Apparent drowning at Long Bay


Police Investigate Drowning at Long Bay

The Police at Willikies are continuing investigations into the apparent drowning of a man at Long Bay Beach.

It was reported that around 10 am on Saturday 15 April, a 76 years old resident of Pares Village was bathing in the waters at Long Bay when he apparently encountered difficulties and called out for help.

A sea bather who was in close proximity went to his assistant and pulled him ashore.

The EMS were called on the scene and made several efforts to resuscitate him but were unsuccessful.

A medical doctor pronounced the body dead approximately 12:22 pm.

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    • 💉💉 are the #1 cause of coincidences…until proven otherwise.

      This man is a swimmer and he got leg cramps, why wasn’t able to use his arms to swim back to the shore. Swimmers are able to keep their heads about water even with a cramping episode. More that lower extremity cramping happened here.

      • Ok pathologiest you were there when it happened so you can give us all the gory details🙄. You wanna post the autopsy report to🙄

        • You don’t have to be a pathologist to know what swimmers can do. If you were a good swimmer you would know.

          The 💉💉 turning its recipients into idiots.🤣🤣🤣

          • Ok Mr Intelligence u min dey when it happen so u can tell us what happen nah forget to post the autopsy report.

          • You’re too weak to deserve any engagement after this. When you stop turning off the reply, maybe I’ll consider posting the autopsy results for you. I’ll pray you don’t have a vaccident.

          • Remember to post the autopsy report Mr Intelligence and please put it simple since me and one idiot and u bright

      • Condolences to the family and bereaved!

        I do get the fact, that your upper body strength should give you the ability to stay bouyant and moving in the direction which you desire, to go to in this case towards the shore.
        I got several questions…
        A…what area of the beach did the drowning occur?
        B…how was the rip tides and backwash waves running during that time?
        This time of the year during high tide and low tide, those rip tides and wave backwash can have a very strong undercurrent which are not evident from the top.

        I think the more popular beaches should not only have lifeguards with the proper equipments, their should be a roped off distance from the shore outwards and across the beach with floating bouys with #WARNING SIGNS attached to the ropes which can be used, as respite stops during beach emergencies such as this.

        This is #Next_Level thinking!

        Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
        De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Food Bastard

        Vere C. Edwards

  1. I was on holiday swimming in the sea at the time. Almost no waves and no current. Probably less than 6 people in the sea and a dozen in total at the Eastern end of the beach. Didn’t really notice anything until the poor man was dragged from the sea. Assistance from the Pineapple Beach Resort was on hand and EMS were there quickly but to no avail.. All very sad and condolences to the man’s family.

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