Antigua provides US$1 million to pay all LIAT workers throughout the region for July


LIAT employees throughout the region who have not been paid for several months could get at least one month’s salary soon, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has announced.

“We have advanced US$1 million so far to pay all LIAT workers right throughout the system for July,” Browne announced Saturday afternoon on Pointe FM.

“However, our position is that any liability that arose prior to July should form part of the receivership estate because we stepped in in July. That’s when we decided to take some level of responsibility to give support to the Administrator.”



    • ANR come on every week this failed experiment goes on his radio station repeat the same crap to make the headlines, weeks ago it was 1.4 million to pay Liat staff for July and this week it’s 1 million for July again. This Hitler move by the failed experiment will not work, repeat the same crap every week to get your headline. ANR don’t let me start calling you the top dawg propaganda machine.


  1. Weren’t all the shareholders to be responsible for paying their own LIAT staff? Why are we paying for all the region’s staff? Where did the money come from, or, as usual, it’s none of our business?
    And is Seaforth in charge or is Gaston Browne still running the show? It is evident that Seaforth wants to last as long as he can be paid, and he has started the hail Gaston ritual. How sad.
    In the end he will leave with a fat pocket and mission unaccomplished. On the bright side, he can always blame Gaston for getting in his way.

  2. Information out of Trinidad states that there are many Antiguan students who are still stranded there and would love to get home. As of Saturday 22, August, it has been reported that the students on their own; as well as with family assistance, are trying to come up with USD $21 700.00 to charter a private plane to get to Antigua.
    Trinidad & Tobago borders have been closed for several months now and the likelihood is that they will remain close for the remainder of 2020.

    Many of the students do have return tickets ( to Antigua) with Caribbean Airlines. However, CAL is only doing selective flights to certain countries. So far Antigua has not been included as one of their destinations.

    I am calling on the powers that are in Antigua and Barbuda, to assist in helping to bring our children in Trinidad to their families here in Antigua. These students have been stranded in Trinidad since March. Many are now without any sort of financial capability to continue payment for accommodations and purchase food.

  3. Aaston Lieman Brown:When are the Pensioners going to be paid for July,2020.Today is the 23rd day of August,2020.Pensioners,customers of ECAB have not been paid.One of your sidekicks Tenman.He was saying that all Pensioners were paid for July,2020.I told him that was not so.I have the proof of that.There are Pensioners with their accounts at ECAB. There Social Security Pensions have not been credited to their accounts for JULY.You are finding millions of real dollars to pay LIAT workers.Those pensioners already worked and those monies were taken out of their paychecks.Now they are being kicked around monthly like footballs,to get their Pensions.That should not be happening in the Economic “Poor” Powerhouse of the Western Hemisphere.

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