Antigua State College Students Complain About ‘Expensive’ Virtual Graduation Package Deals


Antigua State College students who are expected to graduate this year are up in arms over the institution’s plans for their graduation.

According to a young woman, the students are being asked to pay a $500 fee for the exercise, which is expected to take place virtually. The sum, reportedly, would cover the cost of the diploma, the year book and tassel, among other minor items.

The troubling issue, she says, is that parents are expected to come up with this sum for a graduation in which students are sitting at home and using their personal computers and Internet service.

The student says this plan is nonsense, and points out that some parents are not even employed at this time.

Other packages are on offer, she says, and these include the diploma and the yearbook at a cost of $250.

The young woman says the graduating students made a counter proposal for staging the event at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Grounds.

This would allow family members to sit collectively and still observe the social-distancing protocols.

The graduates, meanwhile, would be positioned on the grounds – also observing the distance protocols – and collect their diploma as they are announced.

She says the chairperson of the graduating committee does not appear inclined to take the students’ suggestion on board, and has not responded to them as yet.

The student says she and her colleagues would prefer to enjoy their graduation experience together, having spent two years at the tertiary institution and worked hard to get to this point.

Three departments of the College are expected to stage graduations.



  1. Yes, $500.00 seems a bit expensive for a virtual graduation and students would also love to socialize and take that walk together on such a momentous occasion. However, the moment you begin to talk about gathering people in those numbers at a function like that is a recipe for disaster! Who will ensure that everyone follows outlined safety protocols? Can you imagine how many persons could be at risk of just ONE asymptomatic individual is at the event? The way I see it, graduations are nice but we must think of health and safety first. Rent a gown, and go take a picture with your diploma in hand. Be proud of what you have accomplished because nothing can beat that.

    • It’s not impossible to have the graduation at Viv Richards stadium while observing the protocols. Two persons per household, mask and wash or sanitize station, a few volunteers to help with the seating and that’s it. A few police officers could be nearby just in case of anything. Keep the chatting at a minimum and let the students enjoy what they worked hard for.

  2. However, I think it would’ve been a good idea for the person to list what the graduation packages consist of so that the public (since they decided to take it to the public) could agree or disagree whether or not the packages are ridiculously priced.

    For $500 the college is offering:
    A diploma holder which has the college’s name and logo printed inside
    The traditional kente stole
    2 professional pictures of graduands in their graduation attire, which will make up the video for graduation, as well as, hard copies
    A graduation cap, gown and tassel
    An e-copy of the graduation magazine
    The processing and printing of the diplomas

    For $250 the college is offering
    A diploma holder
    A kente stole
    An e-copy of the magazine
    And processing and printing of the diplomas

    Also, hosting the graduation at the stadium may not seem like a bad idea but the pros and cons of doing so need to be thought of before going through with the idea.

    Just saying. Lol.

  3. Didn’t the students who paid tuition fees inclusive of graduation at the beginning of the school year paid $500. A refund is what these students are asking for.

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