Antigua’s growing monkey population sparks concerns



The Cabinet was informed that the monkey population in the east of Antigua is expanding and posing a problem for some farmers.

The Cabinet asked the Ministry of Agriculture to work with other Ministries and agencies in order to reduce the inherent threat which a large monkey population will inevitably pose.

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  1. This is a very serious concern for our food security. They have made it very expensive to grow food in St Kitts/Nevis. There is no alternative but to have a an electrified chain link fence. Even your gate has to be electrified. I saw them at the “zoo” here and they are fun to look at but an imported species should be sterilized (not saying that’s where they came from though). We need to get on top of this right away!! These things are terrible, and extremely smart. Start trapping, shooting, sterilizing them right away. Oh, and please hurry up before the tourists fall in love with them. Please, get on this RIGHT AWAY.

    • I hear you and especially the “tourist loving part!” However, I agree but not to kill them. We can find some sought of humane solution to reduce/decrease their population. I hope the relevant authorities will take quick action and the general public will assist and not harbor them as pets. Food cost will definitely soar high if this is not controlled.

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  3. What de hell you saying, Gassssston ah import monkeys 🙊 🙊🙊🙊🙊 now to make the costs of fruits 🍌🥭🫒 and vegetation🥑🥥🌽🥬🥒 to sky rocket. Damn! 😂😂😂

    Bwoy, he know how fi mek a dollar 💵 … kudos 👍🏾

    • For a “well accomplished” businessman you sure do spend hours and hours of the day right here on ANR commenting on 8/10 post and mentioning the name Gaston Browne at least 50 times per day. What a sad fella you are. I’ll keep praying for you because you really do need it.

      • Don’t prayer for me @ Ah Gaston Browne Fault -, my family and dear friends already do so.

        I suggest you pray for better governance and a new leader and beginning for Antigua & Barbuda, after the awful 40 years of Birdism and Browneism, you Simpleton.

        • Oh so you have family and friends. Well that’s good to know. And here I thought you do not exist outside Antigua News Room. Now do us all a favor go spend time with your family and friends and ease off the comments here. It’s will do your fragile mental health a world of wonders.

  4. Who were the smart Alexes that brought and allowed these things here?
    Don’t tell me they swam.
    We too lackadaisical in deal with issues when they arise here.
    Deal with it, quick, fast and in a hurry.
    Dangerous in many ways.

  5. Wha monkey business dis ya inna likkle Antigua? Me ya right now ah think dat all de monkeying around was only inna politics, now me ah hear monkey wa tek oba Antigua? Now me gu haffu tun up fu me calabash cause monkey soup ah gu start bubblin inna me kitchen.

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