Antiguan Model Aaron Rose Philip Speaks About Her Acting Debut for Collina Strada


INTERVIEWMAGAZINE: We caught up with the model, fashion icon, and muse Aaron Rose Philip after the screening of the Collina Strada Fall Winter ’22 runway show—a playful, self-effacing, reality TV-inspired video starring models including Philip, Tommy Dorfman and Jazelle (aka @uglyworldwide), and featuring a cameo from Whitney Port of The Hills. Here, Philips made time in her busy Fashion Week schedule to share some BTS photos from the show and tell us about her first on-screen foray.


AARON ROSE PHILIP: Sorry for the chaos.

INTERVIEW: That’s totally fine, It’s a chaotic time! How is your fashion week going?

PHILIP: My fashion week is going great, thank you for asking. I’m super appreciative of Collina’s support. I really love walking the show. I’ve been walking the show for almost four seasons now. I’m so grateful to be a part of the vision. They’ve always been the ones to understand me and see me for my actual talents as a dedicated model. I’m grateful for them, it’s major.

INTERVIEW: You’re major. Can you tell me what you were wearing today?

PHILIP: I was wearing Collina Strada, a denim jacket with embroidered flowers and underneath was a blue and white baby tee with “ANGEL 07” printed on it. I was also wearing an orange Collina Strada mini skirt with purple tights and blue sneakers.

INTERVIEW: You looked fab. Can you describe the collection in three words?

PHILIP: Honestly, it was sexy, it was exuberant, it was creative. It felt really refined.

INTERVIEW: She’s moving onto sexier pastures.

PHILIP: Yes! It felt so elevated.

INTERVIEW: Was this your acting debut?

PHILIP: It was a little cameo, a little thing, you know. [Laughs] It makes me happy. I hope it translated.

INTERVIEW: If you had to be on a show would it be The Hills or The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

PHILIP: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, that seems the most iconic to me.

INTERVIEW: Another quick-fire question: are you vegan?

PHILIP: I am not but I kinda wish I was and I’m going to work on it.

INTERVIEW: You appreciate the vegan girls.

PHILIP: [Laughs] exactly.

INTERVIEW: What is your plan post fashion week?

PHILIP: I want to keep going and keep seeing what’s in it for me. I want to continue expanding my reach in my modeling career and beyond.

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