Anyone found guilty of raping an under age girl should be hanged or executed



These rapist are Satan himself manifested through these men.

All you men out there reading this comment, rapist and non-rapist, you need to learn how to control your desire in forcing yourself on a woman or man to satisfied your sexual impulse. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP FOR NEWS UPDATES.

So called gentleman/gentlemen, you must remember that women and girls are like your sisters and mothers.

You supposed to be protecting them not hurting them.

Women are the ones who carried you in their wombs and pushed you out into this world.

A rapist jailed time should be life imprisonment in a dark dungeon for the rest of their life.

Anyone found guilty of raping an under age girl should be hanged or executed.

I am so upset hearing how our black brothers are raping our girls and women.




  1. I agree but don’t forget men are victims of rape as well often times societe feel as if females can’t rape a man too.

  2. 1) I agree that the punishment for rape should be severe. Although I believe that rape isn’t so much about uncontrolled sexual urges, rather it has more to do with the desire for domination and control.

    2) A person who LIES ABOUT BEING RAPED should receive the punishment the rapist would have gotten. False accusations should be equally serious!

  3. I hope writer u hab de same energy fu woman who makes false report on man and even set up dem girl child fu lie pan man. Not every woman who cry rape ah rape victim plenty man does get innocent jail because of false rape allegations

  4. Certain things I’ll agree with and certain things I will not .. they are also these force ripe young girls who looks like big woman telling men they are of age and they are not .. what do you do in a case like that ??

  5. About time, this 5 year sentences ain’t cutting it, I understand they don’t wanna use valuable tax dollars to keep ppl in jail long. Cuz when ppl in jail ur realistically paying for them to live for free of ur money incarcerated. So hang them!!

  6. That’s why they keep raping like that because they found guilty of rape lock them away for couple years and they come out n do it again. Why people keep following a pattern is because no solid things are there or put in place to put them away for life . How in God heaven a man 19 or 29 year old rape a two year old. JESUS Christ they pass being a demon. Look at bullgany in out in out for raping. Weather they male or female they NEVER get over that wicked act they carried it for LIFE. So a life for a life once found guilty. Death sentence and life in prison.

  7. Correction to a comment someone made. A woman CANNOT rape a man impossible. To prove rape in a court of Law there must be penetration. A woman cannot penetrate a man. She was not born with that male organ. This comment is not debatable. Case close

  8. Dont forget about those leaders that rape our country and sell us back into slavery talking about investment just to fill their pockets

  9. About time they bright this back…now just remeber this will be the same way they will persecute the saints during the tribulation, so why complain when in those you will have a choice of sleeping with the devil or dying by the guillotine. As I say the portals has been open more demons than ever had been manifesting in humans. Keep in prayer for our nation’s and the world and time to get saved for we are going home soon.

  10. Wow this is sexist, is it implying that woman can’t go out of control nd rape men to or is that not important enough to mention, bias ash

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