APC says man who died from COVID arrived in Antigua with negative PCR test from Miami


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  1. Negative test up to 7 days earlier means absolutely nothing.

    Everyone should be quarantined at least 14 days when they arrive and EVERYONE should be tested on arrival and then tested at least once more

    All of our lives are at risk because of these reckless and idiotic decisions

  2. stated that employees had not been contacted nor quarantined

    And clearly government protocols were not followed if this fellow was not quarantined for 14 days

    How many more people are going to die because of this incompetence and continued failure to admit and correct mistakes

  3. 1. When were the Government permissions obtained- before he arrived, or only after this scandal became public?
    2. If he tested negative and had the test 7 days before flying, he got covid in the USA during those 7 days. Therefore has every passenger on that flight he took from Miami to Antigua, as well as airline and airport staff been informed they were exposed?

    • I was on that same flight from Miami, and no I have not been contacted.

      Also, I have been following this story and saw in a previous article that he came from Venezuela – so I wonder did he go from Venezuela to a connecting flight in Miami?

  4. also, you don’t need a negative covid test to travel back to the USA! So the further question is, why was the test done?

    • They need to get their lies straight.

      The PM said the man had symptoms and was trying to treat them with things he bought at the pharmacy.

      Not that the guy was only tested because he was leaving the country.

      Mia Mottley is right not to trust these people.

  5. The land of the puppets, i wont be surprise the statement was issued because of special request or i should say dispensation from the cabinet so that every institution saying the same thing. Too much lies.

  6. Are there no Engineers in all of Antigua and Barbuda.Who could have carried out those functions.He came into Antigua to do at APC.

  7. Words of advice.
    The next time you are going to write on a topic that Gaston Brown previously addressed please get together with him and synchronize your story before you release it.
    Tired of the lies that come out the top dawg mouth.
    Next time we will talk about the WPP that was sabotaged to your long-term gain

  8. It states he had a test within the 7 day period. It does not say it was done in Florida.
    Earlier news said he traveled from El Salvador to Miami and then to Antigua. No time frame was given on travel or where testing was done.
    I am sorry he died and for his family.

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