Apparent suicide in Nut Grove


Police are investigating an apparent suicide in the community of Nut Grove.

According to initial reports, the victim is a 30-year-old Melissa Browne .

Her body was found by her children hanging in their home early this morning.

She was a mother of 4 children.

Melissa is originally from Guyana.


More details to come.

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  1. This is heartbreaking! My heart goes out to the children who had to discover their mother´s body.

  2. Omg I knew this young lady… Sigh everyone is focused on mandatory vaccination but theyre not focused on people that are still not working that’s need help and are pleading for help and still trying to figure out how they are going to eat another day or feed their kids… Condolences to your sister and other family members this is really sad..

    • Cause they may be ignorant like you thinking that things can go back to normal without the vaccine. You all want normalcy and get back jobs but dont want take vaccine. How that go work?

      • You are perfectly true they want normalcy and don’t want to be vaccinated ,how can that happen go and get your all vaccine

  3. As a countrywoman, this is so sad. People are hurting. People are desolate, cupboards are empty, houses are dark, pipes are dry and coppers have dried up. Covid has added an extra layer of pain, despair and hurt . So many of us are suffering in these times. Some of us cannot ensure the present uncertainties. Often it’s too late. My people, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Too many of us are living here to have let this happen. My condolences. Awaiting an update and plans from the consulate.

  4. Trying to figure out if people’s life have no value. How the hell we got to the conversation of vaccines? Helloooo!!! A woman’s life was lost, still under investigation, she left four children behind, whose gonna need proper counseling after finding her body. Please people have a heart and focus on what matters right now

  5. This is both heart wrenching and disturbing. So sorry for her poor children as the sight of this will forever be on their minds. Without knowing the cause of this, the past 18 months or so have been devastating to so many people. They go about their business as normal daily but their minds are never at rest, trying to cope with the stress and hardships that Covid has brought us all. We are a community and I hope we can reach out and be of assistance to her children as they try to cope with what obviously is a very traumatic ordeal.

  6. Still trying to come to grips with what could be the cause of this strategy… Mothers usually would go the extra mile to ensure that her young ones are fed even resorting to prostitution…. If she really took her own life, then definitely she was faced with some serious mental & emotional stress…. May the good Lord have mercy & compassion on her family especially her kids…. This Mothers Day will certainly not be the best for them at all… Sad!!

  7. I wonder if how many of you know that some of the covid deaths are individuals who already took the vaccine.Yall better open yall eyes and see whats going on around you.Why take the vaccine when you still can ketch the virus.They wont tell yall these things.Who can tell me that they saw the Prime Minister took his vaccine himself or you just saw in an article or on abs pictured him with the nurse holding the injection close to his arm.Yall just give me a damn break.It is not mandatory for the citizens and residents of this Country to get vaccinated it is voluntarily.

  8. What you should be conscerned about was the ladys death and her children.Dont be such a fool the one who brought up the vaccine topic.We see people smiles on the outside but deep down inside they are terribly hurting.You dont know what people go through in life to try cope with somethings.Yall need to give a little respect.

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