Antiguans invited to sign book of congratulations for King Charles and Queen Camilla


In recognition of the coronation ceremony for Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla on May 6, 2023, an official Book of Congratulations was opened at Government House today, Tuesday April 18, 2023 at 9:30 am.

The Governor General, His Excellency Sir Rodney Williams commenced the collection of messages to Their Majesties. Lady Williams, previous Governors General of Antigua and Barbuda and the British Resident Commissioner also added their messages.

The Honourable Prime Minister, other Members of Cabinet, Parliament and the Diplomatic Corps will add their messages on Wednesday 19, and Thursday 20, 2023

Opportunities will be provided to the citizens and residents from all walks of life in Antigua and Barbuda to add their messages to the collection. The following schedule is provided to facilitate this process:

Tuesday April 18, 2023

Official Opening of the Book of Congratulations for Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla

Wednesday April 19, 2023

9 am – 12 noon  – The Members of Cabinet


2pm – 4 pm        – The Leader of the Opposition

– Members of Parliament


Thursday April 20, 2023  


9 am – 12 noon    – Members of the Diplomatic Corps


2 pm  – 4 pm       – Senior Public Servants


Friday April 21, 2023  – May 31, 2023 ( Work Days)


Members of the General Public

10 am – 12 am

01 pm – 03 pm

In Antigua and Barbuda’s system of Government, described as a constitutional monarchy, the nation’s Head of State is King Charles III and the monarch’s representative is the Governor General.

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  1. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Gaston Browne inform the nation that he wanted Antigua & Barbuda to break the ties with the UK monarchy and move us to becoming a Republic like our Caribbean neighbours Barbados?

    It seems like when Gaston open he mout’ ah pure lies come out!

    He soon have we singing 🎶 God Save the king … 👑


    • @Brixtonian, you heard the comic correctly. He is a buffoon that cannot be trusted or taken seriously on any level.

      It’s unthinkable what our beloved country would become if we should go along with his proposal for us to become a Republican…Gaston could take the initiative by putting principles before status by boycotting the Coronation in protest to the British Empire’s role in the Middle Passage atrocities committed against our “Motherland”, Africa, more specifically West Africa.

      Of course, Gaston would never take the bold step by boycotting the Coronation…his attendance should signal to Antiguans, the neccessity of retaining the Monachy come the referendum.

      A change to a Republican democracy under his administration would sink Antigua into the abyss and we too would become migrants.

  2. No Antiguan should sign that book , when we think about the wickedness that have been done to black people by those wicked demons

    • @At man on the sea. I wholeheartedly agreed with you and in addition, no Antiguan should attend the Coronation, including the PM, who has advocated for the removal of the Monachy, but it remains to be seen what the PM does, will he put principles before status 😉?

  3. I will sign a book of congratulations when Charles signs a very large reparations check to pay for the royals involvement in slavery. On second thoughts, off their heads, bot of them!

  4. Even if Prime Minister Browne wants to move in a different direction and wants our country of Antigua and Barbuda to become a Republic there is a process to go through and I believe the people have to decide on that through a constitutional vote. This is a very important decision to be made. We do need to stop being emotional and insulting to each other and adopt a reasoned approach to such an important and meaningful decision. It simply does not make any sense for our discourse with each other to be so unreasonable and full of vitriol.

    • The only flaw in your argument about having a constitutional vote on becoming a Republic or not @ Sharon, is that under colonial rule we weren’t given a choice, let alone a vote about these wicked hunters (of people) and gatherers (of our rich and fertile lands).

      We had no vote to have them destroy our ancestors lives, and you want a vote to remove them now!

      Utterly ridiculous Sharon, and I’ll even go further by saying that if I had a choice of a king whose ancestors robbed, raped and looted from our forefathers and mothers, or Gaston Browne staying in power for another term or two – I would take the latter in a heartbeat.

      Gaston Browne isn’t my cup of “bush” tea, but at least he’s an Antiguan!

  5. One should avoid starting sentences with a dependent clause and end with dependent clauses;otherwise sentences and meaning becomes muddled!

    However, if dependent clauses are used they should be supported with an independent clause and appropriately punctuated.

    Lester Bird’s, administration committed Antigua to CSME without a referendum and we have seen the nightmare that has turned into.

    Of course, it is anticipated that the current administration would consult the nation before embarking on the removal of the Monachy. But, let’s face it; the leader of the current administration, is at best, unpredictable and at worse a loose cannon.

  6. I don’t know why you guys are arguing about.I cannot imagine any Caribbean black brother or sister in his or her right mind signing that book.

  7. An opportunity to send a clear message to the king.
    Return all the books unsigned. And add a short note each Antiguan and Barbudan born family is expecting an equivalent of 10 million pounds in gild by December 31st 2023.

    And we leave you in peace.

  8. What has Charles and dat lady done for me, my parents, grandparents etc. Waaan làang duttty suck teeth.

  9. Every country in the world has enslaved people and there are still slaves… Africa has approximately 9 million slaves up to now. Even before and during the transatlantic slavery there were black slave owners along with white and other nationalities. There were African American slave owners in the USA dating back to the 17th century. Africans also enslaved whites and Indians.
    If Antigua were to become a republic and join the list of failed republics it is highly likely that the UK tourist market would take a big hit and of course the grants would dry up also. The UK brings multi millions into Antigua by way of tourism and yearly grants. Perhaps the white and monarchy haters should do some thinking as to how Antigua would be able to compensate for this?? Perhaps become a state of China (that would be far worse than maintaining ties with the UK).
    It might be a good idea to become familiar with the actual history of slavery including world slavery and also become familiar with the republics and try and find even one including Barbados that is successful and is at this time NOT run by autocracy!!
    Antigua is a pin head sized nothing on a world map. It is corrupt and seemingly unable to support itself…constantly spewing ignorant hate is destructive and unnecessary.

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