APUA Disconnects Observer’s Antenna At McNish

Old Logo for Observer Publications still being used (FILE PHOTO)

Antigua Public Utilities Authority has disconnected the electricity that powers the antenna located on Mount McNish used by the new Observer entity – Newsco.


APUA removed the power on Thursday ahead of the long Easter weekend.


In a statement on Friday, Dave Lester Payne, one of NewsCo’s principals said, the new Observer entity does not owe APUA.


“The fact is that electricity has been disconnected, we have a photograph of it with the red tag and that is at McNish Mountain, I was watching CTV all morning ever since I got here early this morning, so it means the other folks who are on that antenna were not disconnected. So obviously we were disconnected and as far as we know, we are not indebted to anyone for any electricity bill at McNish Mountain.”


Meanwhile, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has come to APUA’s defence on the decision to cut electricity that powers the antenna to the new Observer entity –  NEWSCO.


Browne says according to his knowledge; the previous owners of Observer was in arrears and that could be why they were disconnected.


“Now, I’m aware that observer Group, the old owners they owe a couple hundred thousand dollars on that bill, so what Serpent and Co needs to do is to get APUA to segregate whatever new bill. So let’s say they have been operating for six months now, they would be required to pay the outstanding  six months and then the receivers for Observer would have paid the many years they did not pay.”


PM Browne says the OMG is owing to the government and APUA outstanding balances in the millions and his government will ensure it collects every cent.


“Observer Media Group left APUA holding a bag of one and a half million dollars and that’s after APUA  decided to give them a credit of a half of a million dollars for ads they said they carried over the years and we’re sure they didn’t do no half million dollars in business. Notwithstanding, I am saying here as a responsible government, this time around; they not getting any easy passage on those bills, they must pay just like all other entities.”


Browne says that his government would not be getting involved in matters of statutory bodies.


“And if they think they would use this issue of stifling the media and to allow our government to intervene in any entity be it social security, education and medical benefits we are not getting involved, we don’t want to know. We want them to run their affairs.”


Since December 2018 when observer changeover to NewsCo.



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  1. Hope this gets corrected pronto. Always read your meter when you take over an account from a previous user. Normally each meter is a separate account/bill so there shouldn’t be any confusion here unless this was not done.

  2. I have never been so sorry for any human as much as I’m sorry for the PM and his family, this man is the devil and your reign will come to a swift end, fools that raise their thoughts so high, like fools they live, like fools they die

  3. Winston yep he is really doing his family in gaston we sorry for u when the thunder and lightning start to come on u

  4. Winston Russel- APUA disconnected a poor woman just today for $240.00 .Why do you think Newsco or whatever should not be disconnected for millions? Good thing you’re not the almighty God,so you are unable to bless or curse.

    • You really have time to take him on.
      When ZDK owed $40,000.00 They went personally with police to cut them off. It took a court order to re-connect ZDK and pay APUA back every dime in a payment term. But Observer was allowed to owe APUA in the millions and walk away scot free. No questions ask. What a thing. These people are really not for real

    • They dont owe apua and time enough they get free light in this country because without observer slowing the giveaway process antiguans would be on redonda…..u see how they dealing with Barbudans

      • You are a classic Jackass,cant describe you no other way after that comment .. That’s the dumbest thing i ever read on this media..Are you for real??

  5. Shame on You Winston Russell. Observer must pay Their electricity bills just like all Antiguans. Why would you support Observer Radio for NOT paying Their electricity bill. The Observer Radio is FAKE NEWS RADIO. They would NOT survive. The Government gave Observer a BIG break because all the assets should be in the hands of the RECEIVER. Our Good Prime Minister allow Them to operate with the Old Observer equipment. Prime Minister Gaston Browne should be commended. Please Observer Pay your BILLS and stop looking for Public sympathy. SHAME SHAME.

    • Johnny harris are u serious u cant be …….u probably one of his minions….check the people who talk good about gaston and the alp just check around and u will see one thing in common

    • Do you know if NewsCo had bought out the bad assets of the former Observer entity? From what I understand, NewsCo do not owe APUA anything they’re up to date with their electricity bill. I also thought the person who NewsCo rent from at Mount McNish is responsible to pay APUA for the electricity use not NewsCo.

  6. Everyone should pay their electricity bill and none should be exempted. It would have been better if the Prime Minister had stayed out of this foray because it now becomes a political issue. The last time I checked, APUA is a Statutory Corporation and is run by a board. Let them take the lead. The Prime Minister doesn’t have to be in every pepper pot.

  7. The policy of APUA has always been, if a property has arrears on it the new owner must first clear the debt before they can get a new connection. As a landlord I always make sure that my tenants pay their bills. And at some of my properties the bill remain in my name so that I can monitor whether or not it is paid. Cause I have been hurt in the past when tenants leave and leave behind a whopping high utility bill. Remember they will have to use the very same meter.

  8. Even under “new” management Observer still perpetuating the same values. Blame everybody else, accuse the gov’t of oppression, and fail to accept responsibility. This was the formula used by Darren and I see Algernon and Dave implementing it from Redcliffe street.

    Not even the common man can get such leniency from APUA. So wenk Observer think they are so special. It’s simple: PAY YOUR BILLS!!! Not just apua.

  9. You are correct. Serpent believes that He can always come to the General Public and display His ARROGANCE to gain support. NOT this time. Pay your Darn bill and stop try to gain political points. Why CLEON ATHILL and the others don’t contribute to your company debts. It shows that They are just TALK TALK. I listened to Their program yesterday and They sounded BURNT out. It is about time. Now you Guys understand what it takes to operate a business. It calls CASH not just TALK TALK TALK. Own your responsibilty . This is just a start of what to come.

    • Why don’t they get Knight to pay their bills? He spend more time tying up the phone lines and spewing hatred more than anyone else. MISS Cleon Athill does NOT know the first thing about hosting a talk show. She is merely clutching at straws and pretending to be someone she is not. They can send her back up to the stadium to photocopy papers all day long.

      Nikki Phoenix is smart. She knows when to leave a sinking ship. What of Sam Roberts and EZP? Even the Martina Johnson went back to her darling Guyana after causing nuff friction and tension in the newsroom.

      Maybe Shelton Daniel can use his St. Lucia connections to workout out something with Chastanet, since Chastanet refuse to give to LIAT, he has money he can loan to NewsCo/Observer.

    • Don’t worry they have the backing of some deep pockets for now. People who rundown the bank and still blame Gaston for that. Instead of showing gratitude that he cleaned up their mess and didn’t pursue to jail them despite calls from many in the party that this should not be allowed to go unpunished. It baffles me that persons can hold a grouch against you for helping them out. Its the same thing that happened when he Gaston protected Baldwin against the John Ashe saga.

        • @Emis not that one. The one who purchased the Wadadli Power Can’t and held the blood on hotel floor lobby press conference. Just ask Ambassador David Shoul.

        • If he threw the rePort under the bus than why he wasted so much money and man Power trying to jail them. Remember he brought in a sPecial council and even brought in Canadian Mounties. And he went from court to court to hear he has no case. And by the way the rePort was never made Public. Just seen by a few members of Parliament.

  10. Some of them are soo cruel and bitter they cannot even recognize kindness..They are soo far from reality,calling the PM a devil because APUA disconnect Observer.. What foolishness! Do they even have any idea just how many poor people get’s disconnected on a daily basis,is it the PM that order APUA to disconnect people daily? Hatred and bad mind is written all over those comments,but whom God chooses to bless and favor,no man can curse..

  11. It appears that UPP …FAITHFUL UPSETTERS have burnt out from demonstrating. They are bringing out the Seniors. With all respect They should stop that immediately. The picketting not making a difference. I listened to Observer this evening I believe that are out of TOPICS to discuss. The next election all seats will be taken by the ABLP. I have the opportunity to look at the UPP slate just don’t have Anyone to beat a member of the ABLP.Their members will be lucky if They deposit will be refunded. They will remain in opposition for many many years.

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