Applicants For Canadian Visas Can Now Go To Barbados


…. Antigua and Barbuda’s non-resident High Commissioner to Canada, Sir Ronald Sanders, says that he has been informed by the Canadian Government that with effect from today, nationals of Antigua and Barbuda can submit biometric data for visas at the Canadian High Commission in Barbados in addition to Trinidad and Tobago.

The Antigua and Barbuda diplomat said: “This is a welcome development for Antiguans and Barbudans who can now travel to Barbados, incurring less costs than going to Trinidad. We thank the Canadian authorities for responding favourably to our requests to ease the burden on our people”.

He noted that, “The inclusion of Barbados as a location at which biometric data for visas can be delivered, gives Antigua and Barbuda nationals two locations in the region.   For business people, this is a better option since, while in Trinidad or Barbados on business, they can call at a Canadian High Commission”.  Ambassador Sanders said this decision by the Canadian authorities also makes it easier for regular travellers and visitors to see both the US and Canadian visa issuing offices in one location.

While welcoming the Canadian decision to include Barbados as a location to provide biometric data and to apply for visas, Ambassador Sanders added that diplomatic efforts are continuing to reach an even better solution, particularly one where there can be mobile collection of biometric data collection, thus reducing the costs even further.

He stressed that the option of going to Barbados to deliver biometric data is effective from today

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  1. This is great news, but I would prefer that Antigua had a visa-free agreement with Canada. I looked at some of the countries that have visa-free access into Canada and it is ridiculous because Antigua is much safer and more wealthy than many of those other countries.

    Anyways, this is a welcome development but I am still angry at Canada for their racism and discrimination against Antigua, and many other countries in the Caribbean.

    • The inability to adopt a name for one self (not another person)a very simple process, and work hard to carve out your own space and be the difference that you preach reflects the state of the education in this country.

      It also speaks to the leader ship and vision for the country.

      Antiguans are quite comfortable utilizing another nation’s hard work and sacrifice (China, UAE, UK, Venezuela, Cuba etc). As if it is the only way to get ahead.

      The mental state of the citizenry because UPP, ALP, ABLP HAS FAILED TO INCLUDE THE PEOPLE IN THEIR DEVELOPMENT PLAN is now realized with a people that lacks creativity, litter everywhere, depend on another, cultural genocide, etc You are quite comfortable in this environment. WHY?

  2. After enjoying decades of visa free access and ended it abruptly, not even a consulate that the Canadian government can give us?..According to another comment,nothing to rejoice over..These people are simply all Racist and care nothing about the Caribbean .Then we should just sit by and do whatever they think we should do.Really? And why should we,this is2018 ,not 1918.. Everyone do not have the resources to pay over 1000gr to go obtain a visa,then have to find money to pay for the vacation you got the visa for in the first place.. Nonsense..

  3. Just like Albert Einstein, “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”
    So, what’s so different and wonderful about getting the visa in Barbados? We still have to travel, right? So wheel and come again with visa free or a Canadian agency here.

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