Antigua to drop quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated travellers


Antigua And Barbuda Travel Advisory – June 1, 2021

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has announced that Antigua and Barbuda will drop quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated people.

Currently, fully vaccinated travellers must quarantine for 7 days.

Browne announced moments ago that this demonstrates his government’s acceptance of the science behind the vaccine.

Browne said a formal announcement will be made next week Wednesday.

He said fully vaccinated persons will still need a negative PCR test, however, he said this may change to a rapid test in the very near future.

Meantime Browne said Antigua is to place restrictions on travellers from India, South Africa and Brazil, who visited these countries within a 14 day period before arriving in Antigua.

More details to come.

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    • No body can plz yall , everything y’all make noise for, now you’ll getting what you want, you a call them man fool, y’all make me sick

      • What’s wrong with what she said .seems like you’re one of Gaston puppies always standing guard on this platforrm ready to bounce .

    • Look “Tafari”, You are acting like a nut. The Prime Minister has made a very wise decision, and it IS based on science.

      • Bull-cramp!!! What science? Have you read of what is going on in Seychelles? Since obviously you haven’t, Seychelles is the most vaccinated country try in the world and their COVID cases are going up. 30% of the infected cases are people who have been fully vaccinated and 20% of the people who are hospitalized are fully vaccinated.

        Now tell me what science you talking about? The information is right there from reputable sources and the WHO is investigating.

        Dont be fooled.

        • Please not all the cases that have failed vaccines were the Chinese vaccines the 40% who have received the Astra Zeneca vaccine have not had similar problems ( according to Australia medical authorities)

        • Everyone single person who died at the Seychelles outbreak wasn’t vaccinated. All vaccinated people didn’t get severely sick, read the news properly before you post. Vaccination won’t stop you from getting covid but it might save your life (and yes the chances that you die from the vaccine are small compared to the chances to die of covid 19)

    • Leadership you say! From the coward who took the Moderna vaccine like a thief in the night.

  1. Why oh why is this huge news not coming from the office of the Prime minister & ABS state media.
    Let’s wait & see if CMO & cabinet agree.( Not that they have any choice)

  2. Finally there is some sense to the madness. I’ve been asking what’s the use of being vaccinated if it’s not trusted.

  3. What about those visitors who are not vaccinated? Say for example because they are not eligible yet in their country of origin. Will they still have to quarantine and if so for how long?

  4. WISE MOVE :

    That’s an indictation that there is some level of trust shown in the vaccine, of course it males perfect sense, but unvaccinated shouldn’t be quarantined either, just take the test and those that are positive “STAND BACK” ……

  5. If the test is accurate and it’s negative the quarantine should not be necessary unless the test are keep giving false positives

  6. Excellent News, that’s why PM Gaston Browne is the best Prime Minister Antigua has ever had and probably will ever have. God continue to bless and keep him always as he is leading us through the rough path!
    Antigua and Barbuda can now get back to receiving Business Persons who wish to come for a meeting and leave in a day or two! We back in Business and will be back on track to become the Economic Powerhouse of the Caribbean! Amazing News! Where Land and Sea make beauty!

    • G. Maybe you are not a pensioner! Maybe you are not a LIAT worker! Maybe you are not a Solid Waste worker. That is why you chat so much crap.

      Gaston Browne is the worst Prime Minister- EVER.

      He don’t love you, he don’t love poor people, he don’t love black people.

      By the way, how many fake names have you used today

  7. Y’all really stupid in this country. If the vaccine DOES NOT prevent anything why should there be any sort of special treatment. Y’all are still In the same boat as the unvaccinated. Stupid stupid set of people. Y’all have this vaccine like a saving grace but wa it really a save y’all from??? The only thing me see the vaccine do for y’all is absolutely nothing cause maybe y’all won’t die from covid then dead from bloodclot

  8. Nonsense stupid is an understatement sometimes I think something is mentally wrong with these people a total embarrassment . Some that are fully vaccinated is still getting Covid like the 8/9 NY Yankees staff members I think 6 of them is asymptomatic .

  9. What about partially vaccinated travelers? I think I may need to come down in July, but I probably won’t get my second Pfizer shot until after I return.

  10. DM … the 2 nd shot is given 2 weeks after the 1st shot for Pfizer. So if you are planning to come in July why not go ahead and take the vaccine… do you know how many 2 weeks they have between now and July … chuuuppss some people just love chat … any pharmacy will give it and you planning on coming all the way in July… chupppsss just please hush … you can get vaccinated 10 times between now and July

    • Why would you respond like this? Do did you ever stop to think that I might not be in the US, which is following the original plan of a three-week interval between shots?

      FYI, I am in Canada, which decided to space out the two shots by 12 weeks. That, at least, is the current plan.

  11. conducted a very successful vaccination rollout so far; it can boast having the highest share of people vaccinated against Covid-19 anywhere in the world, above Israel and the U.K.

    Click here to view interactive content
    The majority of vaccinated people have received China’s Sinopharm vaccine (approved for emergency use by the WHO last Friday) as well as the AstraZeneca shot (known as Covishield locally, a version produced in India). In total, the Seychelles with a population of over 97,000 has recorded just under 8,200 cases and 28 deaths during the pandemic.

    On Monday, the Seychelles’ health ministry reported a steep rise in the number of cases. From 120 new cases reported on April 30, a week later over 300 cases per day were recorded on May 7 and May 8, respectively.

    Click here to view interactive content
    Of all the positive cases, the health ministry said 63% had either not been vaccinated or had only received one dose of SinoPharm or Covishield, but 37% of the new infections were in people who had received both doses.

    The ministry noted that, of the patients requiring hospital treatment, 80% had not been vaccinated and tended to be people with co-morbidities. It added that “almost all” of the critical and severe cases requiring intensive care treatment had not been vaccinated either. To date, none of the patients who have died with Covid-19 have been fully vaccinated, it said.

  12. The above post is in response to the Seychelles islands covid report. It’s better to have all the facts.

  13. None sense, you full of none sense!
    Is it better to get sick with covid and be hospitalized on a ventilator with death looming over you keeping your company? Or is it better to be fully vaccinated, get covid , no hospitalization and recover?

    No one ever said you can’t get covid if fully vaccinated. What the experts said, ( which makes sense) is that you won’t be hospitalized and die from the virus if fully vaccinated.

    Most of the people in Seychelles took the Chinese vaccine, so what can anyone expect that outcome could be. Just pray that the government of Antigua doesn’t bring the Chinese vaccine in the country.

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