Antigua to hold referendum in the future on dropping British monarch


Antigua and Barbuda has not abandoned its plans to remove the British Monarch from the position of head of state.

Following Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s return to Antigua and Barbuda on May 6 after attending King Charles III’s coronation in London, the government’s position on becoming a republic was communicated yesterday.

On Wednesday, the government examined the possibility of establishing a republic.

According to a cabinet statement, “despite their participation, the Head of Government reiterated his administration’s determination to bring about a Republican form of Government, rather than continue ad infinitum the constitutional monarchy as it now exists.”

Yesterday, Ambassador Lionel Hurst, Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister’s Office, stated that a referendum will be held in the future but did not specify when.

King Charles III is the head of state of Antigua and Barbuda, as well as 14 sovereign entities known as Commonwealth Realms.

Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, Belize, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines have all stated their intention to remove the British Monarch from the position of head of state.

Apart from abolishing the monarchy, Hurst stated that the Gaston Browne Administration hopes residents would be “wise enough sometime in the future” to vote in favor of delegating Antigua and Barbuda’s supreme court powers to the Caribbean Court of Justice.

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  1. It is anticipated that Antiguans will be wise enough to vote against Gaston plans to make Antigua a Republican state under his administration.

    Gaston has led a corrupt administration with a puppet as the GG it is unimaginable what Antigua would end up as with a President. A Republican state under Gaston would be worse than Papa Doc’s administration.
    Antiguans, where ever you are reflect very carefully on the actions of Gaston and the ALP and decides if you could really trust them to lead a Republican state.

    Don’t overlooked their dreadful and deceitful involvement with Antigua Aiirways, the Russian yacht,the crooked wanted Indian, the international embarrassment they caused with the actress Angela Bassett who threatened them with legal actions! All these scandals have occurred within less of them being returned to office.

    Antiguans you are urged to do the right and wise thing… vote against Gaston proposal for a Republican state.

    • Antiguans know that the UK royal family of parasites have no business claiming they rule the island. They are a symbol of slavery and colonialism and for that reason alone must be removed, regardless of the corruption of this or that local government

      • I agree that the time has come to remove the colonial shackles that we continue to be enslaved under. There is no reason in modern day to fall under a ceremonial king. Slavery is not a good thing to linger in my memory! I will say no more for now

        • @Wendel Alexander (Robinson)
          What are these colonial shackles you claim we continue to be ruled under? Surely they can’t be the likes of going to foreign countries and given the red carpet or addressing the General Assembly of The Untied Nations or forever borrowing from other nations money we are unlikely to repay. Slaves never had the luxury to engage in those activities. Yes, we are still enslaved today by corrupt, incompetent and clueless government. If that is what you meant then I agree totally with you. Never forget who also played a huge part in the slave trade both with the Europeans and the Arabs and who were the most despicable players of all in my opinion and who barely ever get a mention: the ones whose names seem to draw a blank over our minds. If you know who they are then why not call them out? There are kingdoms outside of the UK too and they are unlikely to be removed by their subjects any time soon. Am not a monarchist or republican but I am very aware that hypocrisy is our biggest slave master.

          • Well said Wendel Alexander.

            More “double speak” by @ Oversee. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

            And BTW, Break up what you are saying into correct paragraphs and sentences, so readers won’t get bored and doze off … 😴

            If you need help, look at some of my previous entomology and wordplay … 👍

          • @Brixtonian
            You accuse me of ‘double speak’ yet fail to give one example, typical of you. Here’s another chance for you to do so. Did I tread on your corns in my post to Wendel Alexander (Robinson)?
            What hurt you most, my stated facts or my punctuation which might not be great but much better than yours by far? Stick to what I said and make constructive criticism where it is due but of course you can’t. Truth hurts and it seems to have affected your reasoning. Try once more to give an example of my so-called ‘double speak’. You end with ‘Etymology’, the meaning of which you have recently discovered but not understood, that’s pretty obvious. Where is it relevant in my post? Answers required, please.

  2. Very important is the type of Government in power when the republic is introduced. Antiguans need to be aware of the possibility of a tyrant in charge when we leave the Monarchy.
    It would be very difficult day for us if the type of one man government which we have been seeing in recent times was to be installed and we could not get him out of power.
    Yes, we want a Republic, but not a Big Dawg Dictatorship!

  3. Wow wow wow wow Yes I am in favor of Abolishing the Monarchy how ever let us revised our constitution first

  4. Take the politics out and let’s rationalize this. Is Antigua in any position to be come a republic. What will happen if and when they do so. They will have to print their own money. Have to be sure that the country is self sustainable. Antigua and Barbuda do not export anything to support what was once Fibrey much less the whole country from the proceeds of such imports. Look at the broad picture. Look at how many years it too Barbados to go to a republic after attaining independence. Over 50. May I suggest that they do an assessment on how Barbados is fearing after 5 years before returning to address the issue. Going to a republic we may lose the protection of the Privy Council as the highest court and for what the CCJ. It is time that Antiguans and Barbudans lead and not follow. Remember growing up we always hear our elders say WAH GUD FU DE GOOSE NAH GUD FU DE GANDA.

  5. For this reason and this reason alone, Antigua and Barbuda will never be able to vote in favor of a republic or be it for the CCJ. Anytime we have an issue of National Importance we make it about politics. We are doomed. A really strange set of people who will burn down the whole nation if we don’t have it our way. Two Third is much too high of a target to reach when we are a divided people almost 50/50%.
    God help us all.
    It is surely amazing how we are able to move this country forward.
    When one builds up the other is tearing down.
    Reminds me of a builder laying his blocks, while right behind him another one is talking down the blocks he just laid. That house will never be built. No UNITY in anything. And certainly not for the love of COUNTRY. All of self and none of Thee.

    • FTS, did you really write,
      “No UNITY in anything. And certainly not for the love of COUNTRY. All of self and none of Thee.”
      You laborites are truly heartless. No shame whatsoever!

  6. Bwah hahaha hahaha! Oh lord…gimme a break! Become a Republic under this corrupt government?
    Look eh, he could barely speak intelligently last week in London.. just.parroting what others were saying.
    Look man sit your corrupt ass down. Whose ass you go kiss for money to run a Republic of A&B’?…Nigeria? Then proclaim a Nigerian CBI to be President of the Republic ìn exchange? You cyah try to fool all de people! We sleep with both eyes open…and others are waking up.
    We need to grow some balls in this place and VOTE THE GOVERNMENT OUT!!!!!!

  7. What is their annual financial contribution to Antigua. What are the benefits having the King and by extension the GG as head of state? Why send this oversized delegation to celebrate with them knowing fully well this is the path you are taking. “ wasting of tax dollars”.
    I personally will like to rid myself and our country slave masters. One the other hand I am mindful of the corruption, the miss management of government resources for personal gains, the greed and lack of accountability by our politicians in Antigua and the Caribbean. Them too thief. So I am between a rock and a hard place. Someone help me please???????

  8. Of course, we should vote to get out of the commonwealth. The UK used Antiguans (blacks and whites) to enrich themselves via taxes and forced labor. And now they are paying the wealth in generous benefits…for UK residents ONLY.

    Lazy, entitled UK residents? NO way. If they want the country to be part of the COMMONWEtALTH then they must pay benefits to the elderly, disabled, unemployed and parents with young children in Antigua TOO.

    I don’t want reparations because they will invariably go to those who do not need them, but I want OUT of the commonwealth where we are one in name only and Antiguans do not benefit from the wealth the UK sucked from us.

    Charles and Camilla are cute and congrats to their elevation…but we don’t have any nobility in AG….and we don’t get any benefits, contract opportunities or immigration rights from the UK. It is time to give them a hug and part ways.

  9. I see your point. If the UK wants to keep us as one of the Jewels in their crown, then they should pay. This means NHS extension to the island, benefits for Antiguans and Barbudans and access to UK-wide jobs and contracts.

    • Very good alternative viewpoints from @ Goodbye and @ How can I Argue?

      Food for thought … 🤔

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