Antiguan charged, three others released in cocaine on plane probe



The ONDCP continued its investigations into the recent drug seizure at the V.C. Bird International Airport (VCBIA). Three (3) of the persons assisting with investigations have been released. However, the aircraft remains detained pending further investigations.

A 31-year-old Antiguan male from Paynters, Mr. Colin Murraine has been charged with Possession of Cocaine, Exportation of Cocaine, Being in Concern with the Supply of Cocaine and Drug Trafficking. Murraine is expected to make a court appearance on Monday 5th February 2018 to answer these charges.

A total weight of 47.51 kilograms or approximately 105 pounds of Cocaine was found. The drug carries an estimated wholesale value of One Million, Six Hundred and Sixty-seven Thousand, Six Hundred and One EC Dollars ($1,667,601.00 ECD).

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  1. He alone charge. That is strange …. Did u charter the private jet if yes were is he going and what happen to costom département. Something is not adding up here

    • F@*#ing right were the hell are the other guys Colin ur the biggest cunt i ever came across u took the rap dunce …. wow the plane was not confiscated …. the ondcp never and cannot win a case in this country unless u mother f plead guilty … the organization is unconstitutional …. u cannot have a force paralleled to the police commissioner he is the only creature of the constitution …. tell me where does ondcp fits in… lets see how the case with the 11 million buss go u had his pic in the papers for days lol …. boy oh boy remember their is never and will never be a big shot in life because life it self is the big shot… we or our off spring bear the seeds we sow …. food for thought

      • Lol….wow what a comment truly pissed of I see. Someone had to take the Rap and this poor fellow did unfortunately. I liked your comment nonetheless Curious I can tell you spoke from the Heart, nothing wrong with that. Someone had to speak their mind obviously.

    • the amount of checks costoms have to endure daily from airport security yet still bags of cocaine just roll right through. costoms had nada to do with this!

  2. Shocking the number of foulmouthed, hateful and ignorant ‘people’ -local and water bangers- that my beautiful developing small island plays host to. Scary. Yikes!

  3. no he is from Jamaica naa just kidding they would be killing people to get the drugs. …u guys need to stop with the sarcastic remarks. ..Antigua is for antiguans Jamaica is for Jamaicans so get it right. ..them say they dont want federation but here in Antigua doing a bunch of shit don’t bring your criminal ways to peoples door step……

  4. This is 110% a set up – there is no way Colin did this. No way. Someone who is trafficking millions in cocaine would be rolling in dough – I guarantee you he was not.
    Someone needs to provide real justice for him !!

    • Don’t swear sweetheart. Wayyy more to this story than you know, when u foolish enough to charter a whole plane and your account nah reflect that automatically something nah add up!!

  5. U see that V.C.BIRD, plenty s… pass in and out of it. 99.9% of the times some greedy somebody that not satisfied, run their mouth,

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