Antiguan Wayne Benjamin Marsh called to Dominica Bar

Wayne and Cara-Photo by Carlisle Jnobaptiste


Attorney at law Cara Shillingford has described Wayne Benjamin Marsh as an individual with “a good heart and truly cares about people”.

She made her comments as she moved the calling of Marsh to be admitted as a barrister and solicitor in Dominica before Justice Bernie Stephenson at a simple ceremony in chambers via zoom.

“Having worked closely with Wayne over the past few months, I can safely describe him as an intelligent, hardworking, and thorough individual…I have known him personally for a much longer period and enjoying the privilege of calling him my fiancé, I will say further that Wayne has a good heart and truly cares about people,” Shillingford told the court.

She continued, “I strongly believe that Mr. Marsh has a bright future ahead of him and that he is a fit and proper person to be called to the bar of the Commonwealth of Dominica. I feel truly blessed to be part of Wayne’s life and I think that he will also be a blessing to the profession and to the Dominican society if your Ladyship accepts his application.” Mary Roberts seconded the application with brief comments from Joel Paris.

In his first address to the court, he called it “a true honor to be admitted to the Bar in the Commonwealth of Dominica.”

“I am elated about joining with Cara Shillingford of Cara Shillingford chambers and will use my best efforts to uphold the rule of law and to continue to serve my clients in New York and those I will gain here in Dominica and Antigua when I am admitted there in a matter of weeks in this increasingly globalized and contracting legal word,” he said.

Justice Stephenson reminded him of his role in the court. “You now belong to of the Dominica law and uphold that with dignity, civility, and respect,” she said. She urged him to read a new case every day, treat the court and his clients and colleagues with respect, and to some pro bono work. “I encourage you to do some pro bono work, you have the academic ability life will test you some people have good cases but no money please assist them,” she said.

Born to a Dominican mother Cecilia Casimir Marsh and an Antiguan father the late Benjamin Marsh, Wayne spent most of his youth living in Antigua and visiting Dominica occasionally.

Wayne then moved to the United Kingdom where he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Law at the University of London. This was immediately followed by a Master’s Degree in International Commercial Law from the University of Northumbria at New Castle.

Having obtained formal English legal education, the ever-ambitious Mr. Marsh decided to transition from the English Legal System to the American legal system since by that time basically his entire family had migrated to the United States of America.

Wayne has been practicing law in the New York courts over the past six years. He has a vast range of experience which is certainly will certainly be an asset to his Dominican practice.