Antigua turns to GOD to help keep COVID-19 numbers down


Antigua and Barbuda is again seeking divine intervention to help battle the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.


With just under 1000 cases and 27 deaths during the span of a year, the administration in St. John’s is again turning to God to help get the pandemic under control.


Last week, the Cabinet of Prime Minister Gaston Browne accepted a proposal put forward by the Director of the Ecclesiastical Council to hold A NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER .


This, like with most events these days will be held virtually on April 11, 2021, from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.


The format is to be agreed; however, it will not involve congregating anywhere but a virtual experience.

This is the second National Day of Prayer since the start of the pandemic in Antigua and Barbuda.


The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed how Antiguans and Barbudans worship their Gods but how they bury their dead and socialise.


This week marks a year since the first case of COVOD-19 was imported into Antigua from abroad.


Since then, the local economy has buckled under the coronavirus, schools have closed and hundreds remain unemployed.

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  1. .. now that Night has turned to day!
    …and, the Omnipotent’s light has shone your way!
    …a lot of People want to come out, and pray!
    …singing, Oh god I pray! Can you help us out today!
    …we know, that we’ve gone astray!
    …but, We can’t keep running away
    …’cause, we now realize COVID is here to stay!
    …so, all we’re trying to do
    …between we and you
    …’tis, to keep this monster at bay!

    …so, good god we’re begging you please! Please! Please!
    …to help us understand this disease!
    …some say it has a mind of its own!
    …and just like a Corona
    …sitting as the King on his throne!
    …like a warmonger killing People and sending them home!
    …just like the Inquisitions sanctioned by Rome!
    …the questions now beg?
    …how many more will have to drop dead!

    Booh…dam…dam…dam…bah… dey…die…doh!

  2. God is beyond good he’s Grate . So 🙏🏿 is always a good weapon against anything . God help those that help themselves You do everything possible Including a few days qurantine for the tourists ( nobody gets a pass nobody ) and a retest then cleared , in combination with all other protocols . Then we ask the Lord to bring the fight to the enemy !

  3. Now we want to turn to GOD? We are a wicked people and deserve what we are getting. We shouldn’t turn to GOD when think are bad. Praise him always good and bad.

  4. This part of this statement right here got my attention

    how Antiguans and Barbudans worship their Gods??

    So they worship more than one GOD?? No wonder

  5. Only now after all those persons died and buried already.

    Let’s see what happens after the Holy Water roll out.

    The Christian’s need to go to IDC and the Hospice and do some work..

  6. Do not be deceived.God is not mocked.Where has that Council been.With all of the ills happening daily in Antigua and Barbuda.Not a drum was heard.I for one would not be listening to them on that day.


  7. Trust in science and politicians with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge them and when things dont work turn to God?
    Alot of people are hypocrites, scribes and Pharasees. Where was the voice in the wilderness for so long, almost all the so called God’s people been silent, they allow the wisdom of men to control and enslave the population.
    Many Scientist is at war with nature they believe they have the answers to everything.

    • Science (man) that is who they put their faith and trust in … destroying God’s temple with this thing they trying to inject into every human being on the planet…..woe be unto them for the wrath of God that is gonna come upon the wicked….

  8. me hope while the heads are bows , they keep one eye open to see what is REALLY going on around us!@!!
    Dem no tired use religion to created fear and bully people..

  9. What a joke. Now they asking Brer Nancy for help. Why did their god allow this to happen in the 1st place?

    What will help this country out is to remove any and all people in power who only serve themselves and their bank accounts not we the people. Get every last one of them out regardless of party and party affiliation.

    Get rid of the top heavy govt. and make all of them take a pay cut like the rest of us.

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