Dr. David Dorsett confident about Appeal Filed to stop sale of Alfa Nero Superyacht


LUXURY LAUNCHES – Antigua has tried every trick in the book to get rid of AlfaNero, but destiny seems to be churning its own path.

Attorney Dr. David Dorsett has confirmed that the appeal of his client Yulia Guryeva-Motlokhov, the daughter of sanctioned Russian oligarch Andrey Guryev, has been filed in the High Court to stop the completion of the sale of the Alfa Nero.

She claimed to be the sole beneficiary of a trust that is the 100 percent shareholder of Flying Dutchman Limited, which owns the $81 million superyacht.

One cannot help but wonder where the owner has been since February 2022, as the lovely boat has been abandoned ever since.

The owner didnt surface to settle fuel bills, unpaid crew bills, or even docking charges of Falmouth Harbor. Dr. Dorsett exhibited complete confidence that this latest action would favor his client.

“We would not be filing an appeal unless we had good and sound reasons to bring the appeal.

We think the action of the government in taking possession of the yacht and selling the yacht is wrong on all levels,” he said.

A determined Dorsett added, “It is not the government’s yacht; they cannot just take it up and sell it to somebody else… We just want our boat back.”

The drama has exploded since Alfa Nero’s controversial sale to Eric Schmidt.


How did the Alfa Nero superyacht end up abandoned in Antigua?

The 269 feet long vessel reached Antigua on February 2022.


Come August 2022, the US-sanctioned Russian billionaire businessman Andrey Guryev and his namesake son followed by a frantic search for their spectacular $120 million ship, which the duo had kept hidden for months in Falmouth.



The FBI being the FBI traced the location and raided the superyacht. With the luxury vessel losing her flag (Cayman Island), there was no going anywhere. 

The sale of Alfa Nero is crucial to the country of Antigua –

With Alfa Nero making Antigua her involuntary home for over a year, it seemed like the island nation had adopted the ship.


What else would one assume with the country gladly disbursing $28,000 weekly to maintain the pleasure craft?


The Oceanco-built superyacht sold for $67.6 million at an auction held on June 16th to Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt to relieve the Antigua government.


The country has spent nearly $1.5 million on the vessel since she was abandoned last year.


In addition, a staggering bill of $2.1 million burdened the authorities with unpaid dues to the Alfa Nero crew, taking the total to $3.7 million, which will be taken care of by the proceeds from the sale (if and when Schmidt transfers the payment).


Antigua and Barbuda Port Manager Darwin Telemaque said the sale price would cover “all liabilities.”


According to CEIC data, as of June 2022, the external debt of Antigua stands at $767.126 million.


The Gaston Browne government is keen to use the proceeds from the sale to clear a part of this debt and with a windfall of $63 million, the Alfa Nero superyacht will be able to repay a significant 8.5% of the nation’s external debt.


Will Eric Schmidt still buy the Alfa Nero superyacht?

One wonders why Eric Schmidt is patiently sitting in the middle of all this drama. It’s simply because a good businessman can smell a great deal from countries away.


The tycoon is moving cautiously and has not transferred a cent despite the Antigua government granting him a week to transfer the funds in a week (the sale took place more than a month ago on June 16th, 2023).


Alfa Nero, a $120 million vessel, has been purchased for nearly half the price at $67.6 million, which is a steal for a well-maintained, amenity-packed ship. It also saves him ample time compared to ordering a new superyacht and waiting at least 3-4 years for delivery.


The Nuvolari & Lenard-designed boat accommodates twelve guests in six cabins across four decks.

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  1. Dr Dorsett is applying NATURAL LAW and Dr Dorsett knows that no statute can triumph over NATURAL LAW.

    • When is Dr Dorsett ever not confident?? Lol. He is an enthusiastic attorney; with an air for Constitutional and administrative law. Let’s see if he can pull this one off!

  2. Dr. Dorsett is representing his client interest. He cannot say anything else.
    Every lawyer would say what is in the interest of his/her client.
    We do have laws here of imminent domain
    Like in many other countries. Why you think the USA can confiscate assets of other countries at will. They just froze all Russian Assets. And sanctioned many of their trades as well. We went to parliament to acquire the yacht and therefore we have fulfill our laws and constitution. Now we have the right to sell it. We went to parliament and pass a law to purchase the HMB properties. Now we can sell it to whoever we wan.
    What Dorsett should seek is the compensation

    • You meant ’eminent’ domain instead of ‘imminent’. That aside, it’s true the US and UK have sanctioned Russians for various reasons though I’ve yet to hear of them selling any Russian owned property they have sanctioned. I may be mistaken but it has not come to my notice.

      • They don’t give rumors to those things. They just confiscate it and the rest is behind closed doors. Just like when they confiscate all the monies in US Bank Account of Certain Countries. Only little Islands like ours have to be transparent what we do with these properties.

        • @From The Sideline.
          The UK and US in particular sanction Russians who are closely connected to the Russian government under President Putin. The Russian oligarchs became rich under his munificence, hence the sanctions placed on them. For example, the former owner of Chelsea Football Club (UK) is sanctioned by the UK government, definition (a strong action taken in order to make people obey a law or rule, or a punishment given when they do not obey). The club still exists but is now owned by a private buyer. The UK government could not sell it, it is not theirs to sell but Roman Abramovich, former owner, cannot use his bank cards to carry out any financial transactions as he, Abramovich is sanctioned. The same applies to the other oligarchs under sanctions in US and the EU. Their banks accounts are frozen, not confiscated; there’s a subtle difference between the two but neither the US nor UK government can empty their bank accounts and claim it as theirs. You may be confusing confusing with freezing. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • @From The Sideline
      Because the USA bully’s the world without accountability, surely that does not automatically mean they acted LAWFULLY.

      Can you recall how Dalso had to fight to keep his property? He fought off the government and Stanford deep pockets. If not for his will, determination and knowledge of Law surely he would have capitulated under the pressure.

      NATURAL LAW triumph over statue in any competent court.

      • I gave you two examples and yet you want to remain with your truth. The government can legally go to parliament and confiscate your property and once it is in the interest of the state, which the yacht is in this case, there is nothing you can do but negotiate compensation. And again, I mention HMB and the recently acquired Cancer Centre.

    • @From The Sideline…

      Kaiso_Time! 🎶🎼🎵🎹🎹🎹

      …now, this is for you Mr. Arrogant_Condescending
      …a simple lesson, in things and their meaning!
      U kno wah dat mean?
      …Our Nation, of Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA
      …is in serious #IMMINENT_DANGER!
      …to be, phucking with the Russian Mafia
      …thus to you, I say, “please be aware!”
      …not only, is #DANGER here!
      …gud gad please understand!
      …so, you better hear!
      …the government overplayed its hand.
      …’cause, they’re messing with the wrong ones!
      Oh gad! Gud gad! Please don’t get MADD!
      …just take it, as a #WARNING!☣️❗️
      …Mr. Arrogant_Condescending!

      Here we go….
      …now, let me add this, to my refrain
      …’cause, it’s noticeably obvious
      …and, psychologically this is serious!
      …when it comes to certain things, you’re just oblivious!
      …thus, causing an addling of brain!
      …and, it seems to be making you insane!
      …therefore, when it comes to EMINENT DONAIN
      …I want to be plain!
      …but not simple!
      …to deal with, the present evil
      …of, those #WHO’RE possessed
      …and, behaving like #Red_Devils👺
      …it’s time to seriously address!
      …such things, as INGRESS and EGRESS
      …when, it comes to Our BEACHES ACCESS!
      …So, Mr. Arrogant_Condescending!
      …that’s, the real meaning
      ..of, EMINENT DOMAIN!

      In the mean time, and between time please beware, Be aware, of taking people’s ware, and the #IMMINENT danger!

      Mystikal sends his WARNING too!


      Jumbee_Picknee aka Smood
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

      • Now, as you’ll can see, even me
        Jumbee_Picknee will make mistakes,
        this is why I do understand, it takes more than one to teach one, as in “each one, teach one” to move this Nation forward and make it a better land, yes EMINENT DOMAIN(DONAIN)😎must be a part of our plan!


  3. I thought Dr. Dorsette was speaker of the house right hand man, so something like this would be off limit.

    • Lawyers are only loyal to their clients. Isn’t Hugh Marshall defending Asot Michael against the government of which his father is a former government minister and his sister presently runs and serve in this administration.
      A Lawyer cannot refuse his/her service on those grounds.

  4. Really thought this sale was a done deal and we were just waiting for the bank transfer to hit the Government account. These legal maneuverings seems to be never ending. The listed buyer must be frustrated like hell and beginning to think if he really wants to be involved in all this drama just to buy a luxury yacht. With his available asset, he can just about buy anything. I am sure the Government never bargain for this delay and must be at their wits end at the turn of events and the delay at getting the dinero.

    • Since when the super wealthy are interested in used items other than antiques and prized memorabilia?
      This group thrives on the “first” and “only one” and cliches like that, no?

      • Stanford Yacht, which he bought and then refurbished for $45M USD was auctioned for $12Million. Yes, the rich are also looking for deals. This yacht is worth over US$100 Millions so a saving of over $3o millions is not a bad deal.

    • This is not just a “luxury yacht “ sir. It is a yacht worth approximately US120 million of which the gentleman is paying only 67 million. Who wouldn’t wait a few days, weeks even months in order to save in excess of US 50 million??? Most sensible people would.

    • Really thought you would’ve humbled yourself after you accused the Dominican beauty queen of using you. Now you behaving like Ten Tongue Tom

    Our government administration is swimming in ‘geopolitical-shark-infested waters’ regarding this matter, sale of the Alfa Nero superyacht!

    The appeal clearly is focused on the legitimacy and power, globally and specifically A&B, of the Trust in Flying Dutchman Ltd. for the sole benefit of Yulia Guryev-Motlokhov. Also, USA’s total involvement and directives play a significant role.
    Surely Dr. Dorsett cherishes the challenge of this legal matter. Why won’t he?

    Let us interact with humility, grace, good intentions! Be nice to each other!

    Save our Humanity, Save our Youths, Save our Environment, Save our Soil!!!


  6. This was warned of.. billionaire’s just don’t lay down to a putrid government like the one we have here in Antigua, so this was something many of us knew was coming.

    The expenditures of Antigua is worth about 2billion at best, and here you are fighting against a giant billionaire that’s worth 10 times that. Just figure how that goes in most cases?

    Desperate people do desperate things, and the selling of the Alpha was a desperate move bill the Browne administration to garner some quit cash, knowing how deep they are in debt.

    Again,like everything else this Government does, it’s just messy, because when you do things out of desperation, you’re bound to miss something that good lawyers will find. Cooperate lawyers are not to be played with, and I’m sure this billionaire has a plethora of such.

  7. @From the Sidelines
    It’s quite possible Antigua and Barbuda has a legal exposure of approximately $140-150 million
    With an asset worth maybe $150 million including the art work and other fittings
    This could end up at the Privy Council who is likely to look at the Oligarchs ownership of Red Row in London as their legal reference.

    Neither the UK Government or the City of London is doing what Antigua and Barbuda is doing.
    There is no eminent domain issue here.
    Antigua, under the British cannon law which we follow allows the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to do what is called a “Taking”.

    To ensue a Taking or confiscating by Eminent Domain the Government has to prove the taking is done to avert a catastrophic condition, or disaster.

    In addition a Taking can be for a public good (an infrastructure project, a national defense project or an economic development project).
    This begs the question: can Cabinet make decisions which we consider to be now the law which violates rights of a party that is subject to an eventual Privy Council decision?
    Along the way the owners of any property being subject to an eminent domain action, has the right and quite often fights it in Court.

    Why didn’t the Owners step forward earlier is the mystery. It’s possible they needed time to come up with an ownership strategy that they felt would stand up in Court.

    If Yulia Guryev-Motlokhov had shown up earlier, would Antigua and Barbuda say to her. Pay your bill and keep your yacht after Ron Saunders checked with the US State Department?
    One can understand the Government’s frustration with this boat sitting in Falmouth Harbour without knowing what’s next.
    On the other hand one can legally argue, there was a haste and well publicized interest in getting funds from the auction into the Public Treasury.
    Getting money from the sale of the Alfa Nero yacht into the Public Treasurer may appear to be in the public’s interest; but it does not meet the criterion for Eminent Domain
    The Alfa Nero yacht may have to wait a while longer before it joins
    Larry Ellison and Jeff Bezoz at the East Bay Yacht Club

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