Antiguans flock to vaccination centre as mandatory policy takes effect


Scores of residents have been rushing to get vaccinated as government’s mandatory vaccination policy takes effect today.

“Antiguans & Barbudans rising to the call of duty and are getting vaccinated in droves,” Prime Minister Gaston Browne wrote on Facebook.

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  1. Clearly the move to making it mandatory should have happened months ago. Its human nature to act only when nudged. Watch us rush only on the last day of a deadline. Its this understanding why other vaccines were made mandatory. Amazing to me the UPP pro choice stance in a matter of life and death (not just of your own) yet for matters not as important eg taxation, they agree it should be mandatory

    • Why don’t you go back under the rock that you crawled out from under .
      Nobody gives a rats ass about you and the other red cool aid drinkers shuups

      • Then why respond? Poor you, clearly you are hurting. After you get fully vaccinated, think seriously about getting some education

    • In fact the number of cases is higher in Israel and Iceland after vaccination – maybe due to the new variants. Not sure

      But there’s no reason to think cases, hospitalizations or deaths will go down once Antigua is highly vaccinated.

      • The Israel government say you are wrong and their actions in giving a third dose (to the elderly) show their faith in vaccination. Contrary to popular belief Israel never got to herd immunity. However they expect this to happen within the next two months. Let me remind you that they were in a worse sitation than now a year ago (number of deaths in Jan 2020 were the highest). Unlike last year, Rosh Hashanah, will not happen under a lock down

        • Tenman lol Israel is in deep shit right now the vaccinated are dropping like flies when you spray baygon this vaccine is not a saviour you need to check up on the scientific facts of this vaccine. Closer to you grave.

          • Guy the data during the pandemic before there was a large vaccination drive does not back up your utterances. Daily new cases, after they saw a high of 20K sept 1st has dropped to some 7K. The figures for daily deaths are also on a decline (srpt 5th it was in the 60’s, now its in the twenties and 30’s)

  2. Love to see this. Hopefully this will encourage other holdouts to get the vax as well.

    Just remember that just one shot is basically no protection against Delta. You still have to be extremely careful.

    Question: Are they mixing vaccines in Antigua? Studies suggest that mixing AstraZenca and an mRNA vaccine offers better protection than to shots of either. Also, two shots of Astrazena is not very effective against infection (from Delta), though the protection it provides doesn’t wane as much as Pfizer’s over time.

    • 3,4,5,6 shot is still not going to work no matter how much you take you still catch covid you guys need to look up the definition of vaccine then you might just stop calling the useless thing vaccine.

  3. If this was a protest they would have police and defense force enforcing covid protocols.
    Look how numbers will be going up now 🙁

  4. A stance have been made and those who wish to keep playing game will suffer their decision. Those who holds visa will soon know where things are going as they wont be able to go stt, stc, stj, PR or mainland if they’re unvaccinated.

  5. “Out of all the vaccines I have taken in my life: Tetanus, small pox, polio etc., never before have I seen so much confusion over a vaccine that says I have to wear a mask, and socially distance even when fully vaccinated. Apparently I could still contract or spread the virus even when fully vaccinated. Never had to have a double shot, never been bribed by establishments to take the vaccine in order to
    win a car, cash, or other prizes.
    I never had to worry about cardiac issues and/or blood clots and sadly more, I didn’t have to worry about death. I was never judged if I didn’t take it. I was never discriminated against for travel or other regular services. The vaccines I have listed above never told me I was a bad person for not taking it, or taking it for that matter. I have never seen a vaccine that threatened the relationship between a family member or a close friend. Never seen it used for political gain and never seen it used to persuade children in favour of free ice cream or teenagers going into a night club. I have never seen a worry about a mix and matching and yet told it’s OK to do it one day and not the next and on and off again.
    I have never seen a vaccine threaten someone’s livelihood, job, school, etc. I have never seen a vaccine that allows a twelve year old’s consent to supersede his/her parent’s consent. So after all I have said, can someone tell me how on God’s green earth I am a racist or conspiracy theorist. Non educated, non researched because I am not willing to take this vaccine. And the clinical trials will not be over for at least two years from now.
    Finally, after all the vaccines (shots) I listed above, I have never seen a vaccine like this one that discriminates, divides, and judges a society such as this one. So much information is censored, deleted and removed from the internet. So many doctors, scientists, are censored and forbidden to speak out or ask legitimate questions when what is being allowed or not allowed does not make sense. This sure is one powerful vaccine. IT does all of these things that I have mentioned and yet? It doesn’t do what all the other vaccines that I have mentioned earlier were designed to do. That is to fight off “COVID”, a virus with a natural recovery rate of 99% thanks to our miraculous immune system!”

    This was posted as a comment on a news report, thanks to this person for writing this, I couldn’t have put it better myself that’s why I’m sharing i

  6. And now the people who got vaccinated early in the year have become the group most likely to catch Covid in the months to come as their antibodies have now decreased to levels that can no longer stop a Delta infection. That includes the prime minister himself.

    The newly vaccinated should now call upon the stale vaxxers to get boosters….stale vaxxers like the prime minister are putting the country at risk .Booster shot or stay home!

    See how easy the shoe can go on pthe other foot?

    LMAO…that there folks is what you call ironic

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