Antigua voting rights at United Nations General Assembly suspended for unpaid dues


(AP) Iran, Venezuela and Sudan have lost their right to vote at the United Nations due to unpaid dues, UN secretary general Antonio Guterres said on Tuesday.

In total, 11 countries are behind in their payments, of which eight have lost their right to vote in the UN assembly.

The five other countries that have lost their right to vote are Antigua and Barbuda, Congo, Guinea, Papua New Guinea, and Vanuatu.

Why did the countries lose their right to vote?

Under the UN charter, if a member’s arrears equal or exceed the amount that should have been paid over the preceding two full years, the member loses its voting rights.

If the outstanding debt is deemed to be “due to conditions beyond the control of the member,” the member may still be allowed to vote. In 2022, this is the case of Comoros, Sao Tome and Principe and Somalia.

The minimum payment for Venezuela to restore its voting rights is around $40 million (€35 million), Iran must pay just over $18 million (€15.8 million), and Sudan must pay nearly $300,000 (€262,000).

The five other countries each must make a minimum payment of less than $75,000 (€65,550) to get back their vote.

Iranian foreign minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian; behind him is an Iranian flagIran said that the country had not been able to pay due to US sanctions

Iran blasts ‘oppressive and illegal US sanctions’

In January 2021 Iran lost its vote over unpaid dues. After months of negotiations, the country was granted an exemption and got back its vote in June.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry said the country is committed to “full and timely payment of membership dues,” but that it has not been able to do pay “due to the oppressive and illegal US sanctions.”

The UN’s operating budget approved in December is around $3 billion (€2.6 billion). Its separate peacekeeping budget approved in June is around $6.5 billion (€5.7 billion).


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  1. This is fake news.
    The great economic power house under the respected and respectful Gaston Browne cannot have such a stain. This is a UPP plot to derail our government.

    We never miss any payment.
    Social security fully paid up.
    All debts are fully paid up.
    We are a government of brilliant people. We pay off IMF and its just of 1% interest on the loan by borrowing the money to pay it off at a rate of more 7% from another institution. That is brilliance!

  2. Wow, the Economic Powerhouse is the only Caribbean country on this list! Can’t wait to hear his explanation.

  3. Antigua does not need the UN they are an independent country which does as it pleases within and without the UN. Our Prime Minister is enough, we don’t even need a Cabinet nor a Parliament, we have our PM! He doesn’t even have to be benevolent he is a modern Dictator, self-sufficient in everything.

    • I hope you are trying to be sarcastic
      You sound like a brain dead mindless Cretan.
      I agree that the PM is a dictator but he’s neither brilliant nor benevolent.
      If he’s self-sufficient in everything then it is probably due to his alleged criminal behavior.

  4. What a shame and embarrassment! We are lumped in with Venezuela, Iran and Somalia. We are the only Caricom country on the list. Not a problem though. Gaston can lend the government the funds from his rental income from Mr. Singh. I am sure Gaston has that much in his wallet.

  5. Guys guys come on you have to be nice now.
    The Moustache always have a plan and a reason it’s never his fault.
    His no teeth lap dogs waste collectors
    Tencentman, Crazy Kristi , Hopeless Betty and Suckunda X among others will always find good in his waste BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT MAGGOTS DO .

  6. Annah Antigua and Barbuda alone! Mek R we Lone! UN nar do nutten fu r we!
    Tell de UN, fu tell Amurdakah fu pay, r we World Court Ruling: Re: Gaming, den r we cyan pay dem, de UN, ’cause dem nar do fart, fu we!

    How many times to rass, day Antigua and Barbuda representatives from de PM to Ambassadors argue fu r we money?

    • Ras Smood, that’s the way you speak when you can’t face reality. But I tell you something, it’s people like you who will cause the PM’s downfall; when you can’t stand up like a man/woman and tell him when he’s wrong. In your eyesight, he’s always right. Then watch his downfall.

  7. Gaston come and refute this and tell the nation what caused this embarrassing situation, since you love to be on social media, instead of working for the people.

    Don’t blame covid-19, maby you will need to borrow some more money from PLH.

  8. How embarrassing for Antigua & Barbuda.

    Here we have a prime minister who is forever focused on himself with personal litigious matters, and is not really ON THE BALL when it comes down to running our country prudently on ECONOMIC & FINANCIAL matters.

    Gassy, here’s an idea to help you out: If you FINANCE Antigua & Barbuda like you run your own bank account(s); our country will be one of the RICHEST in the region – IF NOT THE WORLD!


  9. What the hell is going on here? I’m waiting to hear something from our UN ambassador who loves to write long articles, or isn’t he being paid either??? Again, what the hell is going on here????????

    • He is a total waste and nobody read that crap. Fire his ass and ay the bills with the couple of Hundreds of thousands we spend on him. So you know it’s hundreds of thousands.

  10. Who needs the UN but the permanent five members of The Security Counsel. They need UN cover to impose their will and destroy small states. The government needs money in these hard times to run the country. UN fees can wait. Who cares about voting rights? Think about who has the final say in the UN.

  11. The UN is a pussy arse Organization,same as the WHO. China should be able to pay for all Countries in arrears at this time. Gas-man Browne,call your good friend XI Jinping.

  12. China may require countries that host it’s embassies and avail themselves of the Belt & Road initiative, to have UN voting rights.
    Just a thought.

    • You mad? Jack arse singer just butt hurt because he have a world boss that can’t talk to the world no more. Maybe you should figure out how the cap lock works before trying to judge other people’s intelligence… Hmmm?

    • Yeah, that stupid ass bitcoin (fake money) should pay it off. If that don’t work, then cut the salaries of the cabinet and permanent secretaries UNTIL it’s paid. Everybody must do their part. Get to it. I thought we’re no longer a “third world country” and we’re “not a banana republic”. Hmmm????

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