Antigua To Observe Outcome Of Trump Meeting With Select CARICOM Leaders


The Government of Antigua and Barbuda said on Wednesday it will be waiting to see what comes out of the meeting with U.S President Donald Trump and five CARICOM leaders.

Antigua and Barbuda was not invited to the meeting but states which have distanced themselves from the Maduro regime in Venezuela were.

The meeting will take place next week at Trump’s Florida resort.

The press statement from the US State Department speaks to the joint effort by the five members of CARICOM to show support for the U.S. effort to remove Venezuelan President Maduro from Office, and to replace him by a self-proclaimed Interim President.

In a statement, the Cabinet said it regrets that the CARICOM is divided on this dispute, although a joint statement was issued more than one month ago, condemning intervention and interference in the affairs of a sovereign state.

“The Cabinet agreed to observe the outcome of the meeting with President Trump, and concluded that Antigua and Barbuda is saddened over this division,” it added.

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  1. Observe the outcome…lol lol… What happen the World Boss is muzzled or he just won’t say anything this lentern season! Lent you say Welll Well???? You think dem man dey hab Hart?

  2. St. Lucia and Jamaica should be extremely careful. Is this an attempt by outsiders to divide Caricom?

  3. Clearly this planned meeting is a ruse to promote open dissention among the Caribbean leaders by offering much more needed assistance to those whom he meets and squeeze the others who were not so supportive. I am surprised that as a group, Caricom allowed this kind of “selective bargaining” to take place and didn’t push back at Washington when the invitation was given. The United States should not be allowed to divide Caribbean countries and as a grouping the invitation to meet with Trump should have been made through the current chair of Caricom, Dr Timothy Harris. This level of disrespect is telling but in a grouping as divided as CARICOM, perhaps I should not be surprised.

    • You are 100 percent and more correct. I hope the citizens of these countries will deal with their representatives

    • Play play regional institutions made up of play play countries,
      what did you expect from a talk shop designed to provide travel and entertainment for its officials and govt. ministers. What we always got from them: nothing

  4. It is WRONG for another country to interfere in a sovereign state affairs, ordinarily. But, if the powers that be, which are a few, are holding the masses lives at great ransom, should the world stand by and watch?
    Have we considered that, CARICOM might have agreed as a body in their condemnation of America’s installation of another head, but individually, they may not agreed with what Madoru is doing to his people and thus feel compel to abstain from taking side, much to their benefit?
    Maybe we need to be diplomats, here.

  5. divide and rule, the united snakes of America is at it again… the house slave against the field slave,no wonder all the efforts by the oppressed were never successful.

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