Antigua Police Continue To Hunt Rasta



by Makeda Mikael

In an effort to bring economic justice to years of unfair persecution, New York (referred by Rasta as the whore, Babylon) will give marijuana-retail licenses to those who had been convicted for related weed infractions.


Meanwhile back home here in Antigua, those who have established the laws against cannabis, marijuana, Ganga, weed, the holy herb, are being given 500 acre farms to grow cannabis, but Rastafari youth and elders are hunted by police, unceremoniously dragged into the police station, arrested, held, dragged into Court, where their pockets are fleeced, or failing to pay they are thrown into jail.

Mr. Police Commissioner you are developing a hostile culture in your police. I think is because you attend too many of those white controlled international conferences where the strategies include ‘shoot to kill black people’ which you imbibe and return spreading the wrong cultural package.


Your police operate on a small island which is totally accessible, they do not need to be so aggressive and the young ones don’t have to be so rude. Guns are too visible, and with an encourage hostility your shoot-to-kill program needs to be quashed. If police must shoot teach your police to maim. And tell them stop trouble Antigua people with their weed while the Arizona weed doing well here.

Antigua people this is the year 2022, where all the countries of size are quietly researching cannabis as a cure-all for cancer and other chronic diseases. Forbes, the magazine of the rich is discretely posting news that scientists are finding that cannabis infused lungs reject the spike of the COVID.


In one article it even accepted smoking!
The time is past for those tactics of holding Rastaman, taking away his weed, and jailing him while the white and Indian weed investors are wined and dined and given our ancestors blood drenched fertilized grounds, where they dropped dead from over work!
Antigua people what is wrong with you?


When are you going to flip the imposed cultural overcoat and realize you are black, but you own your land; Papa VC Bird arranged a loan with Royal Bank of Canada and all of us paid the debt. We own the land they call CROWN, the loan was fully paid up just the other day, paid off by all of us living today and those already gone, like Papa himself!


Stop selling our land, stop harassing Rastafari on our land! If there are rewards from the weed, condemned by the maximum leader before he smelled the money, reward first the man and women who suffered and died for the holy herb!

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  1. If, as you say, the herb is a cure for cancer, why so many RASTA die of cancer? Some cure. Why so many “users” have brain fog and massive confusion? Hmmm.


      If it is to be clearly understood, then it might be useful to re-visit the author’s assertion.

      Such speaks to: ‘…Where all countries of size are quietly ‘RESEARCHING’ cannabis as a cure-all for cancer and other chronic diseases’ [Paragraph 5].

      There are other ‘assertions’ that are irrefutably true.

      • @Rawlston Pompey…your #Vincy compadres are way beyond research now, from the days when you were a Private in the RPAB to COP in Antigua, #Vincy-Weed has moved up in ranks. It’s now legally shipped to Europe. At least Ralph is giving the Rastas in Vince, to get a better share of the market, versus Antigua which has offered Sagaifu and company mere pittance with the same old harassment from when you were a Private!

        From the days of Eugenia Charles, with the Dread Act in Dominica to the present #Lock-Out from the Legal Hemp Market, Rasta will prevail.

        It wouldn’t be surprising if Farmer Browne and his Chinny Triad Connections don’t already have their processing plants behind those Fortress Walls which the Chinese are calling Embassies.

        The Serian and Lebanese get a FREE PASS and get out of Jail Card Free for years in Antigua, Law enforcement never, and still don’t harass them.
        The Spanish, Columbians, Venezuelans all came with their #White Boy, Snow-Man and Candy Man, you know cocaine, they getting their passes, as their bars, and brothels cover their asses, yet, police ain’t harassing them.

        The Triads are the Fentanyl Crew, I pray that you’ll will know what to do, since, they have the Gun Manufacturing and Assembly plants as their ONE-TWO punch!

        Looking forward to those days! I wonder, if Rasta will still be blamed for the DRUG PROBLEM…

        U dun kno, how it go!

    • The American Medical Association directed by the Pharmaceutical Industry, Big Pharma, State Legislators, and Legislations, the Federal Government, the world of Crypto Currency are all on board with the HEMP INDUSTRY!
      I will do you well, to research from Harvard to Yale to any top research institutions in America, and in particular, the NATUROPATHIC side of medicine now rebranded as, OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE is being offered as DO which is compatible and comparable to any MD Degree!
      As a matter of fact, Insurance Companies will not only pay for your holistic treatment, rebranded to Osteopathic, they’ll even issue cards and pay for the use of HEMP products.

      I will do you well, to research the hundreds of materials which comes from HEMP while you’re focusing on propaganda, and disseminating it as fact(s).

      • Money talks! It was never about right or wrong. Here you can see that money can alter what is viewed as right and wrong. Another reminder that socio-political norms are governed and dictated by someone with more power than the average citizen. Yet still, many will never comprehend that their existence in society is an illusion. They are making up the rules as they go people.

    • @I Disagree
      Even people who take the standard recognized cancer treatments still die of cancer.
      That isn’t an argument against cannabis cures.
      Search for Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

    • What you say about the people who get chemo therapy or some other treatment and still die of cancer. Perhaps it could have cured somebody, just not everybody.

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