Antigua suspends Russia, Belarus, Ukraine from Citizenship by Investment Programme




Temporary cessation of the processing of applications from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

The Citizenship by Investment Unit has been keenly following the events transpiring in
Ukraine since the commencement of Russian military action in that country.

The rapidly evolving and deteriorating conditions and the ever expanding list of Russian sanctions compel
us to acknowledge that it has become increasingly challenging for us to operate in those

In an effort to ensure that all decisions taken by the Unit are aligned with Antigua and
Barbuda’s foreign policy stance, while at the same time safeguarding the viability of the
Programme, we have consulted our international service providers, as well as key local
financial stakeholders, in determining our position on accepting applications from Russia,
Belarus and Ukraine.

We have been advised by our due diligence providers that their ability to conduct
investigations in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine has been severely impacted. You are aware
that a comprehensive due diligence review in the country of birth and residence of all
applicants is a fundamental component of assessing eligibility for citizenship. Given these
developments, our ability to ascertain the suitability of these applicants at this time is
significantly restricted.

Additionally, we have been aware that processing transactions
originating from these territories have been severely constrained within the banking system.

The CiU therefore advises that new applications originating from the aforementioned
countries will not be accepted and processed at this time. As the situation changes, further
information will be provided accordingly.

We thank you for your continued collaboration and commitment to upholding the integrity of the Programme.


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  1. Ukraine should NOT be on this list. Now it’s time to sieze all the Russian yachts, property of any kind, including their mansions. To hell with Putin and his cronies.

  2. The world is bending over to assist Ukraine and you vanish thier wealthy from being able to find. New life. Why not let 20 of them in on humanitarian grounds . Maybe that would be the moral position to take.

  3. The reason for Ukraine being on the list, though we are compassionate to their plight, is the inability to carry out due diligence investigations during this conflict. Russia already has taken over cities in Ukraine. That could quite reasonably impede any investigation or be manipulated by unscrupulous persons.

  4. @ St. Peter, I can understand why you would say not to include Ukraine as it may seem unfair given the unfortunate situation they face, but the difficulty really lies in the ability to conduct proper due diligence in a war torn country… how do you access and verify vital documents such as birth certificates and police records etc and for due diligence teams to verify residential address and source of wealth etc… it’s a lot that goes into these things not withstanding some radio personalities attempt to make it sounds as if it’s a flippant decision to grant citizenship to someone.

  5. Since the inception of selling the Antigua and Barbuda Passports. How many have been sold and to which Countries. I need to see a complete breakdown of our paid for Passports Buyers. We the people have a right to know that information of where those Citizens are from. I cannot see the reasoning behind the banned being placed on The Ukraine. What did the people of Ukraine do,to deserved such a banned.Did the Chinese tell us to ban the Ukraine people from acquiring our Passports.

    • Wharf Rat cursory review of the CIU website will reveal that information plus many more key statistic.

  6. This is mere xenophobia.
    Simple individuals are in no way responsible for their government’s actions.
    Are all Antiguans guilty of corruption?
    And did those imbecile ever thought about possible long term diplomatic retaliations?

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