Antigua’s Economy had a ‘very difficult’ period between 2008-2013, UWI Professor says

PVC Prof. Justin Robinson

Antigua and Barbuda only had 8 years of negative economic growth since independence, data presented by Professor Justin Robinson has revealed.

He told Pointe FM yesterday that the country had a particularly difficult period between 2008 and 2013 with the exception being 2012.

Listen to him by playing the video below:



Read More From PVC Robinson below:

Antigua’s Economic Growth: A Testament to Resilience and Stability

Professor Justin Robinson, head of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Five Islands Campus in Antigua, recently highlighted the impressive economic growth of Antigua and Barbuda over the past 46 years.

His analysis provides a compelling overview of the nation’s economic resilience and stability, even amidst global challenges.

Professor Robinson noted, “If you look at Antigua from 1978 to 2023, it’s one of the few economies in the region that, for those 46 years, has had 38 years of positive economic growth.

The natural tendency of this economy is to grow.” This statement underscores the robust economic performance of Antigua and Barbuda, where only eight years out of 46 experienced recessions.

The years of recession identified by Professor Robinson include 1982, 1995, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, and the significant downturn in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw a negative growth rate of 17.5%.

He explained that many of these recessions were linked to external shocks, such as natural disasters and global economic crises.

Despite these challenges, Antigua and Barbuda’s economy has consistently demonstrated its capacity for recovery and growth. Professor Robinson emphasized that “the natural tendency of this economy is to grow and generate wealth.”

He contrasted this with the economic situation in Barbados, noting that the Barbadian economy has not seen significant growth in over 20 years.

From 2014 to 2019, Antigua and Barbuda enjoyed consistent positive growth, interrupted only by the global pandemic. The rapid rebound following the COVID-19 downturn further illustrates the resilience of the nation’s economy.

In his analysis, Professor Robinson likened economic growth metrics to vital signs in a medical checkup, stating that for economists, real GDP growth is a key indicator of economic health.

Antigua and Barbuda’s track record in this regard is noteworthy, highlighting the nation’s strong economic foundations and its ability to weather external shocks.

As the head of the UWI Five Islands Campus, Professor Robinson’s insights reflect a deep understanding of the region’s economic landscape.

His assessment reaffirms Antigua and Barbuda’s position as a robust and resilient economy within the Caribbean region.




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  1. @ Robinson, why DON’T you stop being GASTON’S FOOTSTOOL.


  2. So the financial crisis didn’t happen in 2008? Professor is stating the facts that are backed by data. What is the problem?

  3. Says a paid up crony. Bwoi mi would to love a firestorming debate with Justin Robinson, he thinks that highlighting his title intimidates critical thinkers and balanced people like me. Never!!!

    I’d wipe the floor with Robinson because of his obvious BIASED blind spot for the out of touch Gaston Browne.


  4. Mr. Robinson, why don’t you ask people who really know.
    Alot of Antigua’s so called growth had and still have to do with Guns, Drugs and Money Laundering.
    People like to push their heads in the sand in this country but as Bob Marley sang, if night would turn to day alot of people would run away.
    I say no more.

  5. @???? He took over the praise chorus from the Sir, expect even more adulation when the Arab money flows fluently.

  6. If what he is saying is true ,that means the Labor party governed 36 years out of the 46. How come our infrastructure is so poor? Why is the government is the one driving the employment and not the private sector ? It is really embarrassing when growned so call educated people have to suck up to politicians to stay relevant . I rather be a dunce and speak the truth ,than to be like some of these minions. In any economy where there is good growth ,the crime rate usually very low. We have been hearing and reading of regular sexual assaults ,breakings and robberies. May be the professor was given a script .

  7. I dlpay more attention to his photo…is a traitor of mankind with a broken pocket…eager to get a 2 minutes of attention. Psyco

  8. That MAN IS NOT TELLING SOMETHING,NEW.For your information,the damn World was in a FINANCIAL CRISIS.Is Antigua a part of the World,Professor? You so called Professors are the ones screwing up this World. Look at the Colleges and Universities and the students that are being turned out today.Some of you Professors could not lead a blind horse to the drink.

  9. Great! Politician Justin Robinson has empirical data that he seems to be oblivious back then when america stock market crashed, I was in Ohio in a taxi and the guy just seem to be crying about so much closed factory, then I went over Beaumont Texas and a lot of houses were on foreclosure with the banks, and we’re occupied by crack head white woman selling what they call head, I also went over Orlando Florida and bought a repossessed truck that he bank promise that person they would hold for him, I was so sad how he was angry with me buying his truck, if Robinson wants to put a academic garb on his so call political financial analysis, who am I to take his fame away, go Justin, you will be elected soon .

  10. Who’s this fool? Another Peter Winkup? The fact don’t support this stupidity, sir? You’re a professor? Stick to your classroom. Now we know why you hold this position.
    Another individual who smell money. Just like Biltmore, Driftwood, Lamina, Two Locks, and a long list of others.
    Men shall be selfish and love money,say the book. We are eye witnesses of this

  11. It looks like before you came here you had a long talk with Beckles.
    You figure it is your turn to flourish. Just suck up to the leader and chat a lot of crock and you will be sitting pretty.

    Mind we don’t have to call Ralph for you. You groveling idiot!

  12. Oh poor us in Antigua and Barbuda! We will forever remain rabid dunce! The facts are available for a senfiblenperson’s perusal but that is not the route that most of us would take. It is so much easier to join the rabid hounds, bare fangs and grown Gaston this and Gaston that. Sure the world faced serious challenges during the periods stated. What was not stated but which everybody knows, our country’s economy took an extra thrashing because of the incompetent school boys, unaccomplished journalists and sweeti-shop operators we had heading the government then. Face the facts, man!!

  13. One thing is for certain, the ALP supporters are like carion and we just have to somehow leave it at that.
    Money is being mismanaged, nepotism and cronyism is rampant, the comrades continue to beg as cost of living is out of control, it’s raining crooks and scandals here,but they will tell you the country is running good and Gaston Browne is the world boss.They feed on the dead lies of the biggest excuse for a PM and finance minister, and amidst the sinking ship, akin to the nutritious red-cool aid, cyanide in Jim Jones’ case,they will vote for a dog in a red shirt.
    Beckles rode of into the sunset with a big payday and how did he make Antigua and Barbuda better is the million dollar question. Now they’ve imported another one who makes Beckles’ a$$kissing lood like Sunday school.
    We can expect nothing less.

  14. They truth makes them angry this intellectual and beautiful Caribbean mind and loved and proud son of St Vincent this eloquent speaker with such a brilliant mind that heads this prestigious and growing by leaps and bounds being touted in the first 100 universities in the world speak truth to power makes them small thinkers that must remain dreamers big Mr PM growth and more growth and stay another five years you can’t leave yet forth or fifth term to finish the job of the economic power house reality

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