“Antiguan and Barbudans Safer with Labour”-Max Fernandez


Tourism Minister Charles Max Fernandez said it would be a catatesrophie if Antiguans and Barbudans allowed another government to lead their country, especially at such a crucial time in its history.

“We are working hard, we are doing ok and we will continue to do that. I think the most important thing is that the government has handled the most challenging period of Covid-19 in an exemplary way,” Fernandez said on Thursday.

He said the strength of the government and its love for people was ever so prevalent during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic

“Prime Minister Gaston Browne, Lennox Weston, and others in finance ensured that every government employee was paid throughout the pandemic which was a very challenging time,” he said

The world saw millions of people losing their jobs throughout the pandemic and it also affected some residents.

“Many people told us to go to the International Monetary Fund but when you go to the IMF they tell you to lay off people and that will not make it any better. I think we handled it well,” he said

Fernandez is also commending the work of the Ministry of Health for the progress that the island realized during the pandemic.

“The Ministry of Health did a tremendous job in keeping us safe. Antigua is one of the safest in the region. We had one of the highest vaccination rates in the region and that augered very well for our tourism product and the population,” he said.

He said Antigua and Barbuda was the first in the region to reopen because “tourism is so vital to the economy. People know that they are safer with labour “, he said

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  1. Lying Max. On his way to defeat along with the rest of ALP.

    Not one person was laid off under IMF during UPP 2nd term. All social programs were kept on. If Max is saying that the failed ALP would not be able to negotiate similar terms, then we understand. ALP is a fail on all fronts.

    IMF = 1 % interest.

    Gaston recently borrowed 540 million at 4% interest. A 4 times more expensive loan.

    And its 8 times more expensive in TOTAL debt payments, since its double the money borrowed compared to the IMF loan. That’s 8 times more tax payers money, for what?

    What happened to that 540 million?

    Who got any benefit?

    No stimulus.

    No payment of debts to contractors.

    No severance payments.

    Where did the money go?

    And Max…. as Minister of Tourism, you are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the 26 failed projects (plus the other 10 Weston said slipped through your incompetent fingers). Never forget that:

    1. Sunny Hill Project (Resort in Falmouth/Bethesda area)
    2. Beaches Resort by Sandals Resorts
    3. Half Moon Bay Hotel
    4. Morris Bay / Callaloo Cay Project
    5. Hotel Resort on Pelican Island and Residences on Maiden Island
    6. Labahia Hotel Resort & Condominiums (Marble Hill Business Hotel) by WIOC
    7. Long Bay Hotel Resort by WIOC
    8. Valley Church Hotel Resort by WIOC/PDVSA
    9. Amazon Call Center at Five Islands
    10. Marriott Autograph Hotel at Yeptons
    11. Beach Club at Fort James by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
    12. Renovation and Expansion of Halcyon Hotel
    13. Port Oasis Project at Side Hill
    14. NAMCO acquisition of Jolly Beach Hotel
    15. Best Western Hotel at Jolly Harbour
    16. Marriott Courtyard Airport Hotel
    17. Cedar Valley Golf Course Hotel
    18. Mike Tyson Hotel
    19. Bau Panel/UNOPS Project
    20. The Yida Project
    21. Willoughby Bay Project
    22. Western Imperial Special Economic Zone (WISEZ)
    23. Brova Idea Pearl Hotel – Partly Underwater Hotel
    24. USD $300 Million Hotel from Investors in Holland
    25. Paradise Found (Barbuda)
    26. Armand Hotel (Barbuda)

    15 billion in investment and 7000 permanent jobs lost under failed Max Fernandez and Failed ALP

  2. Labour needs to rid itself of a few vermin to include Gaston, Cutie, Chet and the like. Max is alright and he is a hard worker without seemingly getting himself involved in any shenanigans in politics. Too bad the rest of them are VERMIN!

    • You sure? IE: Deluxe Cinema purchase by Government! The pompous, arrogant Chetnik said it would use as a cultural performance theater.

      Nutten tarl a gwan in Dey!!!

  3. The vision of Harold Lovel with the UPP who started the CIP laid the foundation for this administration to make alot of money but still monies was squandered tremendously. This is an era where the most strike ever taken place because workers were mistreated being owed money before covid and still haven’t been paid, some were laid off because of a mandate during covid. It is not safer with labour another term will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Red is dead, labour bring pain and sorrow and a dull tomorrow.

  4. Every government worker was paid? Liard Max!

    Love for the people? When PEOPLE HUNGRY, HUNGRY, HUNGRY , HUNGRY, when no stimulus was provided for them either during Covid 19 or the astronomical cost of living crisis where the government could be reducing the duties on food, the gouging of the populace with gas prices, service providers who can’t be paid so they can generate economic activity.

    So you think that we are safer with a party that tear gas grand-mothers with babies.
    You think we are safer when teachers lost 2 months salary!

    Safer for your pocket: You think we going to forget that you got a cool $ 6 million that tax-payers have to repay.

    Max do you think that the following would agree with you:
    pensioners who bawling
    LIAT workers who want their severance
    SASS workers who want their money
    Solid Waste workers who can’t get their salaries
    Clare Vu workers who want better living conditions
    Jolly Beach workers who begging for a resolution
    Fiennes Institute workers want sanitary conditions
    OUR NURSES: What a crying shame!


  6. Bail outs are Safer with Labour. Gaston knows who all broke and who incompetent.
    He says Observer broke. Well about the Fernandez family that had a monopoly for decades?

  7. This Administration,bailed your arse out. They used our monies and bought that ugly looking brick and mortar building on High Street.You should bury your head into the sand.

  8. Have some heart and give back the money paid for Deluxe.
    Use that money to finish the car park.
    The motorists need it.

  9. Max is the biggest waste of time, does nothing for his community except for when election times coming and he needs the votes, will definitely not get my vote, that’s for sure, needs to go

  10. I wouldn’t expect him to say anything contrary. After all he was paid richly for his property in High Street by the current party in power.

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