Antigua’s Information Minister staying out of Choksi fray

Melford Nicholas

The Cabinet held a brief discussion on the Choksi matter, on the investigation into his claim of abduction, and the decisions rendered thus far by the Magistrate and the High Court of Dominica.


No new information has emanated from the Dominica authorities that now hold Mr. Choksi’s fate in their hands.


The authorities in Antigua continue their investigation of Choksi’s claim that he was abducted in Antigua.


Since abductions and kidnappings are not crimes usually reported in Antigua, no effort is being spared to uncover all the facts in this supposed abduction.

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  1. How could you not be in the Choksi Fray. When you are a part of the present Administration. You are a Member of Cabinet. You are a Substantive Minister of this Administration. Gaston Browne needs to relief you and throw you to the curb.You are not worth your salt.Getting frigging paid monthly and doing absolutely damn well nothing.

  2. Antigua’s Information Minister is an outstanding member of Cabinet and a valuable member of Parliament. We are blessed to have a man of this qualty and character in this position.

  3. Melford your a very wise man to refrain from making any public declarations in this international human rights violation of law. The kidnapping and torture of a nation’s citizen with the explicit intent. To remove him from his home of domicile. To another sovereign nation. With the intent of violating his due process of law to repatriate him to his country of birth to face legal proceedings is a violation of International Human Rights LAW. Why would Melford want to be caught up in that conspiracy?

    We have yet to hear from the Attorney General. Who is the subject matter expert on all things dealing with legal proceedings and procedure of law as it applies to Mr. Choksi. Not Gaston.

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs have yet to enter to fray to speak upon his diplomatic responsibilities in regards to a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda via the CIP program. Who is held up in another country with claims of kidnapping and torture. Speak UP. You fraid!

    How long did it take for the United States to extradite Mr. king to face charges that he was indicted in relation to the Stanford Bank debacle? Years! The law was followed and the law won. They finally got their man. Now he’s in the alphabet boys hands. Top Dawg next.

  4. @ CErmle: Are you referring to Melford Nicholas? Next you would be saying.He could walk on water and or turn water into wine.You Comrades are all something else.

  5. “Beach Bum”, are you getting silly in your old age? Pull yourself together man. I am not a “Comrade”…never voted for ABLP in my whole life, but I recognize quality when I see it, and Melford Nicholas is quality, and he ain’t no “Beach Bum”.

  6. This Choksi criminal has made us fight among ourselves!

    Ahoy! Wake-up guys…..

    Pack the big-ass off our islands to his India and be done with it.

    The only ones who will regret are those on his payroll. Think it over!

  7. On one hand the USD 2.3 Billion pirate called Mehul Choksi complains that cops in Dominica snatched away $1500 from his wallet, on the other hand he has the massive resources to hire top lawyers from UK, including the high profile Michael Polak, who charges around £3,000 an hour!

    After scrambling for ideas to bail-out the fugitive who is on Interpol’s red list, Lawyer Michael Polak has now approached the Metropolitan Police in London, under a so-called “universal jurisdiction” provision to investigate the criminal’s alleged kidnapping from Antigua and Barbuda to neighbouring Dominica. The provision is usually used to investigate war crimes, torture and genocide!

    He further claims that his client Choksi has no confidence in our Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda which is investigating the fugitive diamantaire.

    Justice Wynante Adrien Roberts of Dominica court who is hearing the bail application via Zoom, must take all matters into consideration and ensure such fat-pocket, blue-collar pirates of the modern world get their due.

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