Antigua sees a surge in vaccinations following mandate announcement, PM says

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says since Thursday’s announcement of mandatory vaccination for public officers, the unvaccinated have flocked to vaccination centers.
Today he tweeted: Giving thanks ! Our people are responding positively to the vaccine mandates. Lives are being saved. Praise Jah.

ALSO WATCH: The scene at AUA site earlier today.


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  1. Look at people willing to take the mark of the beast. Your faith is sealed. No hope for you now. YAHUSHA HAVE MERCY…..PEOPLE WILL DROP LIKE FLIES

    • Who is the Antichrist? Who is the false prophet? Where is the third temple? Explain the abomination of desolation.

      • Is you
        The phalse profets
        All this Mother F…. Politicians globaly
        The third temple is FOR MASONIC understanding
        And the last one
        Is fiction

    • This is so sad to see. The vaccine will and does not stop covid, it creates more of it. But so many people are of this world and need to be in the system to survive so there’s nothing else to do. Ignorant people will stay ignorant but when the truth comes out all these people lives that will be lost, their blood is on the government hands.

  2. All the the time them give them incentives they didn’t take it now they take it for free by force, weak minded people people lengthen the days of slavery. One slave master speak they rush didn’t put up a fight

  3. Keep up the great works PM Browne!! You are a true Leader and a born statesman…… Clearly u have the country at heart. ” Self ” is definitely not in your vocabulary. You are like Moses who is taking us out of bondage and leading us to the promise land. This Covid19 will be defeated in Antigua. And it must be defeated under your stewardship…!! I absolutely have that confidence in you!!!

  4. In prison me gun to my head me nar tek no vaccine the PM show us a picture of him taking a vaccine how do we know that it was actually the vaccine he taking this man laughing at you all they claim that he had a meeting with kill gates then all of a sudden thing’s change maybe he collect a big change to wipe out antigua rich yourself and your family members when the vaccine has done it’s job more land for you and the Chinese smh.

    • 1. When he went to SLU, if he provided no proof of vaccination, he would have been quarantined, hence could not attend the swearing in
      2. You do know he travelled elsewhere that has a similar vaccination policy?

    • He didn’t. And he’s not giving his children either. Same with Bill gates he also speaks about it yet refuses to take it or give his family. That’s how you know. This whole thing is a red flag. Firstly why would I sign a waiver saying that I can’t sue if any side effects occurs from the vaccine. RED FLAG. They are urging so many people when it’s still considered an experimental trial and people are actually okay with being guinea pigs… sad.

  5. The countries where there is predominantly whites stand their ground for what they believe in, they understand the importance of unity, the leaders cannot function on their own, but in the Caribbean we let fear and difference of opinion divides us

  6. Moses was a man who God used to take His people out of bondage. Moses did not threaten them nor hold their jobs to ransom. Think wisely.

  7. You people like a disobedient animal that thirst after hard work, but no drink for dem master. Must be driven with a stick to do what’s right for you! Me no like Browne, think he full of hot air and only wanna make himself rich, but if he canna drive yous to get da jab then I support him on this. Fools! Like Moses, all you’s have to do is look up to the staff and live! But you stiff necked. God send us a protection from de snakes in a vaccine! Look up/get vaccinated and live.

  8. Poor sheep’s,just for a miserable onion style payment in a crappy government office…uffff .. that’s happens in societies people like the get paid for do nothing or IS BETTER SOME THAN NONE…never and ever I encourage not one to work for in a government office. If you are brilliant.. try in the private sector,you need sweet a lot but the payment is a reward… different with the government, is a area full of prepotent retarders,envy,bad faith and all the bad stuff some one can auto sufficient….not get in control of them

  9. But what about all these legitimate concerns of a smart person like me:

    I don’t know what’s in it like I know what’s in MMR, BCG, Tetanus, Polio etc
    My cousin’s friend brother father swollen testicles
    The Bill Gates chip
    The Mark of the Beast
    Covid is a hoax
    I know someone who know someone who announced that they had decreased libido
    It will alter my DNA (cannot make you any dumber)
    Will make me into a monkey (too late for that)
    All the millions of Doctors in 200+ countries are profiting from this

    That’s why it needs to be mandated if you want to be part of society

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