Antiguan Government moving to clamp down on sexual abuse of minors


The Antigua and Barbuda authorities says it intends to place new measures in place to cope with the issue of motorists preying upon younger youngsters in violation of the Sexual Offenses Act. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

It stated that the brand new measures can be put in place “to catch and arrest those that interact in actions that offend the legislation towards minors”.

A press release issued following the weekly Cupboard assembly stated ministers “abhors violation of younger youngsters and can act to make sure that these violations come to an finish”.

The assertion stated that Cupboard had taken be aware of the conviction of a bus driver this week and that it “expects the perpetrator to be handled by the total extent of the legislation.

“Sexual predators towards minors should face the severity of the legislation,” it added.

On Wednesday, bus driver Addison Browne was discovered responsible of tying up a minor and raping her in his non-public automotive when tasked with dropping her dwelling.

The minor advised Justice Ann-Marie Smith that she had identified the accused for about 5 months earlier than the incident came about in April 2019 by advantage of him being a bus driver for the route the place she resided on the time.

He’s set to be sentenced for the crime on July 15.

Within the assertion, Cupboard stated that it had additionally held discussions with the management of the Bus Affiliation and administration of the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board over the subsidy from which the bus homeowners will profit as the worth of gasoline will increase.

“It was agreed that fisherfolk, taxi drivers and bus drivers will proceed to get pleasure from a discount within the quantity being charged on the pump; that additional discount would lead to the identical concessionary quantity now being paid.

“The low cost would now stand at 30 per cent discount of the worth, and it’ll take impact instantly. The low cost is meant to make sure that the taxi drivers, the fisher of us and the bus drivers pay not more than what they have been paying earlier than the current will increase, thereby inflicting their costs for the services to stay the identical,” the assertion stated.

Source: Caribbean Loop News

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  1. Motorists preying on youngsters? How about those in Governance who prey on youngsters? The Law needs to change to castrate those found guilty of rape of anyone.

    • Why are the young girls not been punish? Some of these acts are consented but because of the child’s age they are considered as Statutory rape. A strong message should be sent out to both parties and not just one especially if there was a mutual & amicable understanding .between the two……

  2. Oh plzzzzz!!!!!!! what about those same government ministers who deliberately sex young girls fe money…jobs… Materialistic things… many are predators themselves I know a few… clean yourselves 1st….before I call your names…..

    If your a beautiful curvaceous young women going to them for a job 1st thing dem do field you out then give your their cell numbers and tell you call dem at such and such time ….if you do jus out of curiosity dem tell you where to meet dem….one tell you give your cell fone to his security so now taping of the Convo…..
    How many women young women 18 to 30 most of these POLITICIANS are sexually involved with…

    How can pot tell kettle he black when he is … It’s like a man that beats women telling another man not too….

    • 18- 30 is adulthood though. Children cannot consent to sex regardless of if it may be transactional; for example, the man buys a girl things and she seemingly wants to have sex with this man for what she can get. If that happens to a girl below 16, that’s rape. She’s being preyed upon. But if you’re 18- 30, sorry you’re an adult and you are choosing to prostitute yourself for things. Why would you even have to go to a minister for a job? A lot of women with degrees get government jobs without ever seeing the face of the minister. These women are not victims but willingly choose to prostitute themselves because they’re well- aware of their educational shortcomings.

  3. Jumbee Picknee say…

    #Reactive Measures versus #Proactive Measures!

    They MUST also pay attention to, and address these as well.
    Prostitution Bars, Religious Clubs/Οrganizations, Private Houses, Hotels, Guest Houses.

    Papa Elegba, drap de Hammer and MASH DEM hypocrites innah de Parliament, lakka cackroach undah fowl foot!

  4. ANR – I cannot believe you published this article without making the writing make sense.
    For example ‘ weekly meeting of the CUPBOARD’ etc.
    Please step up as editors & journalists.
    Don’t just print Loop Caribbean sloppiness.

  5. Not casting judgement but I have to say this .Society set the bar on who is an adult and who is a minor but if a minor commit a gruesome crime Society raise the bar and treat them as an adult . Yes innocent minors are victims of adults actions and there are also ” minors ” by society definition who are angels at home but in the streets are mature mentally, physically and can easily manipulate not just their own age group but also grown men ..This is not 1960 this is 2022 and these are children of the corn .
    Some of these so call minors should also be held accountable for their actions on a case by case basis . And some of you damm parents both mothers and fathers know dam well that you were not too innocent in your young days in school. These children today are of a different kind , some probably been here before have to admit that that makes a minor an adult , by society standards ,is attaining a certain age but I beg to differ..exposure, experience, knowledge, physical and mental outlook are the qualifications.
    Now the grown men who take advantage of these ,” children of the corn ” you should do better with restraining yourself or pay the price may be in the wrong culture..if you are connected to this matrix then abide by the rules and laws set down by the architects .

  6. More points to ponder for the men still trying to justify getting together with minors:

    1)According to the experts, a person’s brain is not fully mature for decision making before a certain age regardless of life experiences or what they think they want. So, you should leave them alone.
    2)These days a person cannot get a decent job without some kind of specialized tertiary education after secondary school. (Isn’t that what UWI said is responsible for Eastern Caribbean poverty?) This can be a trades or academic programme. There is something for everyone. If you get together with a minor before she has a chance to train for a career, you are making it difficult for her and her children to escape poverty and squalor. If you cared at all about her and not just your own pleasure, you would not do that. Minors don’t always think long term which is further proof that they are not mature enough to agree to such activity. As the adult, you should just say No.
    3)The laws of this country say it is illegal. If you oppose the law that much, then you should be willing to face the consequences.

    It doesn’t really matter what some people used to do in the past, we should be creating a society that works in the best interests of all in the here and now.

  7. I remember when I was young growing next door,there use to be a saying among us that to find a virgin in Antigua you have to start at 8, because the men in Antigua a SAM and sex off all the young girls them.smh. a no now dis a warn,long long time, and a now dem a to try to something,in today’s world with internet and phones where everything is exposed,? Good luck. It’s a curse in Antigua, and even Antigans admit that. Young girls a mek pickney at 10 and 12, damn shame on that island.

    • @Islanman26
      Ok let’s not exaggerate. I grew up in Antigua and out of the hundreds or thousands of girls and women that I have met from here, only 3 were known by us school girls to be doing things they should not have been between 12 and 16. A few others had “boyfriends” in their age range that they “talked to” and hung out with in groups, but didn’t do anything else with. I don’t personally know of anyone who was “dating” any grown men. Just stories in the news. So, it might occur a bit more in some communities, but I wouldn’t want young girls or grown men to believe that that is normal everywhere and they should go along with it. It is NOT normal. And, change is possible for those communities where this occurs.

      • The data is that 1 in 5 women is a victim of some kind of sexual/physical abuse,so I know this is not an exaggeration when it comes to Antigua,many are just not reported. I remember the first time I went to Antigua as a 17 year for carnival from my small island,I was amazed by the sexualy openness of the culture, it was eye opening. It’s one of the few and first islands in the Caribbean that open up to many of the abhores of society, prostitution,gambling,and certain styles that are only found in n larger countries. So yes, Antigua has a lot going on and a lot to fix, I just feels it’s too late. I was there in 2020 and 2021, and I can tell you this,it’s 10 times as in 89 when I first visit,the place has become like some of the ghetto cities you see here in the USA. So when a country open itself to demons,they will come in a live and take residency,so It will be hell to get rid of the demons. It can be done,but at great sacrifice to the Antiguan economy, which depends on such openness to attract it’s revenue. Kinda remind me of Jamaica, I guess I can see why Jamaicans love Antigua so much as opposed to other islands.



  9. Hope this is not just more buzz talk until this all dies down. It’s not like we don’t already have laws that they can enforce.
    For those who are saying that minors are too young to make decisions on sex, I agree. Just remember that when your 13 year old daughter decides she wants to become a boy. I know it’s not happening here…yet but, just stating the obvious.

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