Apply through your representative-Hurst tells former call center workers


Chief of Staff Lionel Max Hurst has told call center workers to apply to their representative for 100 promised jobs.

The government announced last week that about 100 of the 400 former call center workers will be employed as data entry personnel with the government.

At the time, Hurst did not say how people should apply which led to a number of unanswered questions.

But speaking on state media last night Hurst said six people will be employed from each electoral district to digitize birth, death and marriage certificates.

He said those interested must speak to their representative who will take details and make the selection.

He also said the jobs won’t be immediate since a process of training must take place first.

According to Hurst a location will also have to be set up first.

“But its going to happen soon,” he promised.

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  1. Therefore, the right persons meanings persons which were severed will not get these jobs. How would the ministers know who were severed? We’re they employed there? Why not reach out to GM for the final employment listing as well as contact information?

    Does every thing in country be associated with politics? There are numerous skills which were crafted as NCO which can be utilized within the government sector such as customer service skills. Yet, it’s apparent that these persons would be short changed by the current process. C’mon guys let’s change our mind set and execute the initiative like educated adults!

  2. Why should these employees be subjected to this type of behavior? Can would we confirm that NCO Employees are truly being offered the job? There must be a better selection process such reaching out the former GM. She would be able to provide an accurate listing and background check.

    Why does everything requires politics? This is unfair selection. This is prejudicial!

    C’mon people – let’s act like educated, fair adults and truly generate a better process. STOP the chupitness.

  3. Really! Why are NCO employees being subjected to this type of scrunity? Why didn’t we include the former GM? By using the current process can we guarantee that right persons will be selected or would past employees to placed there based solely on political gain.

    This total chupitness and the process needs to revamped and discussed prior to reaching out to public at large. Lets not insult people intelligence.

    Please stop giving false hope. better yet, just give some land fu the people to complete farming. CHUPZ

  4. Why? This is not feasible process. It doesn’t even comes across as being fair. Have these representatives contacted the former GM for the final employment listing. This would ensure that the right persons are being selected.

    Why would we need to aligned the possible employment with political gain?

    This is prejudicial profiling! C’mon people! Why are dealing with persons livelihood with such lack of disrespect.

    Gaston! It’s time to revamp the initiative and ensure that true NCO employees are granted a fair chance and jobs are being offered with respect.

  5. Makes no sense these ministers call u to vote before election and when u need help u can’t get them or if u get them they wanna ride u. Do y’all thing properly bout minister

  6. The process seem very unfair to nco former emplo ,the information provided targets anyone that ever worked for the company before. the safe way of doing it is to contact the GM for assistance

  7. The hole thing seem unfair to us nco employees
    Why we have to go to the representive it come in as political first come first serve an any a pose as former employees . This is crazy very concerned

  8. This is what they trying to do let u be dependent on some one u gave a job the other day that really dont do shit….this country is really in trouble..

  9. Why do we have the Establishment Division which represent the government Human Resources Dept. if we have to go to our representative to apply for a government job? Representative loves to give non-nationals job opportunity over native Antiguans and Barbudans especially those in the ABLP government.

  10. Please Mr. PM with all due respect it is time for Lienotell Max Hurst go home and rest his old bones. When he make it statement it is just an embarassment. Shows signs of aging. Smh

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