Antigua records another COVID-19 death


*STATEMENT from MSJMC Re Recent Death Due to COVID-19*

*St. John’s Antigua, January 29, 2021 -* A thirty-nine (39) year old patient has tragically passed away at Mount St. John’s Medical Centre due to complications with COVID-19.

The patient was admitted to the hospital on January 24, 2021 (at approximately 10:30pm) with no significant past medical history and symptoms consistent with possible COVID-19 infection. Laboratory investigations, to include the Sofia 2 Antigen test was carried out shortly after admission and was positive. This was subsequently confirmed with a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test.

The patient was supported with oxygen therapy and other related treatments known to be effective in the treatment of this disease. Notwithstanding the aggressive care provided, the patient continued to deteriorate – requiring intubation. He eventually died today, January 29, 2021 at 9:09pm.

“We extend profound sympathies to the family and loved ones of our patient”, said Dr. Albert Duncan, MSJMC Medical Director.

“This is the seventh COVID-19 related death the country has recorded and our hospital is facing mounting pressure of more people being hospitalized. We have to turn this around. While many young people experience the virus as a mild illness, the growing cases means that vulnerable people who can’t fight it off are increasingly exposed. I urge everyone to please continue to follow public health advice.”

As is customary, Mount St. John’s Medical Centre urges the media and the public to respect the family’s privacy at this difficult time.

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    • So long as your government keeps letting diseased tourists in without testing them on arrival and quarantining them.

      Cloth masks are around 50% effective at keeping virus particles out of your respiratory system.

      Even N95 masks are not 100% effective and you can’t find those anywhere on island.

      The only way to keep the island safe is for the government to have done its job keeping the disease out at the ports of entry.

      Now the disease is here and spreading rapidly. If you can stay home, do so.

      • Well written . They do notting but talk and allow the “Moustache” to risk their very lives including their love ones One fool on here said quote “me piknee haffo eat ” so testing tourists on arrival in 3 days to get a clear is problem for him well you continue to eat buddy there’s a bigger problem now !

        • Every Antiguan should be furious about being lied to and having their lives put at risk so Sandals can make some $$$$

          • Why it is that everyone seems to blame Sandals for everything negative in the Tourism Industry.Is Sandals Hotel the only one opened in Antigua at this time? I think not.So why Sandals and not Royalton and or Hodges Bay Hotels.

      • “Now the disease is here and spreading rapidly. If you can stay home, do so”

        This is exactly what wadad1 was saying……

    • New Zealand, Australia and many Asian countries are doing a much better job protecting their ports of entry and limiting disease transmission

      It’s only the greedy West and the Caribbean that allowed a free for all of disease spreaders to come and go

      And now they (we) are paying the price for their greed and recklessness

      • Your so correct we used to hear why shut the door when the horse has bolted an a stitch in time save nine but apparently these Big head pm’s didn’t listen to GRANNY all they think of is power and $$$.


    • Condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.It did say 39 year old patient.It did also say HE.

    • Kerik I say we need more than the age of the patient. I say we need to know the patient (deceased). In this case it should not be a matter of doctor patient confidentiality. The patient is dead and we can only know if we interacted with him if we know his identity. Contact tracing alone in this case cannot help. The identity of covid related deceased persons should be known.

  2. We are responsible for our own actions and thus we always face the consequences of the choices we make. We cannot rely on a government to protect us from Covid-19.
    We have to adhere to the preventative mechanisms that are proven to work against this pandemic.
    Let us be wise, my people.
    I realize that In Trinidad & Tobago, the situation is improving and this is largely due to the fact that the borders there have been closed since March of 2020 and remain closed up to this day. That country is not tourism-dependent as our nation is. Trinidad has its oil and major manufacturing industries. Trinidad’s government is one that has decided to put the national health before economy.

    It is time…not now…but our leaders should long have realized that it is not wise to be solely dependent on the fragile tourist industry. Yes, it is lucrative, but it fractures very easily…especially in these times.



  3. @ Merry
    Thanks for demonstrating that there is yet some decency and humanity left in Antigua and Barbuda. I join you in offering sincere condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. Heaven help us all!

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