Antiguans are (unintentionally) failing Nigel Christian


The silence around Nigel’s murder is deafening.

  • WHY are people silently accepting every bullcrap excuse given by the Prime Minister and Attorney General (and whomever else) to not facilitate an external investigation into Nigel’s murder?
  • WHY are people ONLY whispering amongst each other the obviousness of a coverup INCLUDING the fact that everything is being done to not have an external investigation?
  • WHY aren’t people consistently showing up to pickets in large numbers to send a CLEAR message to the powers that be – that they WILL be held accountable for seeing to it that Nigel’s murder is solved?
  • WHY aren’t we collectively doing EVERYTHING in our power for Nigel’s murder and the sabotage of an external investigation to gain international attention?
  • WHY can’t everyone recognize that Nigel’s murder and the attempted murder of another customs officer present implications for the lives of EVERY person living in Antigua? That this is NOT a red, blue, or orange issue. This is an ANTIGUA issue.
  • One thing we all know – Nigel Christian would be alive and well today, proudly dressed in his uniform, hard at work, and doing what he loved…if only he didn’t know ‘too much’.
  • #JusticeforNigelChristianNOW
  • #domore
  • #demandmore
  • #holdthemaccountable
  • #whereistheFBI
  • #whereisScotlandYard
  • #ExternalInvestigationIsAMUST
  • #Antigua

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  1. Where were you when the Prison was picketed every Thursday?

    Where are you when Andrea Hughes killer is still not brought to justice even though it is public information and the police knows who killed her?

    Where were you when Steadroy Cutie Benjamin wrongfully release murders and rapists into the public?

    You may be grieving but watch your tone if you are requesting more support. Your tone may turn off many…

    Do you know why Nigel was killed and Cornel shot? You said he “know too much” give the police the information they need help…

    The FBI and SCOTLAND YARD has hundreds of thousands of unsolved crimes with all the possible cutting edge resources available to them. What makes then superior? Let the Police do their work without add pressure.

    Next time there is a picket about a national issue I expect to see you there….Sorry for your lost

    • Antiguans really this dunce? Why does it matter where the author was? Those issues have nothing to do with Nigel Christian’s murder. I guess people can’t ask legitimate questions because they didn’t picket everything?

      We are doomed.

      • Most people in this country don’t stand up for anything. The ministers sit in cabinet and get treated like children, the PS and PSC allow victimization of civil servants and the police turn a blind eye more than they don’t. People feel that its only at election time that they have a say. In the meantime, unless a matter hits home, most continue to just get by.

  2. Signs are pointing and some people are paid commentators on post to refute the arguments, cause i just dont want to believe we have a nation that are so blind . If we expect changes in this radical times we have to move according to the season. We need to be our brothers keepers than putting our trust in leaders who use psychology to decieve, divide and conquer for filthy lucre. A spy will never say he is a spy because the purpose of spying will be defeated. Many times a point is raised pertaining to a life lost or other pertinent issues to life, and only scoring points for politics could be the counteraction which is irrelevant . Life is not about politics only. Let us move away from a politically thinking society and start thinking logically

  3. Baseless, partisan poop. Truly sickening. It would be interesting and most informative to find out the real reason(s) why citizens and residents no longer harken to any and every call for participation in these useless, artificial shows of force. Thinking caps are back on, hence no further need for self-serving demagogues to determine when, where, how and why to think and speak these days. There are many, many questions surrounding the late Nigel Christian’s unfortunate demise. We, as a nation, continue to hope and pray that THE TRUTH will eventually reveal itself and that we will be strong enough to handle it when that time comes.

  4. Just like Rolston Samuel, comptroller of customs living up in Cedar Valley.. His face bashed in with a rock in his own kitchen. It took him 30 – 45 mins to bleed to death. The two greys farm teenagers arrested said they were paid to do it by a “rich man” who was never named or charged. History repeats itself they say. Scotland yard will only find the patsy, They have no power of arrest here so cannot arrest the one who orchestrated it..

  5. @chubblesum
    That last sentence of your post is chubbling, revealing as it does a profound ignorance of police investigative matters and methods. Please….. stay in your lane!

    • I find the Comptroller of Customs bleeding to death on their own kitchen floor chubbling (i see what you did there). Nothing I said is untrue. They are coming as an advisory role only. Who was the “Rich man” and who is the one behind this one ??

  6. I guess some of you people think this is Law and Order or CSI or one of those millions of crime shows that show on TV. That a mueder would be sloved in 1 hour time. Maybe some of you need to go watch back these shows and see that it takes police months or years before they slove the murder even with all their fancy epuipments. Chupz just make the police do their job.

    • You know I find it real sad that the politics can use a persons that to try and score political points. That is so low. Unless they have information that can assist the police in solving this crime they should desist in putting out all these conspiracy theories out there. It is so wrong. The police has many unsolved murders.

  7. I guess you want to give the criminals the heads up. In order for them to do what they do to get out of trouble.
    Once again government should not be involved in legal matters.However, if they bring in the extra agencies to assist ,why should the public know they are here or coming . I guess its now ok to tell the theif that today is not a good day cause the police here.

    please use your head. Go and speak to the necessary authorities and stop alerting the crooks.

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