should be happy or not have me to worry about….. but here you are…worried about me? Leads me to, why are you worried about me? What am I not understanding? Does the vaccine depend on its ingredients or is it dependent on me? Leads me to, well why are the vaccinated still going to the hospital and still dying? I KNOW why the unvaccinated ones are STILL going to the ER and dying….. so that lead to the answer(per gov’t) that it’s a different strand…that lead to another answer that you need your booster shot. So in a year you want people to get 3 shots…(1st dose, 2nd dose, and booster) and now I still see, the 3 shot people STILL going to ER and dying….. I’m honestly politely waiting on that answer, but I feel its dissipating because the answer that is being pushed is that, your 3 shots, mask wearing, 6ft social distancing, washing your hands/sanitizing is only going to work if “I” get vaccinated. With the given information in this little section of the post, tell me what makes a vaccinated person more special than an unvaccinated person?
      We all trying to figure it out and what I hear vaccinated people saying is the unvaccinated just need to hurry up and die…….
      Haven’t heard one statement out there about how are we handling the ones who created the mess in a lab. I guess all the known governments only know how to enforce violence and mandates against the people as victims.
      Maybe just maybe the people who created it…the terrorist…might have the antidote,maybe they should be punished for the world crime, maybe they were mad scientists and didnt mean to create it or maybe the government cant fight itself for what was created on purpose with an agenda?

      • 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  2. This pandemic has killed over 4 million people worldwide. The only man cure which will prevent hospitalization and or death is the vaccines. This Government is not the only Government to mandate the vaccines. It is to protect the people.
    God, the vaccines and complying with the safety protocols are the only hope. Choose life. Get vaccinated.
    If you think that the prick of a needle is a big problem then wait until you become infected.
    Think my people, all the living Presidents have taken the vaccine. This includes the first black US President Barack Obama. Why listen to ignorant people who listen to conspiracy theorists?
    Covid is everywhere and as I said, your protection is God, the vaccines and the safety protocols. Choose life, get vaccinated.

    • Here you are again with your stupidity…. choose life and don’t get vaccinated. Use GOD give natural ingredients to fight this man made disease. KEEPPPPPP IT CLEANNNNNN NO VACCCINEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! vaccinated people are hospitalized and testing positive especially at AUA. talk about that. Educate yourself and stop chat fuck.

  3. What is Stan afraid of? Many like him who portray that same mentality have changed their minds after they survive the virus.
    If he should sit back and look around him, he’ll see that many in Antigua and millions around the world have taken the vaccines. None of the vaccinated have turned into monkeys or aliens.
    I do hope if he has children that one of them or even a best friend would talk some sense into him.
    God gave the life of his ONLY BEGOTTEN SON so that we would live. Choose life Stan and get vaccinated.

    • Unvaccinated: please dont put “God gave the life of his ONLY BEGOTTEN SON so that we would live” as your stance…. have you read the bible? If you believe God, then you know he is a loving God and that we should truly seek him and not the popular opinion. You should be waking up and praying for all to become in tune with his voice. If the voice I hear says don’t get the vaccine, you believe best friend, family member, or even kids can change my mind? If the voice I hear says take the vaccine, then the same or others cannot change my mind. In every case in life What is right for one is not right for another.
      ALP vs UPP …. medicine vs natural…… vegans vs meat eaters…… exercising vs being obese…… heterosexual vs homosexuality….

      AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE, WE WILL SERVE THE LORD. My trust stands in the Lord, I trust the voice I hear, it is no different, it has always lead me and will continue to lead me. Popular or Unpopular opinion.
      P.S. at the end of the day, we will ALL DIE EVENTUALLY. Focus on what you are doing while you are here…. building people up or tearing them down, spreading love or spreading hate.
      I have serious question for all the “vaccinated” people. If you convinced one person to get the vaccine and they died 2 days after getting it, would you help their family left behind…. if its kids would you take them in as your own? If the person you convinced did not die but did get covid……would you bring them some food or the neccessary things and talk to them for their mental stability? Let’s also look at those answers…..

  4. These vaccinated go on like their worth more than gold cause they are vaccinated lmaooo to late shall be yall cry. The vaccine doesn’t stop shit yall are only listening to word of mouth if the unvaccinated wants to not take a vaccine how that a fu you concern u should be happy u wont die lmfaooo. All these politicians and persons responsible for this virus and pushing this vaccine has a special place in HELL

  5. Vax has killed lives but no one has mentioned that, for those of you like the devision you will get more doses and your freedom will continue to be taken away bit by bit. I don’t know if alot of people walking around brain dead or what but they enjoy seeing what the government is doing and they are and will be suffering also

  6. Too late shall be there cry! In the days of Noah so shall it be. It is really odd that people Will put all their trust in science and put God on the back burner. Many scientists spend alot of time trying to prove there is no God and we will put our entire trust in them.

    America is making laws and Antigua is following step by step, the leaders are playing with our emotions and they love the devision amongst the people to get Their agenda fulfilled. It is an agenda

    • I agree with you. We will not bow to any Haman spirit that loves power and control. Revelation 16 says – And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth. And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.
      And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory. We were created to give God glory. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Let us all use wisdom, glorify God, the Creator of this whole world and believe His Word.
      Omnipotent God, You are all powerful and there’s no one like You.

      • They will not mention it because it will mess with the amount of people that gets it and they won’t get any money because he does get money for each person that gets the vaccine so while yall being stupid he sitting in a tub of money unbothered. Time longer than rope tho. All of this nonsense will fall and everyone along with it involved in this crime against humans forgetting that they can bleed too. Hm. KEEP IT CLEAN NO VACCINE!!!!!!

  7. Conspiracy theories they say everything is when you analysed the facts and the fiction. Vaccine has divided the people the vaccinated are protected but feel threatened of the non vaccinated.

    • Can someone please tell me how you put the vaccinated are protected….. 1. From what are you (vaccinated) protected from? 2. How does someone else decision affect your health? If you are “protected” then that is your stance. How can you “be” “protected” but “feel” “unprotected” – say that out loud and see how does that sound out loud to you? To the ones that are unvaccinated, They have more questions than answers. Everyone is entitled to ask their own questions. For instance if your man or women is knuckling you…. one may chose to leave that man or woman….. or one may choose to stay and work at it….. that person chooses what they want to do based on what works best for there family….. that decision like all the other ones in life if a personal choice…. because that person stays or leaves should not affect what your best friend or their cousin or aunty does when that same question presents itself there in their own lives……

  8. Ignore is truly blissful…I have known who spout the same ignorance that would not take any Vaccines and they will only take natural herbs. Now they are lying in the graveyard cause of their ignorance. Please don’t contact this deadly Virus. Surely you will begging the same people who don’t trust to save your life. This Virus will suck the oxygen out of your lungs. Take warning warning it’s no joke!!!

  9. Guess what putting aside the vaccine wks it’s side effects & benefits, let’s look at how many people will leave their jobs and employers will see how bloated their workforce has been and how few people they really need to get the jobs done.
    Who knew Antiguans actually could stand for something.
    Ps: I hope more people chose principle over dollars and give an unemployed person a chance to work.
    These anti vaxers are out here getting fisted but are afraid of an injection, they are out here eating things that they have no idea what’s in it but won’t take a vaccine to not only save themselves from certain death but could save the life of other vulnerable people in society.
    Who knew there were so many stupid Antiguans in positions of trust.

    • That is nice to say. I pray that the grave you call upon is the one that does not see your name instead. When you lay a trap(words of death) for someone else, is usually where……. never mind…continue on with your comments…..🙊

  10. Stand for what you believe is your right sir

    All of those who criticism at you is just a bunch of cowards and insecure people like wolf’s dressing as SHEEP guide them to the banquet….kudos to you sir…as you is many,even you not perceive them…just waiting for the exactly time….perfect storm is just arise!!!!

  11. Everyone here commenting, some hiding behind God, who ever that is, we all have different gods.( Buddha, Allah, Hindu,Jehovah). some calling others stupid and Dunce.
    No man was ever given the right to judge, the audacity of the human kind.
    Everyone got the right to decide their own destiny, vax or unvax. Every second of our lives determined the next. Time is irrelevant to this planet.
    My opinion now:
    If the vax going depopulate, so shall it be. This is not the first time and won’t be the last. The world being through it before.
    If the unvax going to die or live to, glory to the Universe.
    Some a y’all quoting scriptures, only when convenient. There’s nothing new under this sun.
    The whole world will go on with or without anyone who’s here at present.
    We are all as of now very confused as to what the truth about this plague. Plagues has been around and will continue forever so let’s all respect each other.

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