Antigua PM wants speedy end to Ukraine-Russia armed conflict, warns of higher prices

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Browne says the war will affect Antigua and the Caribbean. Listen to him here:

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  1. Gaston Browne use your friendship with Vlad Putin and see if he would listen to you and stop the invasion in Ukraine. By the way,Putin has no friends.

    • Putin will listen to Gaston Browne because Gaston is the undisputed WORL BOSS. Have you forgotten that. Biden should have used Gaston’s power and diplomatic skills to avert the war in Ukraine.

  2. My parents usually tell us that children dont have any right in big people stuff. Mr. PM just please let the people of Antigua maintain a neutral ground.

    • Your not a child and neither is the Prime Minister. Grow up and take a position in favour of freedom. The world is taking a position and so should this country. Now is not the time for neutrality. I doubt there is any trade between Antigua and Russia. What’s your interest in neutrality? Maybe you don’t believe in freedom. What is happening in Ukraine could one day happen here, we are not immune. I’m sure you’d want the world to fight for your freedom.

      • Perhaps you have just grown up. Now that you have grown up, what is your position regarding the invasion of Irag and Afghanistan and other countries? How many innocent people got killed. Did the world stand up for those countries or did they just join the invasion? Was there any sanctions placed on the invaders? Was anyone punished for war crimes? Were there any weapons of mass destruction? I guess it’s all about trade for you and yes that’s the position the world has taken.

        I do NOT support the invasion of any country by any BIG powers and that is why I stay neutral. History has shown that the BIG powers have often exercised their power over smaller states even when alliances are formed. As a matter of fact, that issue have been the main factor in breaking many alliances and the under representative of smaller states. This have even happened in our region with the former federation – read your history.

    • @JBF, it’s your absolutely right if you want to be neutral in this NATO instigated conflict. There is a history behind what’s happening between Russia and Ukraine. And, as usual, the one sided presentation is reminiscent of the WMD tale we were fed daily about Iraq. It doesn’t matter how many times the MSM have willfully lied to us, there are some who will continue to believe their propaganda.
      As G. W. Bush said back then, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”
      For me, the right place to stand is with the victims on both sides of this completely manufacturer conflict.

  3. Ukraine seems to be the bread basket of Europe and other parts of the world including us in little Antigua. The sentiments of Baldwin Spencer ” band your belly and weather the storm” is significant now than when he used them during his tenure as PM. So we should take heed & listen to PM Browne.

  4. Who is this pipsquake? I could just hear them asking. But then again, he an Chet should save their breath, because the only time they will get their five minutes on the world stage to a half empty hall, is in September at the UN.

  5. There may be times when you can’t prevent injustice but there should never be a time when you failed to protest

    If you remain neutral in times of injustice, you have taken the side of the oppressor

  6. Let me tell you how to solve the food security
    1) let APUA support all farms like they did yours and 50% of the problem solved.
    2) Like you used your office to get 1 million dollars secure funding. Get the farmers the same type of funding . Explanation- Dr. lee or laa that invested into your farm did so risk free. You can do with him like you did with your son and he can do a flip and get back ten times. You can give him contacts like Baba and he can get back his money. So his investing in your farm is risk free That is why in most countries the leaders cannot invest while in office. If you want to businessman stay out of politics, from using the country resources to your personal advantage. Corruption!

  7. The best answer to food security is GROW YOUR OWN.

    QUESTION: Why does an Antiguan citizen require getting a license to bring in garden SEEDS into the country?

    Is this a corrupt deal and who does it benefit? It doesn’t benefit you or me.

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