Any Review of the Age of Consent would take a Compassionate and Consultative approach, Lovell tells those asking for change



With the reports of grown men sexually violating young girls seemingly on the increase, some residents are renewing their call for the age of consent to be increased.

At present, the age at which girls can legally consent to engage in sexual activity is 16 years.

However, some parents believe the age needs to be increased, since persons below the age of 18 are not permitted to hold a driver’s licence, drink alcohol, or cast a vote.

Others have argued that the brains of 16-year-olds are not fully developed and, therefore, they are not competent to make decisions of a sexual nature.

The Government has not made any moves to address this issue; but Political Leader Harold Lovell says a United Progressive Party Administration would take a consultative and compassionate approach to this issue – rather than unilaterally imposing changes to the law.

Lovell says that consideration would be given to what the majority of the people would prefer, and consultation with stakeholders – including the churches – would be a better approach to the matter of the age of the consent.

The UPP Political Leader says the laws should be consistent across the board in defining and making a distinction between being a child and an adult.

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  1. What needs to be done is this, lock up the men that are taking advantage of these teenage girls and throw away the key. These men need to be reported arrested and charged to the fullest extent of the law, along with their supporters and anyone with knowlage of whats carrying on but keeping silent.

    Antigua is supporting this rape/pedophilic culture due to the fact that law inforcers are not doing anything to protect these volnerable girls. Then again some of these police officers are apart of it, as to why nothing is being done about it. Even some parents actually allow their child to suffer this abuse and turn a blind eye to the act because they are being compensated to let it happen.

    Even the comunity itself is failing these young girls because individuals within the different comunities know who the perpetrator/s is/are and are not report them. They know who they are targeting and where the assult is taking place.

    So long these events are taking place and bearly being reported, some of these offenders are known to the public but are allowed to walk freely as though they are being told its ok to do what their doing because theres no true punishment for their actions which are very much crimes.

    What is needed is for parents to raise their childern properly and guide them accordingly and let them know that these men can seriously harm them. On part of the law arrest, charge and register these offenders so that this culture can come to an end, letting persons know that this act will not go unpunnished.

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