Antiguans can now travel to nine more countries visa-free


Antiguans and Barbudans can now travel to nine new destinations, visa-free or visa upon entry, improving its global passport ranking from 31st to 25th.

In the most recent Henley Passport Index, Antigua and Barbuda now enjoys visa-free access to 149 destinations improving from its previous 140 destinations. This includes San Marino, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, Vatican City, Greenland, Faroe Islands,  Senegal and Benin.

The Henley Passport Index, which is based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), has recently been updated through extensive research to include eight new travel destinations. According to Dr. Christian H. Kälin, Group Chairman of Henley & Partners, “this addition means that the index now encompasses almost all of the world’s destinations for which travel information is publicly available, making it the most robust index of its kind. The Henley Passport Index surveys a total of 199 different passports against 227 different travel destinations, including countries, territories, and micro-states. The index is innovating the way we map and measure travel freedom, making it easier for individuals to understand where exactly they lie on the spectrum of global mobility.”

Discussing the Caribbean region, Dr. Suzette Haughton, a Senior Lecturer in Geography at the University of the West Indies, notes that countries such as Grenada, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic are actively strengthening their passport power through engagement with powerful Asian and Middle Eastern states — with this engagement visible in the migration space as well as in the travel space. As she explains: “A major development to watch in the upcoming quarter concerns the increasing mobility of Chinese and Taiwanese business migrants into the Caribbean region, coupled with the alignment of individual Caribbean countries’ national interest concerns with those of either China or Taiwan.”

Ms. Gaye Hechme, Managing Partner for Henley & Partners Antigua, has affirmed that the recent achievement will allow Antiguans and Barbudans to travel to the new destinations hassle free.

“This accomplishment expands options available to Antiguans and Barbudans, while alleviating them of the burden of fees, paperwork and time to acquire visas for these destinations. This achievement also signifies that Antigua and Barbuda’s CIP brand has made the island more attractive to potential investors, resulting in an improved quality of life for locals and investors alike,” Hechme explained.

Henley & Partners continues to work closely with Antigua and Barbuda’s CIP unit to ensure that the Caribbean destination remains a premium brand.

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  1. Lol hey look what really happen to this country them cant serious……antiguans only care about visa free access to 3 or 4 countries and the alp government down fuhhㅂㅎㄹ up 2 thanks gaston keep selling passports…..u better find something creative to do

  2. Stop BSing Antiguans!!
    ALP giving impression that they getting visa free access to countries to which we ALREADY have visa free access. Tap lie to Antiguans. ALP only lose visa free access not gain.
    We already had visa free accesss to Vatican City, Andorra, San Marino, Andorra ,Monaco and Liechtenstein since 2009.
    There are no border control between France, Spain or Switzerland and any of these countries. Vatican City is a small enclave in Rome Italy to which ANtiguans also had visa free access for the last 9 years. Just winder around Rome for long enough and boom you’re in the Vatican City. You can drive from Switzerland to Liechtenstein and not know if you miss the signs. No border control exists between these countries.
    ABLP just trying to take credit for UPP accomplishments nothing here to see.

  3. ABLP trying to fool foolly Antiguans again with this BS.

    Antiguans could travel to Monaco, Andorra, Vatican City, Liechtenstein and San Marino visa free since 2009. There are no border controls between any of these countries and France! Spain Italy or Switzerland all countries that we ALREADY have visa free access to. In fact none of these countries have an airport you must travel through the EU to access them.

    Vatican City is in the middle of Rome Italy and does not even have immigration or customs just wonder around Rome for long enough and boom you’re in Vatican City.

    I wonder where ANR got this Info

  4. Please add Iceland to the list, then Antartica and while you are add it lets be the first to have visa free access to mars.

  5. As what many of yall saying, these countries arnt exactly places antiguans would want to travel.. nevertheless its an inprovement and should be grateful for rather than bashing the gov for trying.

  6. Any Antiguans have experience going to these places to prove that it is true? Many of these European countries do visa checks on me and do stamp my passport

  7. Antigua and Barbuda will never get back visa free travel to Canada again there’s nothing Gaston Brown can do about that go apply for your Canadian visa.

  8. Shut up you all an go apply for your visa to go Canada…. It not coming back so get over it already. I don’t see why you wouldn’t get a visa of you are qualified. They have to control the CIP that might bring unwanted people to their country. That’s how the other caribben cou tries who has to apply for visa felt when it was put on them too. …

  9. Regardless of you may or may not Visit any of these countries; It does strengthen the Antiguan and Barbuan passport.

    PS. To some of those comments . At least 4 countries listed above I know for a FACT that I needed a visa for. ( after 2009) just saying.

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