Antigua’s BPM Continues Struggle Against Freehold Land System in Barbuda


The Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM) remains resolute in opposing the government’s attempt to impose a freehold land system in Barbuda.

The proposed Bill seeks to declare all lands as Crown lands, granting the government greater control.

BPM argues that historical agreements have protected Barbuda’s land rights.

The party is determined to resist any actions that would benefit the wealthy at the expense of Barbuda’s residents, similar to past incidents in Antigua and other islands.

BPM pledges to protect the island’s communal lands, ensuring empowerment for its people and preserving their heritage and identity for future generations.








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    • Wow wow wow I am for separation of state you cannot succeed by just talking you need to be like the brothers in northern island the ultra Nationalist movement be like CHATO one of his famous quote If CHATO Land doesn’t CHATO Will

    • MELCHESIDEC this is the first time I am in full agreement with you. Secession is the only solution for the crazy type of development that is being foisted on Barbudans.

  2. Totally agree. Trevor, put it to a vote of the Barbuda people whether or not they want to remain a unitary state with Antigua, an associated state or move to be fully independent.

    Protect your island way of life. Don’t let them run rough shot over you, the people that you represent and Barbuda’s use of land system.

    The banking sector have their eyes on Barbuda land.

  3. Trevor Walker a list of things to get done in the next six months.
    1 Set up a Barbuda Credit Union.
    2 Set up a Barbuda Peace Keeping Service (security)
    3 Set up a communication system partner with Digicel, not because they are the best but strategically.
    4 Set up a wholesale that ships to Barbuda via St. Maarten.
    5 Commence private talks with Taiwan (AKA a friendly government)for financial Aid when the separation takes place.
    Seek assistance from Cuba to outfit and improve your health care system.

    You will have to demonstrate that you can be on your own SIX MONTHS WALKER DELEGATE, call all BARBUDANS to a reunion and get it done.

  4. The Barbuda BLM Delegation went to London with CESSATION on their minds.
    VC Bird Sr. fought against it.
    When a compromise was out on the table by McDonald (Barbuda’s attorney) and VC Bird was willing to go along with it; all of the Barbuda delegates except Eric Burton walked out.
    Barbuda BLM sealed their fate by that action.
    The proposed an arrangement was for a …….. similar to what Nevis has with S. Kitts the BLM delegation walked out.
    If the majority of Nevisians vote independence Nevis becomes an independent nation.
    Tge BLM walking out meant the new nation state became Antigua and Barbuda where any CESSATION has to be by armed struggle as was the case with Anguilla.
    Read “The Secret Life of The IRA; Anguilla Battle for Freedom 1967-1969, and Coco Point Lodge 1969- 1996
    Bobby Sands starved to death on behalf of the Ireland Republican Army
    There are no Barbudans period: on island or in the Dyaspora willing to take any action beyond empty chatter.

  5. Gaston has already served notice of his intention is to have non-Barbudans registered to vote in elections in Barbuda so long as they are citizens.

    The workers at the PLH project from around the Caribbean out-number Barbudans on the island. These workers will soon be eligible for citizenship and classified as Barbuda residents.

    In addition, The CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT (CIP) program will also create new opportunities for voters who are not Barbudans.
    There are approximately 250 five-bedroom villas at Palmetto Point and Coco Point which can yield one thousand plus multimillionaire voters.

    Do the math.

    It will not be long before the Barbuda Council is controlled by not BLM, not ABLP, not UPP but a new political party formed by the same CIP CITIZENS and a sprinkling of our Caribbean brothers and sisters who works for them.

    I expect many to rant and rave and insult, but please allow me

    In his budget speech, Gaston clearly stated he has a partner who is a CIP Billionaire. An Antiguan citizen partnered with him on the Dulcina site, and ready to pay to relocate the road that is River Road and acquire more land.
    Go to YouTube and replay the budget speech
    While everyone (the media and the public) are focused on Asot being thrown out of Parliament; a matter of little consequence to their lives. Maters of grave importance and long lasting consequences are ignored.

    The issues and policies that affects their lives and welfare, are ignored and discarded for the salacious and gossipy rant and rave.

    All of Gaston recent about “Gastrointestinal Tourism” and “Barbuda becoming a high-end destination” are a cover to take Barbuda land for himself and his
    When he puts it before a Cabinet vote
    and they rubber stamp his wishes who is going to stop it?

    Antigua has five times the numbers of foreign born citizens living in Antigua than there are Barbudans living in Barbuda.
    The number of Barbudans in the island are so small that: for Barbuda to be independent, it has to be by armed struggle only.

    The numbers are not in their favor of referendum where 60% of Antigua and Barbuda would need to vote in favour of Barbuda going on its own.

    My message to the BPM Stop playing the people. And to The Barbuda Council: GET REAL !!

  6. @Charles Tabor and Melchesidec

    What is the process or means by which Cessation would cone about or would be achievable ?

  7. Barbudans beware, be alert. Remember this at all times: Gaston Browne has said on record that you are ” deracinated imbeciles” . This is how he regards Barbudans and he fervently believes it to be true. Any leader of a country who thinks so poorly of a section of his constituents is from the bottom of the barrel. I have never been to Barbuda though I am Antigua born and bred and it pains me to see what this man has done to Antigua and is now about to do to Barbuda. He has no regard for your affinity and bond to your land, none whatsoever, he sees only dollar signs which can enrich himself with his ‘ creative enrichment’. Your concerns are of no interest to him. Talking and complaining can only do so much which is very little. Think seriously about taking affirmative action if he continues to disregard and disrespect you. Antigua is now almost lost to Antiguans because we bark a lot but do not bite. Do not let your land fall prey to the property sharks that are encircling you and will sooner rather than later make you nothing less than a nuisance to be tolerated in your patrimony which you hold so dear.

  8. Its already too late, the prime land has gone, together with Barbuda heritage.
    PLH — 800 acres– USA
    De Nero – 550 acres + –USA
    Kelly — 400 acres —St Kitts
    Virde — 990 acres — UK– but possible some go to Gaston
    Gaston– – 300 acres–Anu
    Maria Brown – 250 acres-Barbudan ?? -reputedly sold on?
    Hadeed— 300 acres — Anu

    Question, How did the St Kitts man who came to finish the already breaking up runway–acquire land ? Is Gaston a partner there?
    So we Barbudans left with Codrington & the garbage dump!

    • @ John.
      The numbers you quoted are disturbing to say the least. It is for all Barbudans who value their patrimony to begin seriously to decide what affirmative action to take to preserve their patrimony. If I was born in Barbuda and those numbers are correct, I would find it difficult to sleep at night. I am absolutely convinced Antigua must have committed a grievous sin in the past to have this prime minister inflicted on us as our punishment. I can’t find any other reason why this albatross has been placed around our neck. Again I entreat all Barbudans to remember how Gaston Browne regards Barbudans: “deracinated imbeciles”. To put it simply you are regarded as uprooted and of limited mental capacity. Never forget and always think on it.

  9. When one doesn’t respect the ruling of the highest court in the land, then you just need to take them to task and let them find out the hard way that no man or woman is above the law.

  10. @ From the Sidelibes

    You are correct that no man or woman is above the law.

    The the highest court in the land, says any Barbudan or Barbudan family who has been living on the land or uterlizing the land for economic purposes are entitled to the land.

    Should the government decide to take the land those individuals has to be compensated.
    The remainder of the land belong to the Crown.
    What’s unfortunate; is that both parties The Barbudans and Gaston are not following the ruling of the Court or seems to be abiding by the law.

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