Antigua PM stands in solidarity with Barbados over increase in COVID-19 cases

Below is a letter to Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley sent this morning by Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

Dear Mia,

I was deeply troubled to learn of recent events in Barbados that have caused a sudden surge in the number of COVID-19 cases, despite all the diligence and careful protocols that your government implemented to ensure that the virus did not spread in the community.

I know that your health authorities and law enforcement agencies have acted swiftly to address the problem and I am confident that, with the support of the Barbadian people, the situation will be brought under control and new measures introduced to stop a recurrence.

Apart from expressing my solidarity with you, the purpose of this letter is to advise that, while our border authorities will continue rigid adherence to our protocols for entry into Antigua and Barbuda, we will not be prohibiting travel from and to Barbados.

Further, I want to assure you of my Government’s readiness to be of any help that we are capable of giving to the Government and people of Barbados at this difficult time.  Barbados is not alone.

With kind regards.


Gaston Browne M.P. 

Prime Minister

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  1. Oh really we can help you , just bring some of it over here the goats will never challenge me ! There’s a reason why my mustache is shaped the way it is . Seriously folks I guess a little LIAT write-off/kissing up never hurt nobody ! Happy New year much Love !

  2. PM don’t relent in your efforts to keep this thing under control. If you let go the shackels and things get out of control if you they will turn around and blame.

    People have opinions… government make decisions! Continue doing what you are doing.

  3. Pringle should give Mia a stern warning of changing the curfew hours since according to him “COVEHEAD has nothing to do with the night so why the curfew”

    • Maybe you should also direct your comment to Dr. Ralph Gonsalves the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines since there is no curfew there. Ralph’s position is quite similar to that of Pringle.

      • This may explain why they currently have 24 active cases as of today. They had 2 new cases on the 3rd. The recent cases are no imported. You don’t think this seems high for a county that’s not a hub and does not have the level of tourist travel as BDS or ANU? As for BDS your spokespersons (Walker and Pringle) wrongly claimed they had no State of Emergency in place(its place(said this in parliament), how the PM impose curfew without a SE? We both know Pringle and Walker presented false info since the BDS SE weeks ago was extended until may this year.

        As an aside I see SKN one week UK restriction has ended (yesterday). UK visitors now free to visit,. Interestingly since the temp restrictions was put in place daily cases have grown by almost some 50% (40k daily to now 55K). Boss you really fall for shams.

        • TENMAN I would really like to hear you rationalize St. Vincent’s 24 cases as opposed to Antigua’s 159. Remember as well that St. Vincent did not close its borders or imposed a curfew and state of emergency. From a cursory analysis I would say that St. Vincent’s fight against covid is by far more successful than ours.

          • Boss where you head at? that’s active cases. Our active stands at 7. Total cases for them is 121 as of now. They opened borders Oct 19th, we opened June 1st. Think you know the majority of cases are imported. They hardly have the volume of air traffic we have, think you know they rank low on the tourism chain: For them its about 72,983 stay over (2019) vs ours around 301K for same year.

  4. Well well, what happened Barbados was the one we had to look up to according to the critics of Gaston. Barbados test everyone on arrival so they have no cases locally. What a thing. These people will always try to tear down their own priminister because of political hatred.
    Too bad, but who God Bless no man curse.
    And today was National Thanks Giving Day. And where was the opposition? Oh yes Pringle sent in a regret. Guess he had better things to do than to come and give God Thanks together as one Nation. Politics is so divisive that you cannot even sit in church with the ABLP government. Sad set of people. But God doesn’t sleep nor slumbers.

    • Brethren Gaston letter to Motley.. Imagine them pointing fingers for weeks, now they find out they needed to mind their own yard. Anyway, hope they get this under control quickly

        My late great Mother did tell me as a boy.When someone spits into the air.It usually falls back into your face.England has close its border again until the middle of February,2021.Is your Moses going to continue to accept their Tourists into Antigua? That is where Barbados had some issues with British Tourists.Seven of my friends were in Antigua for Christmas into the New Year.They retuned to their homes on Saturday.They stayed at the Hotel on Deep Bay.They sent me pictures of the island.I as a National,warned them to wear their masks and avoid crowds.Even though they were Covid free.I told them not to take any chances.Tourists are coming daily into Antigua and walking and driving around freely.That should not be allowed to happen.

  5. Careful Mr PM. Your words to the lady can read like you are gloating. You needed to revise what you said and try harder to sound genuinely sympathetic. She is a very intelligent woman. She can see where you’re coming from. Ooops! You did it again!!

    • The only reason Antigua’s numbers are lower than Barbados is Antigua is minimally testing and fudging their numbers.

      Barbados could do the same but it looks like that are actually trying to protect their people and keep Barbados safe.

  6. Relationship! Maintaining good relationship was and should be an objective for A&B and Barbados.

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