Antigua to register fully vaccinated returning nationals


The Cabinet agreed that a second register will be developed for those who have been fully vaccinated abroad and have returned to Antigua and Barbuda where they reside.

Those who have been fully vaccinated abroad will have to present the evidence, and their names will be entered into the registry.

Those vaccinated in Antigua and Barbuda are already entered into a database which is a permanent record of the dates, the type of vaccine, and other pertinent data which health professionals require.

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  1. PLEASE tell us and potential visitors what will the clear arrival protocol be for fully vaccinated, negative pcr test arriving travellers? Local AND Visitors. Tourists, business people & Nationals need this information ASAP to allow planning for work & vacations to happen.
    You do not have to reinvent a protocol, check out Grenada, Saba etc.

    SABA – fully vaccinated & negative pcr – open entry
    Partially & non-vaccinated arrivals, negative pcr on arrival, quarantine & rapid antigen test on day 5, if negative, free.
    NOTE Saba & other countries require any arriving person, whatever their status, to practice the protocols or risk a fine. I.e. fully vaccinated wear masks as mandated by the country, wash hands & distance.

    • Yes this was a very good question, because i am planning on returning very soon after I get my second dose.

  2. Will returning Nationals and residents who have been fully vaccinated STILL have to quarantine for 14 days?? Please reconsider this mandatory protocol, as it doesn’t make sense if someone is fully vaccinated. It is severely disruptive, especially having to stay at Jolly Harbour and not in one’s own home!

    • Fully vaccinated may reduce the severity of your illness but you still can get , carry and transmit the virus to others so why not quarantine ? Fully vaccinated doesn’t make a super being .

      • “Vaccine Breakthrough Cases” are very rare according to the CDC. If you come to Antigua with a negative PCR test on top of being fully vaccinated, the risk of being a carrier of Covid is minimal. Plus we would still have all other Covid protocols in place, such as face masks, social distancing, etc.
        I understand the Government is concerned about returning Nationals/residents living and mingling with other residents and possibly infecting them. But let’s be real- tourists, who do not have to quarantine, are mingling with residents as they explore the island.
        It just seems extreme to force certain people and not others to quarantine after being fully vaccinated, when the risks are minimal.

  3. OpenVAERS Deaths as of April 9, 2021

    Year Deaths Vaccine
    2021 2602 COVID vaccine
    2021 2342 COVID vaccine
    2020 366 All Vaccines
    2019 608 All Vaccines
    2018 536 All Vaccines
    2017 459 All Vaccines
    2016 437 All Vaccines
    2015 377 All Vaccines
    2014 358 All Vaccines
    2013 248 All Vaccines
    2012 316 All Vaccines
    2011 331 All Vaccines
    2010 379 All Vaccines

    Adverse COVID ‘vaccine’ reactions:
    68,347 Reports Through April 9, 2021

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