Antigua’s Finest Casinos


The Caribbean remains one of the premier holiday destinations on the planet and it’s easy to see why. Stunning white beaches, crystal clear waters and seemingly endless days of sunshine make it the ideal to relax and recharge your batteries.

What you might not know though, is that the Caribbean and in particular Antigua is a great place to play poker, chance your luck at roulette and spin the electric wheels of a brand-new slot machine. best online casinos that payout usa

If you’re thinking of combining your love for sun, sea and gambling then look no further than our ultimate guide of Antigua’s finest casinos!

  1. King’s Casino

Based at Heritage Quay in St John’s, King’s Casino is the biggest and perhaps best casino in Antigua and Barbuda. The venue has a great range of classic and new slots that cater for all budgets as well as an ample selection of electric keno and video poker machines.

The most impressive feature of King’s Casino is ‘Colossus’, the world’s largest slot machine which towers at an impressive fifteen feet. The top prize of $50,000 is equally as staggering, a prize that could transform your holiday from a great week away to the trip of a lifetime.

In addition to those options, there are plenty of tables offering all of your favourite classic casino games, as well as those which are bit less easy to find, including 3 card poker.

If you get tired of gaming you can retire to the Lounge Bar and avail of some of the best food and drinks on the island, along with some great entertainment on the weekend.

  1. Paradise Casino

A huge amount of the visitors to Antigua come via cruise ship and if that’s how you’re visiting the island then Paradise Casino is for you. Situated in the centre of downtown St John’s, not far from the docks, Paradise is the ideal place to stop off for a quick game of blackjack or a spin of the roulette wheel. One useful tip would be to learn the hands ranking in Blackjack before visiting Whilst King’s Casino.

Whilst King’s Casino is the place to play your favourite games and relax in plush surroundings, Paradise is more of a gambler’s casino. There are plenty of table games to choose from, staffed by friendly and knowledgeable dealers as well as a plethora of electronic slots.

The competition is known to be fierce at Paradise Casino during early evening and night session, so if you’re an inexperienced player its best to visit during the day.

  1. Royal Antiguan

The Royal Antiguan Resort and Casino is located on a secluded private beach on the west coast of the island and is surrounded by 100 acres of tropical gardens. The resort is quite simply stunning, if you’re visiting the island for the first time it’s a highly recommended spot to stay.

The Royal Antiguan has over 260 private hotel rooms as well as 12 individual bedroom cottages. The resort offers a number of attractions for tourists but is particularly well known for its water sports facilities.

Guests can also sign up to hotel run tours that include; dives to the sunken Andes wreck, hikes to the 18th century Fort Barrington and fishing trips and wilderness trails around the resorts own private lagoon.

In addition to this there are gambling facilities on site for those keen gamers out there. At time of writing there are only electronic slots and video poker terminal in the Royal Antiguan Casino, but there are plans to introduce a range of table facilities in the coming months and years.

Take a look at the setting of the Royal Antiguan before booking your stay

  1. St James Club

If you’re planning to push the boat out and stay in the plushest accommodation possible then St James Club is the place for you. Consistently voted as the best hotel on the island, St James’ will provide everything you could hope for from your Caribbean holiday.

Tucked away on a quiet 100-acre peninsula on the southern coast of Antigua, the all-inclusive hotel and villas scream luxury. On-site there are two stunning white beaches to relax on as well as 6 pristine swimming pools for guests.

In addition to those features, St James Club has its own purpose-built casino that opens from 8pm-1am every day. There are a range of gaming facilities to choose from, all staffed by welcoming and genial dealers.

If you win big at the casino you can then take your winnings down to St James’s nightclub and celebrate in style.

  1. Grand Bay Casino

Unfortunately, due to Antigua’s size the list of excellent casinos pretty much ends with St James Club. If straightforward, no-thrills gambling is what you’re after though you can certainly kill an hour or two in Grand Bay Casino.

Confusingly located next to Sandal’s resort, this casino is about as basic as it gets in terms of facilities. Grand Bay is small and has a limited range of gaming options with only electronic machines to choose from.

If you like your gambling in an arcade fashion and don’t care too much about your surroundings though, Grand Bay could be a good place to spend an afternoon spinning the reels.


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