Antigua’s Attorney General to be knighted


LOOP: As part of their customary Independence Day celebrations on November 1, Antigua and Barbuda will bestow various honours upon its citizens, with knighthood being the highest accolade.

This year, Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin will take the spotlight, courtesy of nominations from his constituents.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne enthusiastically confirmed the news, expressing the country’s commitment to honouring those who have made significant contributions during their lifetime.

“When it comes to honouring our people who have made significant contributions, we are not going to wait to honour them posthumously. We’ll give them their flowers while they are alive and as far as I am concerned Comrade Cutie Benjamin is most deserving,” he said.

Browne revealed that he received the nominations list from the honours committee last week and was pleased to endorse Benjamin as a knight.

He extended congratulations on behalf of the government and the people of Antigua and Barbuda, deeming it a well-deserved and justifiable honour.

Benjamin’s political career spans 42 years, and he holds the distinction of being one of the only two surviving active politicians who served as Members of Parliament when Antigua and Barbuda gained independence from Britain on November 1, 1981. The other surviving member is Sir Robin Yearwood.

Throughout his 38-year tenure as a parliamentarian, Benjamin has made significant contributions to the nation, as highlighted in a nomination letter endorsed by his constituents.

His efforts have facilitated young men and women’s access to scholarships for further education and played a pivotal role in negotiating the establishment of the University of the West Indies’ fourth landed campus at Five Islands.

Additionally, Benjamin’s contributions to the country’s legal landscape are noteworthy, including his stewardship of the First Model Criminal Sexual Offenses Court, originating in Antigua and Barbuda as the first of its kind in the region.

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  1. Congratulations are in order for soon to be Sir Steadroy Benjamin MP. A long and successful career with sterling contributions to bettering the lives of us Antiguans and Barbudans. Respect!!!

      • I am so happy the lady from Switzerland got her money.From the sale of her property inside of Jolly Harbor.Her Lawyer in Antigua held onto the woman’s money for years.Until she took him to Court.On the day the case was schedule.That Lawyer met the lady and her Lawyer on the steps outside of said Court and paid her.

  2. Well deserved 👏 🙌 mr Hon cutie Benjamin first independence I will be attending in years you have done a great job for years in laws and politics 👏

  3. I, as a citizen of Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA would like to nominate(person to be named in the future, maybe, even one of those #Illegal_Aliens now, allegedly visiting our planet, they can apply, as King #Bold_Face Likkle Green Alien Obeah Men from Dominica, get a Green_Card and apply, once, they qualify for The CIP Program), heck, I’ll just go ahead and nominate my 95 year young mother; nah, even though she could possibly do a better job, in at least curtailing crime, won’t steal nor lie(not if gossip and #pung_tory are exempt), but she’ll definitely would not lie, nor perjure herself in the Court of law, about signing documents. Heck she too, my mother to some degree, have being #INDOCTRINATED, by the Molders of HUEman living, and cannot via from certain things, as she says, “dem subben dey, a fu young people.” So, her granddaughter, my daughter who she felt, or thought could be a #G_Bangsta like her son, who never even got arrested much less having a #Criminal_Record, being to the Courts before a #Drudge and a #Grudge for several divorces, which technically, is my 95 year young mother’s fault, for creating her #Hybrid_Picknee, so, what these ladies considers #handsome, and #chatty_chatty, that as he paints pictures with his words, he keeps breaking hearts and having females claiming, “you’re the love of my life!” Hey, Nancy #sweet(boy, don’t finish that word – god’s gonna punish you! OK god! If, you as the feminine side of the Essence, of nature’s ether keeps surrounding me with your essence, of pugnacious beauty, I’m firing back with some #Papa_Legba lyrics!

    So, my nomination cannot go to my mother, she’s #Indoctrinated to some degree, and my daughter, now the Environmentalist with her father’s rebellious nature won’t be too inclined, to be made a #mockery of, since, her father might be trying to pull one over on her❤️❤️❤️love you #sweetheart!

    So, I NOMINATE #JUMBEE_PICKNEE who was is responsible for upgrading the learning, what some term education but, needed some elevation in terms of…

    A…the introduction of OWARI aka WARRI into all public schools from pre-K to University, since, once you start to travel #AROUND_de_WORLD, the process of indoctrinating the brains, as to CODING, ALGORITHMS, SOLVENTS etc has begun.

    B…next #JUMBEE_PICKNEE helped several third graders through to their College years, the need, necessity and requirements, that not only are #GROUNDED_ROOTS, still essential for HUEmanity, here on this planet, inspite of all of the AI’s, CLONING, Gender_Confusion, they’re not totally, living in #King_Bowl_Face’s Court of INDOCTRINATED GREEN DOMINICAN MEN plus BBL’s but scientists. agronomists, philanthropists etc of the future, so they don’t have to believe in the historical data, that MENTAL SLAVERY began in Antigua, on OCTOBER 19th 2023, when an alleged crook, maybe, like a Captain Hook, or Christopher ‘The Terrorist’ Columbus, or even closer to ANTIGUA, BARBUDA & REDONDA, in no other than Sir R.A.S. Stanford now serving a life sentence, in or at a Federal Resort playing golf waiting on his good old buddy, The Teflon Prez. Sir Donald Baron Troooooommp.

    So, through the powers invested in me through the Essence, of the ether of #MAMI_WATA & #Papa_Legba🤺🗡️⚔️JUMBEE_PICKNEE is now Knight of REDONDA.
    Long live Sir Jumbee_Picknee!

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee Sr.
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg 🦶🏿 Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

    I recall Cutie hustling cases, on the Court House Steps! #SIRprizes and #MISS_ΤΕRRY’s of Wannie N Washee…staunch Red_👺👹

  4. Where is Brixtonian? Cat bite you tongue. Probably He finally realize that there is no Senate appointment with UPP , so He is coming back to ABLP

    • no giles. upp promise the cashapp begging bloodsucking beggy beggy leech Senatorship and they badplay he!


    • Good day to you GILES, always nice to hear from any of you Gastonites (and now Benjaminites 😁).

      Look, I don’t care how many English royal awards you all want to bestow on any cabinet member of the ABLP – they are meaningless anyways.

      You ABLP acolytes are as MAD as hell, I’ve tried to you all with simple mathematics, but for some reason you just can’t fathom it; so I’ll try once more:

      If you take the last 53 YEARS of governance in Antigua, then MINUS the 13 YEARS of the UPP being in power, how MANY YEARS of Birdism and Browneism was utterly wasted to develop this vibrant and beautiful country by the SURREPTITIOUSLY NEGLIGENT ABLP?

      Come on Gastonites, surely you can work out this simple equation/or conundrum … can’t you?

      GILES, you also deserve a knighthood 😁

  5. If for nothing else, Mr. Benjamin save Antigua from wan DUNCE, BANKRUPT, ARROGANT, LOAFTER!!

    WOOTOOP!! WOOTOOP!! WOOTOOP!! Lance de BULLBUD inna Franz curly back! 😆 🤣

    Seriously though….congratulations Sir Steadroy!

  6. Exactly what has this man done to merit this? You cool-aid drinking bunch, tell me what this man has done. Just one thing that we can say, there, Antigua and Barbuda is better off because of that. The man was asked to answer to fraud charges that are yet pending. As legal advisor to the government we have the Alpha Nero costing taxpayers 120,000 US weekly,crime has spiraled out of control, everthing under his watch is in total shambles,and we give this joker such an undeserved honor? Hey, that’s ALP. Do nothing then try to steal honor. Our knighthood is a joke, just like the people running the country and this committee. To say that this is a cartoon country is the proverbial understatement of the decade. Wow!

  7. Cutie,make sure your pants are well secured.Do not forget what happened to one of your former Comrades some years ago,on Independence Day.I am wondering,when is my turn to be Knighted. Lol.

    • @wharf ratta

      You haffu go run behind the harse vice wannabe Elizabeth pantyhose former GG. Boy under she, dung to she latrine cleaner get “knighthood” 🤣 😂

      Even she son day nun baddy ever hear bout 😆 🤣 😂
      Can u imagine what UPP allow she fu get way wid??

  8. If this go through next election I am voting UPP to ensure this get reversed. If I die before I will beg my children and grandchildren to vote against ABLP for this reason.

  9. Anyone who is able to identify a jumby for the issuance of a passport deserves to be a NATIONAL HERO so I think that Cutie has been shortchanged.

  10. Antigua knighthood don’t mean shit to any other country. This fat ass lazy AG has not gone above and beyond his duties.

    Nigel Christian’s murderers still are being protected. Who is going to spill the beans with who is currently in possession of the gun?

    Mehul Chocksi case still has not been settled and the AG should be getting that sorted out.

    Don’t forget the case against the AG too.

    But that’s the current Antigua government for you. Criminals get knighted for their criminal acts. Another good example is Sir Lift Mercedes Benz over the Port Fence.

    Every country laughing at we. Even I am laughing and contemplating committing a crime then running with ABLP

    • Well highlighted @ You get what you vote for.

      Yes, you are absolutely correct about other countries laughing at our political backwardness.

      It is now WAY beyond embarrassment!!!

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