Antiguan Doctors Graduate From Venezuelan University

President Nicolás Maduro handed over the title of Doctor to the young Antiguan Ashaala Simon graduated from Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina Dr. Salvador Allende

Doctors Ashaala Simon, Donette Francis & Malawi King graduated today from Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina Dr. Salvador Allende/ The Diplomacy of Peace & the Solidarity with the Peoples are the keys for the progress of the world. @AntiguaNewsRoom


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    • YES… too many doctors that have sold out their honor and standards to BIG PHARMA.
      I’ve lost my trust in any of these ‘witch doctors’ that continue to promote the discreated allopathic medicine (western medicine).

      • I know that was a HARSH appraisal… OK I’ll amend it a little by saying that they are still good at EMERGENCY medicine, like treating car accidents and broken bones but that’s about it as far as I’m concerned.

      • U are a really badminded broke jobless and jealous person. Instead of educating your self u sit here on ANR spewing all your conspiracy crap. The neighbors really should plug out their WiFi box cause u ain’t putting it to good use

  1. @Congrats:If you think and or believe,there are too many Doctors in Antigua. My guess,you did not learn anything from this Pandemic,Covid-19.There were not enough Doctors and Nurses.They could go any where around this world and work,make a lot more $$$$$.

  2. Congratulations to one and all, the future looks very bright for these graduates 🎓 🎓 and Antigua 🇦🇬 as a whole…

  3. Congratulations guys!! The more doctors the better & healthier our nation will be… These doctors can be assigned to the polyclinics throughout the island and have their services offered 24/7. It will certainly ease the pressure off of SLMC, our main hospital and the turn over time for quicker & better medical service can be done.

  4. Congratulations, we can never have too many doctors. Hopefully she will be treated differently than those who graduated from Cuba. I sincerely hope so.
    You have put in the time, done the grunge work, been studious in your desire to serve our Community and I applaud you for that young lady.

  5. My bad, so excited about the young professionals I did not read the whole story. All three of you deserve congratulations young king and queens. My bad, I’m sorry.

  6. Congratulation Young Ladies!!!! Your families must be very proud of your achievements.

    Don’t worry with that “the Devil’s ANGEL”….one of you may be the one who attend to that person in their time of sickness/need.

    • The “devil’s angel”, who is a Trumpite and probably a Putin-ite too, will one day be glad to have one of these wonderful doctors attend to him in his hour of need.

  7. Are DO’s licensed to practice medicine in Antigua, Barbuda & Redonda, similar to MD’s?

    The Nation could use more DO’s especially now with the fall outs from the planDEMIC including but not limited to Mental Disorders!

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