Antigua records 4th COVID-19 death


Today, Friday 13 November 2020, Antigua and Barbuda recorded its fourth COVID-19 related death. The case is a 58 year old male visitor who entered Antigua and Barbuda on November 6 2020.


A nasopharyngeal swab, taken on November 11 2020 was reported as positive for SARS CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, from the Mount St. John Medical Center Laboratory.


The individual was immediately isolated and contact tracing begun. He was transferred to the Mount St. John Medical Center where he subsequently experienced a suspected cardiac arrest.


He was in Antigua conducting maintenance work at the Antigua Power Company (APC). Ministry of Health officials met with APC management and a number of contacts have been identified and have been placed in quarantine.


The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Antigua and Barbuda remains at one hundred and thirty-three (133) with four (4) active cases. There have now been four deaths. Condolences are extended to his family and friends

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  1. Now that the mess has hit the fan let me see how this one will play out. Hey power company manager what was the excuse for the said person not to be quarantined before working?

  2. They could’ve easily said which country he came from I believe this was deliberately omitted . Could it be he’s from one of the so called bubble country where there’s no quarantine when entering. NEWS Alert THE VIRUS LOVES TRAVEL BUBBLES These are Government slight suppression of information that’s in front of you and you don’t even realize it. shuups !!

  3. Smfh, Antigua is the most shady country on earth.. How much more positive case y’all hiding, or is it that y’all not doing any test so y’all can keep the numbers down.

    • Boss the people and them give you practically all the details, what ‘s missing thecolor of the man’s underwear? You need such info? If you want shadiness look to the US. Their prez on tape admitted that he knew covid was dangerous but decided to play it down. Though the incumbent claims he won’t accept defeat because the election (under his watch) was rigged

  4. The better question that needs to asked is why the power company did not use local expertise to fix the issue? If it is not available. That is a travesty on the development of the human capital. COVID spares no one. The borders are open so more cases can be expected at any time. It’s sad this case resulted in a death!

  5. The wind has blown and the bottom of the fowl has been exposed, protocol should have been followed by that I mean he should have been quarantined like everybody else, but I guess time is money let’s get to work straight away.

  6. I think the workers should sue the power company for not having the man quarantined. Putting people and there love ones at risk is so irresponsible and bad management in a time like this.

  7. How can a suspected heart attack death become a COVID19 death?

    Who made the classification as a COVID19 death?

    Mr PM get on top of this one.

    Here is the thing the protocols recommend that no autopsy is done on a COVID19 patient. So exact cause of death may remain what ever they say it is without any proof of whatever it really is.

    • Mel where are you getting your info from? The protocol is if the cause of death is unknown, there will be an autopsy. Thing is there is a proven association between covid and Cardiac arrests. Remember covid can impact your lungs

    • I agree with you. We do not know if the person had underlying conditions (which is very likely) and just like the national and international news media it is news to spread fear/panic of this Chinese virus. Regular flu can also be a killer and particularly so when the person has other health issues, or is very young or very old. China would love for the whole world to be incapacitated with fear and bankrupt so that they can infiltrate and take over. They are already taking as much land here as they can get their hands on (and that is NOT because they want to live amongst black people!). I would suggest to the Caribbean public to stop the fear mongering and (safely) rally together to keep this island financially functioning and resistant to outside takeovers.

  8. many questions need to be answered here: did the worker have a negative test to present at the airport on arrival? if not, why not?; If he did have a negative test to present on arrival, he must have contracted covid in the the period after taking the test, likely in the home country given the incubation period-therefore, were all the passengers on the flight he arrived on traced and notified that they were at risk? The government has stated no new work permits will be issued-did this worker have a permit?

  9. Covid death vistor 1
    Covid death citizens 3
    Health should be the utmost priority no compromising should be taking place

  10. When the ministers/politicians and the GoF are in bed fleecing the country of its finances, then what can one expect of people coming in to work for electricity company? Quarantine? 😒 The GoF is complicit in decades of political corrupted practises in the country that we will never be able to undo until thy kingdom come. Did someone make a call to the ministry of health prior or upon arrival of this worker? Just asking.

  11. Amazing that someone from abroad can come here and not be quarantined. While these a-holes r going back to Parliament to increase fines for businesses which allow customers on premises without masks, the very ppl have released an overseas, infected worker on our community. And this has everything to do with privilege. The rules only exist for poor ppl. God forbid that they should inconvenience a worker who Hadeed brought in to work on his power plant. SMDH

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