Antiguan charged with second-degree murder in Canada


Damien Allred, 40 of Antigua was charged with second-degree murder in Toronto, Canada today.


The Toronto Police Service announced that the charge is in connection with the death of 75-year-old Teresa Santos of Toronto.


The woman was found dead at her home on August 11 in an apartment building where the accused also lives with his family.


Santo was last seen alive August 8.


Allread is scheduled to appear at court at Old City Hall on Tuesday.



    • That’s how the Canadians roll also. Remember the Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson? He was Canadian when he won the 100 meters beating Carl Lewis. Once he tested positive for streroids he automatically became a ‘Jamaican born’ sprinter. The media dropped the Canadian label like a bad habit.

  1. That man has always been violent .. many decades ago he beat up a man with a bat in Antigua .. but the man in intensive care for weeks .. she’s a violent person such a shame

  2. He used to own a tattoo parlor in Antigua In town.. .. had a nasty temper. Beat up a man over a woman paralyzed the man up to this day.

    I’m not surprised

    • Yes Sean you nah lie. I remember that.. when he beat up the guy .. with a bat infront of everybody and wouldn’t stop beating the guy.

      • @ Irish Luck:How come he was not arrested.For beating up that man with a bat.He should have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

  3. This is surprising news. I didn’t believe that Antiguans commit crimes in other people’s countries. I thought it was only Jamaicans and Guyanese do that. The irony of it all

  4. He is nothing like Nikki. She’s a sweetheart and hardworker. My prayers go out to all affected by these trying circumstances. Who feels it knows it.

  5. He is Canadian by birth and descent. ..because he allegedly kill somebody they say he antiguan because his mother is Antiguan. Why you pulling Antigua name in the mud? Smfh

  6. Is he a born Antiguan or is he holding an Antigua passport? Why was that news hit our airwaves like that, like it’s something to magnify. Knowing we can hardly get proper news out of Antigua!!

  7. He is Canadian and not Antiguan. People should get the facts before they go ahead and tarnish little wadadli!

  8. He was always a little off. Mother is very nice lady though. He managed to ecape prosecution for that vicious attack with the bat.

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