Antigua’s Alfa Nero vessel attracts multiple buyers as government assumes upkeep costs


Antigua’s Alfa Nero vessel attracts multiple buyers as government assumes upkeep costs

Antigua’s Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, has revealed that there are several potential buyers interested in purchasing the Alfa Nero vessel, which was seized by the Antigua Port Authority under law last week.

During a parliamentary debate, Browne disclosed that offers for the vessel range from $48m to $60m, and the government has assumed responsibility for the weekly upkeep of the vessel, including paying salaries of the crew, marina docking fees and fuel.

Browne assured parliament that all liabilities will be settled as soon as the vessel is sold, and that the remaining funds will be paid into the treasury.

The Prime Minister also revealed that the process to lift sanctions on the vessel has already begun with the US government.

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  1. I am just a little confused here. If the vessel is now Government owned, why would the government keep on the crew and is still paying them a salary? Wouldn’t it be more economically viable to terminate them because of the new ownership and turn over control and command of the vessel to the local coast guard until the vessel is sold? Until the sanctions are lifted by the US which could be anytime and not necessarily soon, we would be footing the bill for the crews salary, food and maintenance, fuel, docking fees and all other fees associated with the vessel which could be enormous.

    • @Audley Phillip…. Have you ever thought that because it is a high-end luxury yacht that certain specialized skills may be needed in order to maintain it? Think of the field of mechanical engineering and how specialized it can be. Would you, for example, use the mechanic that services a regular car to work on a Maybach or a Rolls Royce? If you wouldn’t, then why wouldn’t the same principle apply to a high end luxury yacht?

  2. If the vessel is owned by ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA please explain why it is a sanctioned vessel?

    A vessel cannot be sanctioned, the owner of the vessel can be sanctioned, no?

    Which law or rights did the vessel infringed? Who did the vessel harm on its own Merritt?

    This talk about sanctioned vessel is ABSURDITY. I do not accept that propaganda.

    Experiment go into your kitchen and put a sanctions on your pots. Let me know the response room the pots.

  3. So, Antigua, Barbuda & Redonda have to abide by the sanctions placed on the owner of the Alfa Nero by the U.S.A.
    Even though Antigua, Barbuda & Redonda have taken ‘ownership’ of the yacht is going to sell it, already have potential buyers, but still have to negotiate with the U.S.A., to remove the sanctions in order, that the new owner doesn’t have in problem(s), in the future.
    Now, this is the same U.S.A., that owes Antigua, Barbuda & Redonda MILLIONS due to the WTO Ruling regarding Internet Gambling, and has refused to pay one Red cent. Not even a couple of free visas.
    The WTO again, in 2007, ruled that Antigua, Barbuda & Redonda can go after American Copy Rights to collect what America owes the Nation.
    Question to date, how much has the Nation collected from going after American Copy Rights? Zero, 10K 500K, 2mil?

    If the American Congress don’t a damn about releasing Court ordered funds, to Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA, since, 2007, why the hell in #Jesus_of_Lubeck’s name do Gaston & ABLP, think that the present American Congress will remove all, or any sanctions placed against the Russians before they the Russians withdraw from Ukraine?

    The Government should stand to doing

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg 🦶🏿Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  4. Antigua Assume-Making an ASS-OF YOU AND ME. We the people are paying for that ASS-U-MING,$$$$$$$ MONTHLY.

  5. Ants follow fat, and as much fat that this boat is, well you do the math as to how many ants will be coming, and that includes the uncle sam who will not give up the rights to their sanctions that easily. The Antiguan government and it’s lawyers better be well prepared.

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