Antiguan Gov’t designates land for US Embassy


LOOP: The government of Antigua and Barbuda has revealed that it has designated a plot of land for use by the US government, ahead of an announcement on the two Eastern Caribbean countries that will be selected for an embassy.

The US State Department recently revealed that the Joe Biden administration was considering the establishment of two embassies in the subregion, and while no declaration has yet been made, it is widely expected that Antigua will be chosen as one of the sites, as one of the countries with the largest populations.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has commented on the matter in recent times, expressing confidence that Antigua and Barbuda would be one of the countries chosen.

The opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) is also hopeful of an embassy being established in Antigua, saying just this week that it would welcome such a move. 

Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister’s Office, Lionel Hurst, told media during the weekly post-Cabinet media briefing on Thursday that they are eagerly anticipating the US government’s decision.

“We have established an ‘Embassy Row’ of sorts on Marble Hill. The Chinese have built an embassy there [and] the Indians have asked us to set aside an acre of land on which they will build a residence and very likely some offices.

“The Dominican Republic has also been granted a piece of land there for the purpose of constructing an embassy at some point in the future. We believe that the United States may wish to do that as well.

“So, we have set aside a piece of land for the United States and it may wish to build, or it may wish to do as some other embassies here have done, which is to rent a space that is adequate, that could indeed meet all the requirements of a US embassy abroad”, Hurst explained.

Residents in Antigua and Barbuda previously enjoyed the presence of a US embassy for a number of years in the late 1990s, but have – for decades since – been forced to travel to the US embassy in Bridgetown, Barbados for visa processing services.

Countries including Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia and St Vincent & the Grenadines are also served by that embassy.

The Antigua and Barbuda government was hoping that the announcement on the selected countries would have come on Wednesday evening during a reception hosted by the US Embassy on the prestigious Jumby Bay Island to celebrate 247 years of independence.

However, the Gaston Browne administration and the country at large will have to wait a bit longer to find out.

“We were disappointed. We thought that the US ambassador would indeed announce which two Caribbean countries are going to receive new consulates of the United States, that would enable those seeking visas to have the visas issued here in Antigua, but that announcement was not forthcoming [and] we’ll have to wait just a little while longer it appears”, Hurst said.

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  1. Let’s hope the plot of land is next to the Chinese embassy even if the land has to be acquired.
    That would very the perfect spot for the IS embassy….

  2. In the mean time an Antiguan is fighting for a plot on which his family has farmed for several decades…

    How is it the US can get a plot of land so easily and Daniel for several years has been pleading for help to resolve the bullying from Evil Dean.

    • Sorry to say that imminent domain trumps whatever land someone wants to farm , if your taxes on that land aren’t paid up the government will use that land as they see fit. In any event why farm when said government can’t even provide water for people much less crops.

      • Ok. So you agree with government to repossessed people’s property on the notion of “eminent domain “, even if … ?
        Furthermore iIf everyone who are interested in farming were to think that way,
        1. We who are barely existing financially would die from hunger because of the exorbitant prices that would be attached to everything imported.
        2. import bill done over the top, so imagine where it would be in such case; and
        3.We would be easy candidate for embargoes.

  3. When the embassy gets here it will create another milestone under the Gaston Browne’s administration!! Kudos to you PM Browne!!

    • Avatar photo Let this By-Election be a referendum on the poor stewardship of the ABLP, Gaston and Samantha-send a strong message

      @Bluddy Joke



      • The US embassy left Antigua in the 90s because the US changed its foreign policy- had nothing to do with Antigua and Barbuda. The Russian Souvert Union has collapse and there was a need for the US to get in former Souvert Union countries so the uproot here and went there.

    • @ Bluddy Joke

      Did he also create a milestone with the loss of Canadian visas? He should also be given Kudos for that don’t you think?

  4. Has anything this idiot said ever happened? They are so desperate for some semblance of accomplishment because they can do nothing right. Chances are the US wants to keep an eye on the movement of the Chinese in the Caribbean and this has nothing to do with Gaston Browne and the ALP. The US, like a civilized government, is looking out for its own interests and that of its citizens and couldn’t give two figs about this corrupt government. After the embarrassment of the Alpha Nero with all the lawsuits and the African human trafficking, Gaston Browne is looking relevance.
    However an embassy here would be a good thing for Antigua and Barbuda. From all reports this could take 1.5 to 2 years.

  5. @Bluddy Bloke: You are counting your chickens before dem hatched.What guarantees do you have that Embassy would be coming to Antigua.As the Ambassador did say.It would be another 2 to 3 years before the decision would be made.That decision would be made by the Congress of the USA.The United States has an Election November,next year. Old Joe Biden could be garne a yard after that.Then who knows if that Embassy matter could be put on the far back burners.Let us not count monies before we get it into our hands,like the ALFA NERO SAGA.

  6. @Melchesidec perfect spot, next to the Chinese embassy, do you think the pm will be bold enough to suggest that? He might lost both for that suggestion 😀

  7. Designated land for the American Embassy; cheap – $3 dollar – designated land for family, friends and associates; also FAVOURABLE designated land rates for the caucasian businesses (De Niro, and the recent news about the Englishman with so-called royal connections).

    I look forward to the day when our clown-in-chief Gaston Browne also gives favourable designated “ALLODIUM” land rights to indigenous Antiguans.


    • … isn’t there anyone else better qualified amongst the ABLP members to take over?

      Probably fraid ah he 🥸

  8. How likely is Antigua and Barbuda to be one of the sites chosen, when the outsize Chinese Embassy is relatively close by; given this and other recent events like this one:

    Most important in the decision making process is that US committee members in the Senate and the House will be reviewing this.
    A head scratcher is that what Gaston is considering as a positive, is a major barrier to getting the US Embassy here in Antigua
    Among the items mentioned as positives.
    Embassy Row area:,Max, Gaston and Ron our man in Washington DC would like to designate the area. The proximity to the Chinese Taj Mahal I would think is among the reasons Antigua may not be among the designated island. In considering Antigua that one that stands out as a big negative.
    For the US State Department:(a) staff risk assessment security exposure, (b) data risk and exposures.
    With the Chinese embassy in close proximity; inky God and the Chinese know what nefarious activities justify the size of this compound with rumored 5 level basement. This is going to be a tough one.
    State Department staff researching will also come across Gastons very boastful and cavalier response to MSNBC’s Vaughn Hillyard questions about the Chinese presence in Antigua and Barbuda.
    In choosing Population size is insignificant; Antigua as a previous location, insignificant, Antiguans and Barbudans having to trapeze to Barbados; the redneck committee chair who approves don’t care.

  9. Dear UPP
    Gaston and his advisers are masters of “the game”.
    It is not sufficient that you make a statement
    “The opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) is also hopeful of an embassy being established in Antigua, saying just this week that it would welcome such a move”.
    You can not win the hearts and mind of the electorate with such such lame statements.
    You UPP as an opposition party can be supportive of Antigua being chosen as one of the US Embassy locations. Of course we would all like to see that happen.
    Where is your policy analysis around this issue. We may be caught up in geopolitical issues and tensions. These are the time and opportunity to demonstrate to the Country that you can lead.
    Leadership goes beyond putting food on the table.

  10. Antigua will never again get a US EMBASSY … The Chinese has had a strong Caribbean presence for decades .. the US DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THAT …. The US has special black ops that spies on countries like China and Russia so they don’t need an embassy in ANTIGUA FOR SHIT

    • You people that really bitter in this country. Nothing is good for Antigua and Barbuda anymore.

      • Especially with Gaston Browne in charge running down Antigua & Barbuda … say it isn’t so @ Neil George?

        Can’t we find a leader that puts Antiguans first for once?


        Don’t you know the difference between patriotism and wanting the best and bitterness?

        MY WORD …

  11. very BITTA!!! all in the name of politics. BITTA BITTA BITTA!

    Hope the embassy comes to Antigua and Barbuda

    • Explain yourself and stop with inane soundbites @ Sad But True, or don’t you know how to?

      Agree with me or not, but nobody can accuse me of not explaining myself.

      We are not a daft set of people, so at least try or DON’T BOTHER … MERCY!

  12. Kudos to your optimism.
    Pray it comes to fruition.
    Hope the lands allotted will also be five acres and located on, seemily, Embassy Drive where Chinese, …. and … are allocated.
    While at allocating, remember arl de other Antiguans/ people who want/need, applied and can’t even get one house spot.

  13. @Neil George @Sad but true:your name is very telling about your character and thinking.
    How do you differentiate between “bitter” and justifiable criticisms?

  14. Kudos @Brixtonian. We must get this idiot out of our PM space. He lies with impunity and rewards the traitors who stroke his demented ego. Now, contrary to MelFRAUDs ramblings about a cash strapped ALP government, he seeks to add further debt to the country by indemnify Schmidt, as if the man needs his help.
    What a joke this man is! The world laughs Gaston Browne.

  15. Putting them next to the Chinese may kill the deal for fear the Chinese may try and spy on them.

  16. We must stop allowing ourselves to be used and abused by our oppressors.
    They are only interested because of Chinas rise , we are of no value or relevance to them.
    They are here to spy and make sure we are ANTI- CHINA, which means stagnant or no growth . While they remain chinas largest trading partner . WAKE UP MY PEOPLE . The hypocrisy and double standards are clear to see . They have no shame🇦🇬🇨🇳

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