Antigua’s Fort James to Get Super Yacht Facility

Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

Speaking on Pointe FM over the weekend, Prime Minister Gaston Browne revealed plans for an exciting new development project at Fort James.

The government is set to develop a super yacht facility on the eastern side of the fort, aiming to enhance Antigua and Barbuda’s appeal as a premier yachting destination in the Caribbean.

“We are developing a project to create a super yacht facility at Fort James, which will significantly enhance our yachting sector,” announced Prime Minister Browne. “This will be one of the most exciting developments in our tourism sector, combining luxury yachting with cultural and historical elements.”

This development will not only provide much-needed docking facilities for super yachts but will also take advantage of the natural beauty of the area.

Fort James boasts one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, making it an ideal location for this new venture. The project is designed to increase the tourist spend by offering a comprehensive experience that includes historical, cultural, and recreational elements.

Prime Minister Browne explained, “Fort James is not just about the docking facilities. With one of the best beaches and historical significance, this project will provide a holistic experience for tourists, encouraging longer stays and higher spending.”

As part of the initiative, the government plans to restore the historical fort, integrating it into the tourism offering. This restoration will provide visitors with a glimpse into the country’s past, adding a cultural dimension to their visit. The project aims to create a diversified tourism product that combines luxury yachting with historical and cultural tourism.

“We aim to restore Fort James to its former glory, making it a focal point for tourists interested in history and culture,” stated Browne. “This will not only preserve our heritage but also create a unique attraction that sets us apart.”

Prime Minister Browne also emphasized the opportunities for local entrepreneurship.

The new facility will include spaces for local Antiguans and Barbudans to set up shops, offering entertainment, leisure, and other activities to visitors. This initiative is expected to create numerous business opportunities and stimulate economic growth in the region.

“There will be numerous opportunities for local entrepreneurs to set up shops and offer various services to tourists,” Browne highlighted.

“This project is about creating jobs, boosting the local economy, and enhancing our tourism product.”

The Fort James project is part of a broader strategy to diversify both the tourism product and the sectors driving the country’s economy. While tourism remains the main economic driver, such projects aim to enhance its contribution by providing unique and enriched experiences to visitors.

“Tourism will continue to be the main driver of our economy,” concluded Browne.

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  1. Here we go again, more pie in the sky promises. At least this won’t be a ground faking but a sea faking. Who will be the investor, local or overseas interest? Finance etc, will the government have a stake if an overseas interest? This dude just gets up every Saturday and spout a bag of verbal diarrhea.
    Why don’t we get our health care, education and crime under control, oh and how can I forget WATER!!!!!!!

  2. Why? Y’all haunted Just leave Fort James as it just needs a lil up keep. I’m one for positive change that will benefit both ppl and my beautiful island. It’s an historical site.

  3. Disney World suppose to come to antigua also!!! I mean what am I to believe whenever he says something.

  4. Choko warned him. His radio station will be his Achilles heel. Let him talk. He’s been recorded for future reference.

  5. So what became of the Mickey & Mini Water Park which was to be built at Fort James by Disney?

    Gaston is like the Road Runner!
    These investments and development plans change faster than an electronic billboard in Time Square displaying ads.

  6. What became of the big project that one of the cruise lines was supposed to setup at Fort James?

  7. Will this be the last evidently there will be a buy Election in St Philips North From the programs we are listening to the campaign for the general election is on the way more promises we are hearing about more hotels Yatching more funds air port opening in Barbuda so within six months It is coming. With a one seat majority to go into a buy Election is to risky so the mandate is for the people to decide which party For the Labour they will have to win at all cost PM know that if he lost obviously he will be wearing an orange suite within two months Will it be in the US Oderbretch investigation is on the books or would it be in Europe Kidnapping Torturing and Human Trafficking you have implicate your self just to refresh your memory when it was said that Choski had escaped you were the first to come out and report that he wondered away on a boat with this young lady So jail in US or in Europe I am thinking about the former President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hanandez right after the election he was Extradited your time have come

  8. We need world class roads. Driving on most of the roads are so depressing..I went st kitts a few months ago and I must say they are putting us to shame with their infrastructure, roads,transportation ,water systems are amazing.

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